Community Round-Up: I’m Not at BlizzCon

I am not at BlizzCon, nor will I be at BlizzCon. (And perhaps that’s for the best — I still have tons more work to do on Petopia before Tuesday!) I just thought I’d better mention that, just in case anyone thought I’d gotten to go to BlizzCon. Not like I’m disappointed that I couldn’t or anything … *sigh*

Anyway, in the meantime, here’s a whole bunch of stuff I’ve been meaning to share!

Pike at Aspect of the Hare continues her great series, So You Want to Play a Hunter?:

By the way, it looks like Pike has her own domain now! (One wonders what odd beast lives at the .com version of that domain … )

Znodis at The Mystic Hunter wrote a really nice summary of the considerations that go into choosing stamina or armor for your pet. (He also wrote a great summary of Brewfest that illuminates one of the several reasons I didn’t say a word about that holiday this year.)

Big Red Kitty has been keeping up the whole pets in beta movie thing. In fact he’s posted so many that I’m not going to list them. Just head over there and poke around. (He also has a really cute little rhino shirt up for sale now. What is it with rhinos? Why does everyone love them so?)

Similarly, I marked about 80 billion posts from Drotara at Less QQ, More Pew Pew to share, but rather than post them all I should probably just send you over there to read everything Drotara wrote about upcoming changes to the hunter class. Oh, and definitely check out the Lock and Load hunter podcast by Drotara and Lassirra (from The Hunter’s Mark) just as soon as it’s out. (I wish it was out now.)

Too Many Annas has a great list of resources for Patch 3.0 and WotLK. (And no, I’m not posting it just because I’m on it! *grin*)

There’s a nice, detailed article on steady shot about how to choose your pets for WotLK. The closer we get to the new pet system, the less I can decide what pets I want on which hunters, so this kind of analysis is always welcome.

Speaking of analysis, Nassira from diaries of a marksman hunter has compiled a list of pets and abilities with notes about their potential uses. “Personal opinion only,” she says, but this is the kind of structured opinion that really gets the interesting discussion ball rolling.

Speaking of the new pet system — and what else do we talk about these days? — ihlos has opened a nicely targeted blog called Big Red Rhino that focuses specifically on Tenacity pets. In addition to lots of useful info, he also is developing a section on ‘pet feats‘, equivalent to guild boss down records. When you tank a difficult mob with your pet, he want to know about it! (Personally, I think that’s pretty cool idea.)

And on a completely different topic, here we have an entrant for the most amusingly large bugged pet, courtesy of batgrl at Warcraft and Other Hooha (who had better update her FAQ about how she ended up with that domain sometime soon!).

Autumn from Grumble N Autumn has a great picture of what a ‘Dark Ranger’ undead hunter hero class might look like. This has been one of my recurring fantasies for a hero class for a long time, as it happens.

That’s it for now. Enjoy!

34 thoughts on “Community Round-Up: I’m Not at BlizzCon

  1. Pike

    Heehee. I actually picked dot-net over dot-com because dot-com sounded too much to me like I was some sort of crazy company! Who knows, maybe I am! =P Thank you very much for the shoutouts!

  2. MyhealthisOPlol

    hey I’ve been wondering, do pets still keep like their happiness faces next to their portrait? like it’ll be green,yellow,and red and increase our pet’s dmg done, and if so does it still work the same way with food and all that?

  3. Mania Post author

    MyhealthisOPlol: *nod* All that works the same after Patch 3.0. The only difference is that happiness doesn’t increase loyalty because loyalty no longer exists.

  4. Selesti

    Pet feats in tanking, eh? Not sure this counts but I did have a wolf that tanked Pandemonius in Mana Tombs. Our pally tank forgot about the “don’t attack him while banished” thing and got himself killed. So I turned growl back on and sent Fudge (yes I still had food names back then) to work. In the end everyone died cept me, but so did the boss. XD No one released until after he was dead cause they were watching and laughing. “Go, Fudge, go!”–> greatest line ever, to quote the pally. This happened some time back, but it was pretty funny, not to mention stopped a normally certain wipe.

    That link that helps you decide on pets in WOTLK looks cool too. Though I’m pretty sure I know what I want, and I ended up dropping my raven…I missed that wolf too much. So it’ll be my warp stalker (Midori), wolf, (Kenta), Nether Ray (Nanami), and probably two (yes two) exotics. My husband suggested getting a bug, silithid, then sorta changed to core hound, so those will probably be my choices.

    BTW, any word on the moths in Bloodmyst becoming tamable?

  5. Rikaku

    For anyone going to Blizzcon, dear God, look out for the badge pick up line. It was immense. I don’t use immense that often, and that’s the only word to describe what was going on there. But don’t worry Mania, I’m sure the Hunters who are at Blizzcon will immediately notify you if there’s some big Hunter-y thing being announced there XD

    Now if only I could sleep BEFORE I leave for Blizzcon… ^^;

  6. Ihlos

    Thanks for the shout Mania!

