Patch 3.0 Add-Ons: Feed-O-Matic Now

Want to get a head start on Patch 3.0? Gazmik Fizzwidget already has his add-ons updated for Patch 3.0 and available for download. This includes the newest version of Feed-O-Matic, that ever essential hunter tool.

(Yes, that’s the same Feed-O-Matic for which Gazmik requested our help. Many of the suggestions we made for random emote phrases are in this version — he even mentions us in his patch notes! — and more will be incorporated into upcoming versions as well. So keep those suggestions coming!)

In bittersweet news, the Hunter’s Helper add-on has been retired. We won’t need it anymore with the new pet system, which I have to admit is nice, but I will nevertheless miss it!

You can download all of Gazmik’s great add-ons now at and

13 thoughts on “Patch 3.0 Add-Ons: Feed-O-Matic Now

  1. Suzi

    Ah, my favourite goblin! :D

    Thanks for the heads-up. It’ll save time later getting addons ready now. I love Feed-O-Matic and FactionFriend especially.

    I understand why Hunter’s Helper was retired… but, with a few tweaks, I still think it would be very useful and relevant now. I mainly used it to find out where the pets were rather than the ranks. I also liked being able to search by diets and family… it was like an in-game Petopia. I’m going to miss it. :(

  2. NanoTrev

    I’ve got my character planted next to a Devilsaur, so hopefully the Feed-O-Matic will allow me to put the corpses of mages and warlocks into my bags and feed my pet for me! >:D Hey, wishful thinking. lol

  3. Ganieda

    “Yey bag space!” Made it into the new randoms.
    Last night feed-o-matic was throwing errors every time my pet needed feeding. The call to play the sound file was giving an error every time. I’m using a cat and the species specific sounds. I’m assuming that its because I was using the 3.0 version on 2.4, but if its still broken after the patch, I’ll let him know.

  4. nobbie

    A bit OT:

    Does anyone of you U.S. folks know if the arena season 2 (hunter) set will still be available for purchase for bg honor points until WotLK after patch 3.0.2 has gone live?

  5. Mania Post author

    nobbie: I don’t *think* they are changing the purchase stuff yet, just stopping the ladder. But I really don’t keep up with the arena, I’m afraid, so … I’m not the best person to be answering. :>

  6. nobbie

    That’s what I thought, too, Mania. I’d be nice, though, if someone here can confirm if S2 items are still available for purchase in Orgrimmar/Stormwind once the servers are up ^^

  7. hyena84

    hahaaa.bag space…73% on the patch and no errors yet.good luck yall.hopefully there wont be any nasty supprises waiting for any of us.mmmpresiouse moths and exotic pets.damn.i dont know what to get for my last two slots.maybe a green wasp and ill save the last slot for a rhino (or a wolly kodo if they ever add them)…

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