First Spirit Beast Found

WotLK Beta: Evara with Spirit BeastEvara has found the first confirmed example of the new exotic Spirit beast family!

The beast is Loque’nahak, a rare level 76 that Evara found in Sholazar Basin, southwest of Nessingwary Base Camp. The model matches the new cat-like model we’ve heard described: a snow leopard-like cat with glowing blue eyes. Beast Lore on the untamed beast describes it as an Exotic pet. And when tamed, the beast’s name becomes “Spirit Beast”.

WotLK Beta: Evara with Spirit BeastThis raises as many interesting questions as it answers! Is this the only spirit beast, the only one we’ve found so far, or the only one that’s been added to the world yet? Will they all be rare? Will they all use this cat-like model?

And you know, this is the first silver-dragon rare of any kind that I have heard about in Northrend. Have all the rares been added with this build? Can any of them can be tamed? What kind of respawn time does Loque’nahak have, and how is his loot? (As if any hunter would kill him rather than tame him at this point!)

(By the way, I am safely back at home and trying desperately to catch up with all the news. Please keep the posts and comments and e-mails coming — I’m compiling the info you are all contributing as I make my way through it!)

[edit: By the way, I wanted to give a big thank you to Skosiris from Wowhead for letting me know about the new Spirit Beast exotic family almost before I even knew there was new build happening.]

397 thoughts on “First Spirit Beast Found

  1. Misty

    Pitar, thats because I never leave :(

    Agravaine, I read my afk messages :o

    It was Poned I think who gave me the actual skyreach pillar info though, I think. WHOEVER THAT IS ON HERE :o

  2. Venera

    Any chance someone could post a screenshot of the green devilsaur? I’d like to see how the coloring looks, because I might go for that one if it looks better then the black skin. :D

  3. Curumor

    @Misty: Maybe a quick prayer to St. Francis (or St. Eustachius) will help protect the little fella. ^^
    (if you believe in that, that is)

    Anyway, I’m getting really curious about this green devilsaur… hearing things, but yet to see a screenie…

  4. Venera

    Ooooooh 0.0 That skin actually looks pretty good, I’m very tempted to tame that one now, it will also probably be a lot rarer then the black skin.

  5. Autumnn

    Dear Bleezard,

    My Ghost Wolfie is getting lonely in the stables. Living kitty just doesn’t understand him. Please add more spirit animals. Wolfie would like to be friends with the spirit bear in Moonglade that the Droods keep for themselves.

    K Luv Ya By By,
    Starry-eyed Hunter

  6. zifero

    First off, im sure i was not the only one stunned to see that this was a exotic beast, such a prospect was on no ones minds… to offer my opinions and what not… Its called a spirit beast…so there is a chance that they arnt all kitties, however they very well could be…(though i hope theres other models)also, just because the name says spirit, it doesnt mean its a ghost or a wraith of any kind, it could simply be referring to its extremely exotic, and no doubt somewhat divine appearance… so although id love different creatures for it, i wouldnt get my hopes up.

  7. Boarwood

    Guys, guys, look! Blizzard likes hunters again!

    I’m really excited about this expansion, with BC I felt like my hunter and I were on completely different levels, he was a ghostbuster and i wanted him to be a woodsman. Judging by the new (less alien) pet skins and the picture of this dwarf in his armor, it is looking good for WotLK. I was utterly shocked to see what BC had taken hunters to, from the natural leather-wearing scout he began as to the armored, gun-wielding, toxic gas oozing abomination that he became. This dwarf, however, seems to be clad in leathery yet scaled tree bark or something else that favors his wild nature. With the addition of this spirit beast, i am very satisfied with the idea of hunters being in communication with the spirits of nature and their ability to tame creatures once thought to be untameable. This is great news for me, and I don’t know if I will be able to keep myself composed until November 13th.

  8. Johnny

    I agree, for all of you hunters who still have the legendery Ghost wolf, I’m guessing that Bliz would make a diffrent skin then that, you guys make me so Jealous to, since when I first started WoW I saw the Ghost wolf in front of TB, to bad I was still to low back then before it was untamable and was taken off :( but these pets might still give me the pet skin I’ve always wanted.