    @Selesti, thats the kind of stuff we are looking for, but it is going to focus on tenacity pets once the new system is live.

    The idea is to inspire new and old hunters to try tanking with pets, to show off a bit =), and to have a place to send any players who might doubt the pets’ ability to tank.

    Let the Hunt Begin!

  7. Bradagore

    Tne hunters of my raid guild tanked every non-heroic instance in TBC except some parts of Tempest Keep, just with pets. We did the Underbog with four underlevelled hunters and a priest. Hunter tanking is hilarious, and highly recommended. Make your fabourite warrior cry!

  8. Avaric

    Rhinos are by far my favorite new pet. When I got into the beta the first thing I did was go tame a Rhino and started playing with him, he’s absolute blast. Tanks like a champ, and nothing makes me giggle like sending him into a pack of mobs and watching five of them get knocked back when the stampede goes off.

  9. Avaric

    Well, the Rhino is the only tenacity pet I’ve tried, so I’ve not personally encountered any problem with his stats. I’ve run with a devilsaur, a chimera, and a core hound, those are the only exotics I’ve tried.

  10. Palladiamors

    Go grab a jormungar or a bear and compare them side by side. The difference is medium large. Don’t get me wrong, I still love my rhino, I just hope they fix this.

  11. Rikaku

    Naughty, did you try the Open Gaming for Wrath? Kill shot is awesome. Course I didn’t really like my devilsaur, nor the skill setup… but I managed to snag a Spirit Beast on the game. Hell Yeah! Most fun I had.

    Anyways, yeah there’s not too much you’re missing, though the talk about dual-specs was awesome. Changing specs in the middle of a raid without hassle sounds like we’ll be seeing some really diverse fights in the future of WoW <3

    Well if anything else changes, I’ll be sure to let you know from Day 2.

  12. MelRedcap

    I’m not at Blizzcon but I’m watching it on Foxtel (in Australia).

    Biggest news so far… GHOSTCRAWLER IS A MAN!!!!!


  13. MelRedcap

    @Mania… I know it’s not relevant, its just really funny for some reason. :) And yeah, he’s done a GREAT job with the class panel, factual and informative but really funny as well.

  14. Rikaku

    Mania: Yeah I don’t really care male or female, I just found it funny cause for some reason I always thought GC was a girl, and I’m rarely wrong X3 Either way, he was awesome to listen to at the panel.

  15. Palladiamors

    Ghostcrawler made a comment recently that sort of nudged me to think he was a guy. Not that it matters either way, he is still the most informative of the BLizzard staff to date.

  16. MyhealthisOPlol

    ty for the reply mania, anyone know for sure if blizzard is reseting honor, marks, and arena points? I’m getting told back and fourth on my server, they’re saying that they are and they aren’t, before I got burn all my honor/marks on useless gear I wanna make sure, I’m really getting sick of working my butt off for my title in arena tangoing with 1.8k rated teams is insane, and only for 16points….omg, oh well time for bed.

  17. Harleigh

    Blizz said they weren’t going to reset honor before the expansion, and respectively the marks, honor and arena points needed will be much higher for the items at level 80.

    If you check back a few days or close to a week on MMO-Champion there is documentation. I also believe it is in a blue post somewhere on the wowforums.

  18. Kai

    Brewfest wasn’t that bad for us. We did guild runs and alt hopped. Kodo droped for us several times as did the ram. Everyone got something out of it and was all cool.

  19. Palladiamors

    As an addedum, Harleigh, arena points ARE being reset once you hit 71, but honor and marks are staying the same. I almost would have prefered they reset honor and made everything cheap….

  20. Sukulatae

    Good work Pike! As an ardent Alamo fan who posted both his awesome guides on my old guild forums, and still has them preserved in notepad if anyone ever needs them, I must say he would be proud!

  21. Naughty

    @ Rikaku

    Yes I did try Wrath at Blizzcon. The setup was confising, totally not they way I play at my home. To me the Devilsaur is still way to large, I dropped it right away and tamed one of the new model “Saberworgs” (I started out on Grzzly Hills) and it happely auto-leveled to 75. Kill Shot is amazing although I didn’t mess around with any of the skills much. I just explored the surrounding areas, I wanted to see what the new zones look like. I spyed upon Achievements a bit and I’m really excited to start on thoes right away.

    Anyways, Ja. Naughty

  22. Glassdragon

    I was at Blizzcon, it was a blast!

    The lines where incredibly long, but everything else was a lot of fun. I didn’t play Wrath (I am in beta, so no point) but I did play the other games.

    On a good note, GC said “Maybe” when asked if hunter aspects could be taken off the global cooldown. It was a positive maybe though. :)

    Other than that no one really asked any hunter questions.

    Also, swimming while mounted sounds like it will be fun, but didn’t say if the swim speed while mounted will be faster, although I immgine so.

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