Name That Pet: Tyrmak’s Wind Serpent

Name That Pet: Tyrmak & Wind SerpentFinal Name: Orosirian

Today’s Name That Pet request comes from Tyrmak, an orc hunter with an eye for matching armor.

I’m Tyrmak, an Orc hunter and this evening I tamed myself a wind serpent to fit in with my newly acquired ‘old’ set of Tier 6, namely the 5 pieces from Mount Hyjal and Black Temple.

I got this idea that a red wind serpent that I spotted on my alliance toon while leveling in Blade’s Edge would fit the spot with the completed set! So I rush over to BEM to get one, found a level 67 wind serpent, tamed it and jumped out of joy to have my new pet, one I haven’t tried out before (only ever had cats and ravagers).

But then … I just got this crazy blank in my mind, then it happened: I couldn’t figure out a good name for it! :( Then I remembered you, Mania, one of the hunter community’s pet specialists. So now I ask of you and the fellow hunters out there, please help me name my wind serpent! I’ll scribble down a short story about Tyrmak:

‘Tyrmak was a young orc hunter, one of the very few who chose to take the path of the hunter. He learned the way of the beast, how to train them, how to care for them and now, years later, he’s among the top of the tier, one of the best. He’s had a long trip from the once young, ambitious hunter he was to one everyone looks up to, wanting to be like him. He is growing old and weary but still has the same ambition to beat his competition, to prove himself and others that he is one of the best. He has had numerous pets among his journeys, from wild cats to the alien-like ravagers in Outland, even had a boar for a short amount of time. He is a bit of a believer in superstitions and stuff alike and has been since he was a child, has a very vivid imagination.’

More on what kind of name: since I’m a serious raider and hardcore player to the bone, I’d prefer the name to be serious and to reflect the true nature of the serpent as well as my hunter. And as I said in the background story, Tyrmak is getting rather old but still shows those kiddies who’s boss and definately loves his new serpent. It’s a sure keeper.

It’ll probably level with me in Northrend along with all those new cool pets. But to simplify it from all my ramblings (I tend to do that…), it needs to be serious, even mystical as long as it reflects the true nature of the serpent.

That’s a tall order but then, it’s a tall pet! I’m sure we can come up with some great ideas. Let’s get those suggestions started!

34 thoughts on “Name That Pet: Tyrmak’s Wind Serpent

  1. Queklain

    * Seconding Zephyr, but I’ve always liked that as a name.

    * Ouroboros has some mythical connotations to it.

    * Some combination of (storm element) and (snake element). Boltfang, Thunderhead, Galewing, et cetera.

    * Thunderlord is an option: there’s a whole tribe of orcs named that.

    * Drawing on what little we know about Orcish language, ‘Nagar’ or ‘Nagmar’ would indicate that he’s literally named after the winds.

  2. Goosegrease

    I’d call it Dresden. In WWII the Allied fire-bombing of Dresden produced heat and flame so intense that a tornado of fire was created. A black and red windserpent reminds me of that.

  3. sara

    I third Zephyr, simply cause Zephyr and Tyrmak sound good together. I don’t actually practice it myself but I like when hunters and their pets sound like a team.

  4. Lucutu

    love the windserpents BTW my first pet was a yellow one form WC at lvl 11 (deviate hatchling outside the instance) and i named him Paratroopa then i had another (one like urs but green) at 67 named him Scruffles XD

  5. BubbAStEvE LaRiZ

    How bout Felstorm or Sangwind(a play on the words “sanguine”meaning red as in blood or wine(flowing)and of course wind!

  6. Zestoeren

    Well I had a windserpent for a while and I named it Anaphylaxis.
    Get it? Anaphylaxis? Like anaphylactic shock????

    Note: Naming your pet this will lead to many of your guildies referring to him/her as “Annie”, something that annoyed the everliving hell out of me in Kara.
    I otherwise suggest Typhaon (the chthonic beast of volcanic power), or you could just go 0ld-sk00l and name it Apocalypse.
    Other than that, Nidhogg is good.

  7. barnes

    You could always go with Thunderaan the guy who has thunderfury in warcraft. Or instead of zephyr (name way overused) if you want something still to do with Greek myth and wind go with Aeolus who was the king of all four of the winds. =D Hope that helps.

  8. Selesti

    Some of you guys seem to be missing the point here… Tyrmak specifically asked for serious names. Especially those showing the grace and power of the wind serpent.

    Personally, I think Akane might be a fitting name. It means “deep red” in Japanese, and it suits a red wind serpent. I also found Kiwidinok, though it might be a bit of a mouthful. It’s Cheyenne for “of the wind”.

  9. Cotytto


    In Hindu mythology, Vajra is the weapon of Indra, the Vedic god of rain, lightning and the sky and king of Devas. It is a powerful weapon having the combined features of sword, mace, and spear.

  10. MyhealthisOPlol

    How about Deathbringer? Reaper? Allhail? Demolition? Ruins? (I personally like ruins,allhail and demolition xD,but that’s just me, have fun with your new windserpent…perks on the raid gear by the way)

  11. Syrelil-Sentinels

    Was my first wind serpent’s name at level 11. Hah. I have REALLY weird pet names.. Avarian.. Wind serpent.. Abanarius.. Ghost wolf.. xD
    It’s one of those names that has that wind serpent ‘feel’ to it if you ask me.

    Eh. I still use weird naemes!

  12. Tashi

    I’ve always liked Zephyr for any pet. But I have to admit that Typhaon rocks this world. So I vote Zephyr and Typhoan!
    It’s a beautiful pet, good luck naming!

  13. Tyrmak

    Wow.. just wow.
    You people really have naming skills! :D
    Vajra sounds really nice somehow… Tyrmak & Vajra… I like that one, but I’ll give it another day or two before I make my choice as this pet is going to be with me for a long time, or well until WLK hits the shelves.

    But thanks for the great suggestions! :D

  14. Goofball Jones


    An Aztec sky and creator god. The name is a combination of quetzal, a brightly colored bird, and coatl, meaning serpent.

  15. Kalli

    How about Notus?

    “Notus was the Greek god of the south wind. He was associated with the desiccating hot wind of the rise of Sirius after midsummer, was thought to bring the storms of late summer and autumn, and was feared as a destroyer of crops.”

    Seems to fit his coloring better. :)

    @Tashi: Gronn? What Gronn? Oh, THAT Gronn…:o

  16. Kalli

    BTW, Tyrmak, your name is extremely inspirational in terms of evoking an appropriate and thematic name. I agree that Vajra would match you well; just had to toss in another Greek name. xD

  17. Cynere

    Ouroboros is apparently a giant snake-like dragon constellation in the sky. As quoted by author John Topsell. ”The age old figure of the Ouroboros is a dragon curled in a circle with it’s tail in it’s mouth. It traditionally symbolizes cyclic time or eternity.”

    If I had a windserpent, I would totally name it after this dragon!

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