  9. Jakalth

    I don’t have the beta but I may have found something that might be another spirit beast. It is low lvl though. In Razerfen Kraul, the boss Aggem Thorncurse summons a spirit boar. Don’t know if it’s tameable, but may be another spirit beast if it is. Needs testing on beta.

  10. Ycarus


    about spirit beasts. Last week i went to mount hyjal.
    I was with guild doing kaz’rogal i think. and when we pulled back to thrall, some spirit wolves are summoned. I used beast lore just because i was curious and that said tameable. they are lvl 72 elite.
    Could anyone test if they are indeed tameable on the test realm??



  11. butthurt

    so ive been camping him for a good 6 hours so far, 6 hours from last server restart any how.

    and i was curious if any one had pathing information on him or if he does indeed walk around.

    ive been camping the two known spawnpoints and have yet to see head nor tail.

    lots of opposing faction huntards to gank tho =P

    there arent any other now known spawn points are there?


  12. hells

    well it wont be much rare when u see millions of other hunters with it…lol
    so there is a website for it too i see…. no matter what i am keeping my Rak Shiri
    it owns this shit beast lol

  13. Huntærd

    at about 845pm central i found and successfully tamed this beauty, i AM a theorycrafter and will be running tests in the following days and weeks as i get closer to 80 (halfway to 78 atm) and can compare single target and group dps to that of wolves and devilsaurs


  14. Krualty

    Huntærd – November 16th, 2008 @ 10:05 pm EST

    at about 845pm central i found and successfully tamed this beauty, i AM a theorycrafter and will be running tests in the following days and weeks as i get closer to 80 (halfway to 78 atm) and can compare single target and group dps to that of wolves and devilsaurs

    Where did u find him was he prowling or just right in the open?

  15. Huntærd

    he was at the lesser known spawn point to the east near skyreach pillar, on the west side of it, near some big crystals

    he doesnt use prowl and is non hostile

  16. SenimSilla

    So this is my second day out camping for her, still no luck. Does anyone know the respawn time on her? I’ve heard things from, 4 hours 30 mins, 6 hours, and 48 hours… or do we know if it’s random? another thing is i’ve been hearing that she’s been reported a lot more than other spawns next to the Skyreach pillar, and a few times next to the monkeys in the southeast. Havn’t heard anyone find her southwest of nesingwary except for this post so far, so can anyone add any additional information about the pet? Ty

  17. axiomatic

    just tamed it 48 hours into my camp. i almost got screwed over. first a pali kept pulling him off me everytime i tried to tame. and then a rogue killed me twice when the tame was at 90%. then my internet dc’d… AND THEN i tamed him. there were like 5 ppl around 20 ppl whispering me 5 hunters trying to buy him!! i pay’d the ppl like i said and OMFG is this pet so worth it. it makes up for all the trouble in looks!! GL!!

  18. SenimSilla

    So tonight was my 4th night out looking for Loque’nahak.. Still no luck. But I somehow come accross King Krush I think his name is? The Green devilsaur. So I’m thinking I have to tame this thing, go up to it, set a freezing trap, it’s immune. So at this point I’m like shit, not sure if I can make it until he kills me, until he feared and i thought i was screwed for sure. So a resto druid comes along, offering to help, spamming heals on me as i try to tame, and at the same time i’m having to keep aggro. About 5 minutes of failure, a ret pally comes along, attacks the devilsaur until i ask her to stop, she does. another warrior and a pally come, both offering to help in anyway we can. not sure how we were gona do this, i thought someone else could have aggro, while i tame the pet, but that didn’t work. so about 20 minutes passed, and we drew up the idea to stunlock, and i had to keep aggro,(in the initial trys the druid kept pulling aggro from me because he was spamming heals). So we eventually got him with all of our stuns, was pretty intese i gotta say =P

  19. Elk

    Okay, I have been searching for this pet with no luck so far. A few questions I would love to be answered are as follows:

    i] Is it a beast, trackable with Track Beasts? (I assume it is).
    ii] Where have you found it, and at what time?
    iii] If you have been searching for this pet for a long time and have still not yet found it, where have you been mainly searching for it?

    Hoping I can get some good reviews, thankyas :}

  20. Zøé


    Et oui une petite française sur les forums anglais ça ne doit pas être courant mais je dois vous remercier car cette discussion m’a aidé a trouver cet magnifique pet qu’est Loque’nahak.

