Patch 3.0.2 Patch Notes

WoW Insider has a post up with the downloaded patch notes from Patch 3.0.2. (These are the notes that downloaded with the client patch this morning.) The current patch notes page on the World of Warcraft site hasn’t been updated yet (as I type this) — it’s still showing Patch 2.4.3.

However! I’m not going to be posting the Patch 3.0 patch notes myself — no, not even the hunter bits — because frankly the downloaded notes are a mess. It’s hard for me to judge the skill-specific notes, but the pet-related items are in random order, lacking important details, and entirely confusing.

If you want to know all the pet changes in this patch, I suggest you start with the summary on Petopia instead. (But of course I would suggest that! *grin*)

I’m very much hoping that Blizzard has an updated set of patch notes to post on their site sometime today. (And who knows — there may be a poor Community person frantically confirming, clarifying and revising even as we speak! Certainly that’s how most MMO teams handle patch notes.)

[edit] Blizzard’s current patch notes page has now been updated. These notes don’t look any more recent than the downloaded ones, though.

I especially like notes like: “Freezing Trap now breaks on damage.” That’s just utterly confusing if you don’t have the beta context.

62 thoughts on “Patch 3.0.2 Patch Notes

  1. Togami

    Hmm… just tamed the first Kurken on my server, and lo and behold, there’s no “Charge” in his talent tree. I thought Ferocity pets could get it? They certainly could on PTR.

  2. Dweezill

    Togami… it was posted on here that it would be fixed. There seems to be quite a few mistakes in the patch so far… which should be expectred. I am sure they will get to fixing it sometime sooner or later.

  3. Tashi

    I wouldn’t mind logging in with a few glitches, as long as I can get in! I’ve been waiting 4 1/2 hours with NO LUCK. This really bites.
    Any other Hellscreamers out there?

  4. Guenyvar

    this so sucks…want to try the new points…but what point to do that when all the servers a glitched badly? Wifes hunter is on a boat SITTING ON LAND IN STP…watching the land

    she cant move but can look at the
    only way to log out was windows key, ctrl alt delete out..this is bad.

    on to better news, good topics on your other posts there mania.

  5. Dweezill

    Well, just got the Kurken, and 2 minutes later the realm went down again. So, I have all my pet slots filled…

    The Kurken

    I am not happy. lol

  6. Dweezill

    Sorry for the double post again, but just tolet everybody know, the boat from Menethil Harbor to Auberdine is not working… I waited 15 minutes for the boat to come and it never did. To cross form Menethil to Dustwallow and then fly all the way up. just letting you know so you don;t wait all day on it too.

  7. Dweezill

    OK, going for the trifecta! If anybody read post #13, you will know that I am downloading everything onto my gaming computer again.; I had to start witht he disc, and then work my way up from patch 4.1.1 (i think) all the way to the newest patches. i am at 4.2.something. lol At this point, I can no longer the patches to start downloading. Furthermore, when I try to log in, it tells me there is a log in error and if it persists, to contact customer support. The log in screen does say all realms should be up and running by 6:00 PM PDT. Well, I do beloive it is after that time and there are still all these problems. Sorry to flood the blog… just wanna keep everybody posted… at this point you can’t log in and you can’t download any patches.

  8. Aelistrae

    Realms aren’t back up here in Europe yet, can’t wait to tame my new pets :) About the hairstyles: You cannot select any of the new hairstyles from the character creation screen, because that is how it was intended to work! If you want to have a different hairstyle from level 1, you will have to run to the nearest major city and change it at th e barber’s shop. You will receive an achievement ‘Shave and a haircut’ for changing it and (at least in PTR) is costs you nothing at all at level 1.

  9. Gutler

    Guess i was lucky and my realm Crushridge was up a little while before the prospected end of maintenance, and it ran for a good couple hours before there was an emergency shutdown. Since im on a PvP server imma leave the kurken alone for like 2 weeks to let things settle down. Only bug ive noticed so far is on my lowbie draenei hunter i went out and got here Mazzranache in mulgore (long trip it was) and tallstriders have a tendency to use “Dust Cloud” before it reachs the mob therefor rendering it uselss with autocast.

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