Pet Leveling Rate Increased

Ghostcrawler posted in the WotLK Beta hunter forum today that the amount of experience that pets needs to level is being reduced:

We just recently increased the pet level rate.

Pets needed 1/16th of hunter experience to gain a level, but don’t benefit from quests or rest. Those two account for a lot of experience, especially at higher levels (where quest content tends to be denser).

We changed the experience needed for 1/10th. You should notice a big jump in pet level rates.

I am not sure if that change got in the most recent data push.

I did a quick test in game and verified that yes, this change is in build 9014.

Astute readers will notice a small problem with Ghostcrawler’s post, by the way. 1/16th of hunter experience is actually less than 1/10th. I believe this is a simple typo; previously pets needed 1/6th of hunter experience, which is around 16%. 1/10th of experience is, of course, 10%. Ghostcrawler may have started with typing the percentages and then changed it fractions, or just had a (as they say) brain fart.

At any rate, pets in the beta/PTR now level 60% faster than they do on live.

This isn’t the ideal solution to my way of thinking; I’d much prefer that pets benefit from quest and rest XP. But this is a solution, and considering the other pet problems that need to be dealt with right now I am quite happy to see this change happen!

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  1. Mania Post author

    The big ones I’d like to see fixed as mostly bugs: casters missing DPS, Growl and Cower turning on and off, Charge gone from the Ferocity tree. I’m also not at all sanguine about the current balance of pet abilities in terms of damage and threat, although I suspect that one will be an ongoing balance until the next expansion. :>

    In terms of not-quite-problems, I’d also like them to figure out what’s going on with spirit beasts and demon hounds and get some of the pointlessly untameable pets (like the Necrotic Webspinner) made tameable.

    To be honest, though, I really meant beta problems in general, not pet problems in specific. I’ve just gotten used to putting ‘pet’ before everything. :>

  2. Vish

    I remember that Heart of the Phoenix can no longer be auto-cast, since pet would rez in the danger zone in which it died.
    However, the 10-minute cooldown started each time pet summoned/spawned/appeared, meaning you could never use it in BGs and rarely anywhere else.
    And It could not be placed on the hunter’s toolbar, but you don’t want it to take up a pet toolbar space either…

  3. Palladiamors

    Polar bear cubs are no longer tameable. Heart of the phoenix can be autocast, but you can also turn it off. That being said, I think there is a certain amount of time before your pet bar went away. The heart of the phoenix cooldown bug has been fixed.

    Spirit beasts MAY just be a trophy pet that happens to bypass armor, Mania. Though I have to admit, hunting for it day after day and not seeing it is getting a bit…… annoying. Not to mention they added it onto an achievment, so now we get all the completionists and X-Box live fan bois running after the poor thing screaming bloody murder. I absolutely love the model, though, and wish it were at least slightly more common. Demon hounds…. I am leery about. I like the model, think its fairly unique and awesome, but I can’t see it staying. That being said, I haven’t found any glitches with it yet, nothing to point to it being an error that we can tame it. But long time WoW players will note that Blizzard has a habit of taking cool things like that away, so I’d rather not get my hopes up.

  4. Gauntlet

    Polar bear cubs no longer tameable?! Sad times! I was looking forward to Fuzzywuzzy making the transition from Beta to Live. He’s so adorable and misplaced!

    …*sniff* G’bye, Big Red Teddy.

  5. stacey

    My level 70 cat in beta isn’t gaining ANY experience. Poor guy has gotten a whopping 105 experience points. I’ve filed a bug report and check to see if he’s been fixed every time there is a patch, but alas I am stuck running quests with level 65 pets since my lone 70 can’t level. Has anyone else had this problem?

  6. Lienna

    Faster pet leveling is a good thing, but don’t go rushing too much, its currently difficult, but possible to keep 2 pets up with you, with these changes it may become possible to do so for 3, that still leaves 2 other pets caught behind with the new stable slots. So if you have 2 pets which need leveling form 65 to 70 when this patch comes, don’t level them if you aren’t going to be using those two through lich king leveling too, after all at 80 all pets will be 75, there’s no sense in wasting time manually giving your pets 5 of those levels!

