Ghostcrawler’s Arcania: Downtime Edition

I woke up too soon. Not only are the realms not up yet (and probably not for many hours) but I couldn’t get to sleep and when I did I kept dreaming about PHP. I’ve developed my own way of counting sheep, though — I try to name all 32 pet families by talent tree in alphabetical order. It’s harder than it sounds.

Anyway, while I sit here being grumpy and infusing precious caffeine into my bloodstream, and we all wait on pins and needles, I thought I’d round up the latest comment from our favorite Blizzard poster. Some of these are from before BlizzCon and some from after.

On the changes to Fire Breath (which went from being a cone AoE/DoT to a single-target DoT:

The CC was one issue. Another one was just that AE attacks do less damage on single targets than single target attacks do. The concern from some hunters was that the dragonhawk would always be too gimmicky of a pet.

An ideal solution might be to give them two versions of the ability, but that’s a slippery slope because I’m sure hunters would ask for extra abilities for lots of different pet families.

On a question about whether dual specs means dual pets for hunters:

We’ll definitely consider something like this. The BM with exotic pets will almost certainly require us to have to solve it in some form.

On damage breaking Freezing Trap:

The beta way is the future. We just need Fluffy to grow a brain first and not break it.

Context: For a while in beta, Freezing Trap didn’t break immediately on damage but instead could take several hits. Unfortunately this broke pets’ anti-CC-breaking code and they started attacking trapped enemies. So the behavior of Freezing Trap was reverted to an instant break until Blizzard can get the pet AI fixed.

In response to a passionate request for silithid wasps:

You did get the Hellfire Citadel dogs.

There has been a lot of discussion since this post about which Hellfire Citadel dogs Ghostcrawler means. So far, we’ve not gotten clarity on that.

And finally, a warning of sorts:

The build going live right now has a lot of class changes. But it doesn’t have all of them. Some changes, particularly those that affect high level abilities and some of the changes we made more recently won’t be in today’s build. But you will get them all on or before Nov 13 when Lich King goes live.

While we have done some balance testing at level 70 with the changes, we tested at level 80 a lot more, since so many players are focused on Arena combat and endgame raiding. Balance at 70 is going to feel different from 80. :)

If you played WoW at the 2.0 version before Burning Crusade shipped, you’ll remember that this can be a crazy time. You have new abilities through talents, but not new core abilities, and not enough talent points to get everything. There are major gear changes, major mechanic changes, and a lot of class changes. Some of those are going to take some getting used to, and despite our best efforts, it’s entirely possible we’ll find something broken that needs to be hotfixed right away.

The game should start feeling a little more normal again when Lich King ships. It’s cool to keep providing feedback and testing things out. Just try and be a little patient and understanding over the next couple of weeks as players learn about the changes (especially players who weren’t in the beta), get all of their broken mods working, and we make whatever fixes we need to make on our end.

A crazy time indeed! So keep that in mind today when the realms come back up.

[edit] By the way, there seems to be some confusion about what GC’s last comment actually means. (And it’s not helped by the fact that the patch notes that downloaded with the 3.0 patch seem to be completely out of date!)

But to clarify: The Patch 3.0 build that is hitting the live realms today is nearly equivalent to the most recent PTR/beta builds, which means it has most of the stuff that we’ve all been hearing about and talking about for the past few weeks.

But there may be recent balance tweaks in the beta build that aren’t in this build, and that is going to continue as beta gets more ongoing tweaks (which we will eventually see with the Wrath of the Lich King build). That’s to be expected, though — development in the beta continues. What we are getting on live today is a pretty polished snapshot of that development, but it is still a snapshot of a moving train.

Here’s a post from Bornakk that reinforces that (emphasis mine):

Yeah, like balancing is something that is ongoing, so if there was a balance change done very recently, it’s likely not in this build. As other players have posted, abilities that are level 71+ won’t be obtainable (I know, shocker there). There might also be abilities that are level 70 and lower that aren’t available as the balancing is ongoing but by the time Wrath ships, things should be smoother.

24 thoughts on “Ghostcrawler’s Arcania: Downtime Edition

  1. Vronak

    “I’ve developed my own way of counting sheep, though — I try to name all 32 pet families by talent tree in alphabetical order.”

    Thanks, Mania. My coworkers are all staring at me now, since I burst out laughing…

    And thanks for all the info over the last few months :)

  2. Rikaku

    Isn’t there like a demon-core hound type creature in Hellfire Citadel somewhere? Has anyone thought of that being the citadel “dogs”? I wish it was the Ramps Worgs. Armored Wolves FTW <3333


  3. Stagdal

    At least you get to log on for the duration, I have to work a little while after it is supposed to go live.

    Hope I have enough time to tame my new Devilsaurs and Silithid, already picked names for them.
    I know I will have to wait in line to tame The Kurken, got a name for him to. :)

  4. hyena84

    got the patch fully downloaded on hal.just waiting for the realms to come back up.need to help mom get the patch on her computer to(we download patchs onto one computer at a time so theres no weird lag issues).good luck to yall as always…

  5. Shadowkaizen

    So…what things wont be available? im sorta confused on that….

    we will have use of all the new talents today wont we?

    ex: masters call and beat mastery.

  6. a_ferret

    I don’t believe we will have masters call yet because I think it’s a trained above 70 and hasn’t been a talent for a while. BeaSt mastery will be available so all exotics and new pets below lvl 71 and not in northrend will be tameable.

    I’m curious if the realms are back up, because the 2-2 PDT should be up. I’m in class but should be back to check in like 5 minutes but I figured I’d post cause there was a question to answer, and I considered making a musical or vegetable related joke.

  7. Mania Post author

    Shadowkaizen: Yes, we’ll have use of Beast Mastery and such. Bornakk mentioned that specifically in another thread that I didn’t quote and that I can’t pull up now because the forums are exploding. :> But as an example, Ferocious Inspiration may not be raid-wide, because that change was mentioned for beta only a few days ago.

    (Good point about Master’s Call, though — I forgot it was a 71+ thing. And thanks for eschewing the vegetable joke. *grin*)

  8. Shinryu Masaki

    Just for laugh, when we do get on the server we play on, just type /who Un’Goro and /who Molten Core. I’m sure we will see a huge amount of hunters there. =P

  9. Daed

    Just my two cents, but could he be talking about the Demon hounds? Its a bit of a stretch but Hellfire could just be related to their appearance.

  10. Lamra

    Those dogs are pretty sick but I really don’t enjoy the saddle latched onto them x.x; It doesn’t really make it look like a pet.

  11. Brad

    i just tried some of the links to the forums and all ofem gave me an “internet explorer cannot display this webpage” so i imagine that site is getting all kind of attention right now and must be down

  12. Rykros

    Damn my Scottish-ism. Gotta wait that little while longer. Seriously though going 8D XD 8P ^^ and even a little 8S all at the same time…

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