    En effet j’ai réussi a le trouver hier soir en passant par hasard sur un des lieux de pop. Je vous laisse imaginer ma joie. Je l’ai trouvé au nord du Bassin de Sholazar, à coté de l’aigle blanc. Je l’ai nommée Hiyøri et elle fait tout mon bonheur.

    I hope you will understand frensh ^^
    I would like to say that this pet exists, even if I thought of the opposite at the beginning.

    Good luck to those who haven’t found it yet.

    Have Fun on Wow.


  21. SenimSilla

    I’ve actually stopped looking for the pet, because of all the bad reviews that it has about it’s horrible dps and how spirit strike is bugged with the BM talent point. But when I searched, I’ve mainly looked around these spots

    I’ve been told that Loque’nahak has a lot more spawn points then just these, so if i were you, hop on your flying mount and spam the macro everywhere around basin, he’s been seen in the far east as well

  22. SenimSilla

    Just tamed Loque’nahak the other night at the northern most spawn point just chillin there alone.

    Any other hunters out there with both Loque and King Krush tamed?=P

  23. Sederath

    If you ask me, they should have any and all types of mobs Spirit Beasts. To explain, I mean a Cat Spirit Beast (Already here), a Devilsaur Spirit Beast (THAT’D BE SWEET!), Dragonhawk, and so on. Only thing, they should all be rare elites, and get their special move and Spirit Strike. Like a Raptor pet with Spirit Strike and Savage Rend.

    …But I wanna hit 76 and tame this bad cat! =D

  24. BiggieHead

    I just got my Loque’nahak at 5:14am!
    I had the feeling of giving up this baby a week ago, but out of the blue moon I kinda felt like giving it another shot. I thought i might as well just stay at one spot and hope it’ll come than flying around. I camped at the gorilla spawn spot at 3am logged off and came back on at 4am… nothing has spawned so i thought oh well i’ll give it another shot at 5am… and i was 14 minutes late since i was watching a movie. I got on at 5:14am and BAM! it was right infront of me i didn’t even know what I was doing at all! I took a deep breath and slowly drop my trap hoping no others were around and after a few seconds TADA! ^^

    P.S. I guess it’s my lucky day or somehow my 6th sense were accurate? :P

  25. Mandado

    Loq tamed on the Tanaris server at 2:35 am on 2/14/2009!

    I was honestly about to quit it for the night and switch to my mining ‘toon, but I said “well I’m close enough to a few of the spawn points, and it’s only been 5 minutes after the 1/2 hour… I’ll check a couple more.” Spam my Loq targeting macro, and what do you know… there he pops into my target window at 50, 80. 1) Spaz. 2) Try to land my non-epic flying mount. 3) finally manage to land my mount. 4) slam my Arcane Shot button… tag first, details later. 5) frost trap down. Snagged! 6) dismiss my disposa-pet owl. 7) find the damn “tame” button I put on my toolbar for this. 8) relax, let him hit me, and let that tame timer tick along inevitably toward…

    well, you know.

    I have always been a Hunter first, and always been a pet-oriented Hunter. In retrospect, Loq is the animal that I have always a Hunter FOR. Now I’m off to go fight for the forces of awesome!

    Thanks so much for the resource and information — I leaned heavily on the info that I got here to search for & ultimately find Loq. It’s a combo of luck and persistence – stick w it, it will pop.

    78 Hunter, Tanaris

  26. Papacriz

    Well, after two months trying…I logged in again one morning to find a hunter beat me to it and even showed me Loque in action…great I thought!

    The next morning, i logged in and flew around to the northern area of SB with my 18 month old bashing the keyboard to help…you know..and we found her! After 2 months and me casually looking, we eventually found her….so Daughter had to be put down as I tamed her….simple, freeze trap, tame…job done……daughter screaming because she wanted to button bash! Was it worth the screaming daughter….probably not but damn, i finally got my Spirit beast on the eve of patch 3.1…do i want two now?? I think I will give the other one a miss!

    As the poster above, thank you all for your resources and locations….I am gonna miss SB especially as I managed to get 200 Heavy Borean from the non skinners :D

    80 Hunter, Scarlet Crusade.

  27. addonis

    is any know what time is good to taming any of spirit beast , i was traying to find tham for like 5 hrs and nothing ?

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