    Oh, and major pet issues is sporebats spore cloud constantly being out of range (its range seems to be 5 yards or something, and melee range for a pet seems to be 3 yards, so it almost never casts)

  7. Selesti

    Hee hee “brain fart.” I’d have to agree, Ghostcrawler probably mixed percentages and fractions when she was typing that. The increase to pet leveling is quite awesome. Coupled with the boost of pets auto-leveling to 5 levels below you if they’re lower will make taming and leveling lowbie pets a piece of cake.

  8. Loved

    I was just noticing this very thing on my Devilsaur. I thought it was my imagination until I got to the second level then I was sure of it woohoo!

    I do think though that they should be like lock pets and level when we do. But I’ll take faster over it being left behind.

    Ya know it’s a job keeping several pets leveled, if a lock had to do this I wonder if they’d only use one or two demons?

  9. Tashi

    Praise the WoW Gods! I was starting to think I’d have to fight in melee range with my hyena FOREVER! He’s 16 levels below me, so this is great news for those of us who level our pets like crazy because they didn’t pick up the pet before! :P (Happens to me ALL THE TIME!) Even though he’s low level and nameless, I know I’ll keep him forever. He’s my buddy! :D

    I know a lot of people get Zarakh at 70, so this change will definitly make leveling the little devil easier. ^__^

  10. Boarwood

    Oh thank the Earthmother, I was getting very worried about possibly never getting my pets to 80. That is some seriously great news to counter the bad news about caster pets still sucking a little. Is my avatar working maybe?

  11. Allarr

    Mania, I don’t have access to the beta so cannot post in the beta forums. Perhaps you could suggest:

    There is no longer a limit to number of targets for a Druid’s swipe, or a Warrior’s thunderclap. There is no limit to number of targets for a gorilla’s thunderstomp. Bears should have the number limitation removed from their swipe, as well. It certainly would save gorilla’s from being the “go-to” AoE tanking pet. I know there would be limitations with mobs behind the bear, but heck, so what. Make it a bit easier for bear lovers.

  12. Spoiler

    Gorilla is too good and will be nerfed. Too bad. But any pet that good gets squashed eventually: remember bats with extra flight speed, cats with extra attack speed, etc.

  13. Maerthe

    I happened to use Heart of the Phoenix yesterday (so in the latest build).
    Had it off autocast, but pressed it and my pet came back.

    However, a new bug appears. For the pet the cooldown is 7 mins (talents in BM), however, using it gives me a debuff that prevents me from using the ability again. Duration? 10 mins.

  14. Gyir

    I have to agree with another poster. I don’t see why we have to level our pets at all. I mean really, WHY? When a Warlock levels, his pet levels right along with him. Why don’t THEY have to level up their demon or at the very least, summon a new one?

    Personally I think they just want to make us work for the pure sake of making us work. There’s no other real reason I can divine. I have no idea how it improves our play experience. “Ooo I get to log on and level my new pet five levels! Gosh I can’t wait!” Yeah right.

    I apologize. I know this is my first post here and I’m whining, but this whole pet level thing has been the one hair in my oatmeal since I started playing a hunter 3 years ago. Thanks for letting me vent.

  15. DJenner

    A greater rate of levelling would be better than pet getting quest/rest xp.

    Once you have finished levelling and you go get that fun pet, it will level quicker with a the less xp per lvl option than with the quest xp option.

  16. Ikura

    If I am level 70 and tame a level 53 pet now, will it jump to level 65 when the 3.02 patch comes out in a few weeks? Or will the jump in levels only apply to pets tamed after the patch is released?

  17. Mania Post author

    Ikura: If you tame a level 53 pet now and stick it in the stable, then when patch 3.0 comes out you will have a level 53 pet in the stable. :> But as soon as you remove it from the stable, it will become level 65.

  18. Ikura

    Thank you Mania, that is great news. I tamed Uhk’loc last week hoping that would be the case. Now to sit back and wait for 3.0 to arrive so we can start leveling our little mean beauty.

  19. Tashi

    Sorry about the caps, but I didn’t realize that I don’t have to level that Hyena! It will be five levels below me!
    Thank you so much, Mania!
    P.S. When does this patch come out? With the expansion?

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