PTR3.0/Beta Build 8962

As close readers of the blog may have surmised, I feel asleep last night while waiting for build 8962 to make it’s way to the PTR and Beta realms. And now I’m out of time — I need to check out and get to my plane for the long trip home! (My husband is frowning and tapping his foot at me as I type.)

But thanks to the amazing community here, there is already a lot of information on hunter pet changes available. If you are jonesing for details, check out the comment thread from the last post as well as the News & Rumors forum of Mania’s Forums. And feel free to post your own discoveries or questions in either of those spots or in this comment thread.

Unfortunately I won’t be home until late tonight (Eastern US time), but in the meantime I trust you folks to sort everything out for me. :> And maybe by then we’ll know what this new exotic is!

(Okay, okay, dear! I’ll be there in two seconds. Sheesh!) Gotta go!

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  1. BloodGod22

    Awww man this has got to be the hardest pet to track ever!!!
    Or its NYI, but thats what they sayed about Chimearas and Numaroc was the only one tamable.

  2. Lamis

    Oo;; I know this new exotic is exciting and all but guys, please just calm down. Mania just clearly posted her stress to you at the moment and I’m sure we’ll discover this beast at some point! So go take some chillax oo

  3. BloodGod22

    What new exotic, all we have is an icon, a family name, some skills, diet and thats it.
    Im starting to belive its NYI and with WotLK set to “air” on 13th november, there isnt much time left for testing and sorting out all the buggs and inbalances.

  4. Seidouyumi

    Guys, I’ve been in the PTR and testing actual play with every pet imaginable. While I really do prefer the Turtle as my tank, every pet I’ve tried is viable to a certain way of play. Now, of course, this is below level 20 for all of these pets, but every one of them has great uses. I could almost see having all three slots taken up and grabbing each kind depending on the question missions or the instance I was going into.

    The Spirit Beast idea makes me wonder if they are either going to drop one of the exotics into normal range or make a few more pets available.

  5. BloodGod22

    I realy dont know just how many pets they can add before the relise…time is something we dont have!
    Familys like Stags, Hydras and mana Wyrms who were demanded by hunters might not make it till WotLK goes live.

  6. Evara

    I think I found the “Spirit Beast”.
    It’s the strange looking snow leopard-like cat with glowing blue eyes. Its name is “Loque’nahak” and it is found in Sholazar Basin, Southwest of Nesingwary Base Camp.
    Here’s a screenshot.

    It is claimed to be “exotic” and tameable but it cannot be tamed yet. :(

  7. BloodGod22

    WE HAVE A WINNER!!!!!!

    So as far as i see it this skin is 99% part of the Spirit Beast family and my point that they are NYI is proven untill further notice!

  8. Ihlos

    Among the many changes to pet moves and talents,
    I confirmed last night that not only has the stamina scaling for pets increased from 35% of the hunters stamina to 45% of the hunters stamina, but also blood of the rhino’s stamina increase is now being properly attributed*. I say this with a small degree of uncertainty, as 4% is a small number, and scaling is hard to measure.

    The armor modifier was supposedly changed, being added to base armor, but I can’t for the life of me figure out what they did there, nothing seems to work when I try to match up numbers.

    AP and SP scaling remain at 22 and 12.87% respectively, and resistances remain at 40% of the hunters resistance, with a base resistance equal to the pets level, ie 68 to all resists at level 68.

    Pets are seemingly receiving their master’s hit now. I killed a mob with no hr, and the pet missed 3 times, killing it on its own (2 levels higher). I hit capped, and my pet killed 6 mobs without missing once. Some attacks were still dodged or parried.

    Other than armor, base stats appear unchanged.

    tenacity pet’s crit reduction works well. While the pet recieved semi frequent critical strikes without the talent against a mob 2 levels higher, the crit rate was very noticeably lowered. I’m still studying this further, but I believe the pet will be immune to crits against mobs one level higher, have a very small chance of being crit against a mob two levels higer, and more chance against 3 levels higher. I will do extensive testing to confirm the theoretical chance given by player formulas.

  9. BloodGod22

    Wow, lots of Hunter and pet info dripping and Mania is missing it!
    I wish she was here with us, it feels like the X-men without Professor X…

  10. Sukulatae

    Thank you for finding the Spirit Beast! So, it’s a rare spawn? Will it be as much fun as say, Humar or Araga to find? I can’t wait to see one “in the flesh” so to speak, it looks kinda…funky in the screenies.

  11. Mania Post author

    Hahahahah! I am not bald, damnit!

    And I’m here, sorta. I’m back home, just woke up, working on a post with Evara’s info about the Spirit Beast and gathering the other information as I go for a later post. Also, waiting for UHaul to call me back about when we can pick up the truck to start moving furniture today. So it should be a fun day all around. :>

    But while I’m a little stressed, I am also incredibly grateful for all of the great info that everyone is finding and sharing. I’m not sure you guys need me at all. :>

  12. Bradagore

    Good hu8nting there, Evara.

    If it’s cats all the way, I wonder why they called it “spirit beast” rather than “spirit jaguar” or something (unless the title’s a work in progress). There’s always a possibility that it might still be a more general catch-all for different-modelled supernatural animals. The prowl skill could represent their ghostly nature.

    However, that is perhaps the nicest cat model/skin I’ve ever seen, and I’m not one for cats normally.

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  14. BloodGod22

    Yay Mania’s back!*insert epic metal solo*
    I agree, this could be just one skin of the family and i may contain more than just cats.

  15. BloodGod22

    Me to, even thou i dislike cats for beeing to common and other pets arent getting love (this will change with WotLK) i have to agree its just breathtakeing.
    BTW its not a cat, its a Spirit Beast, and the only Arcane damage dealing pet for now.

  16. Kristy

    That’s weird. I seriously doubt they’ll “drop one of the Exotics into normal range”. Anyways it’s funny, in Battlegrounds, players actually target my epic Devilsaur. lol And Heart of the Phoenix now does a debuff to the player.

  17. Rudda

    One thing that has always bugged me about cats is they did better damage with only the focus dump. (Not Bite *live version) However, on the PTR my tests for each family are showing consistantly that having the family skill and the focus dump active is just a shave better dps. (that is if recount is calculating properly)

    Also of note, lvl 65 Devilsaur is out dps’ing my lvl 70 cat even though it is short a talent point. The lvl 65 Chimaera did very well, but not quite as good as a lvl 70 cat. But my guess is at 70 even it will out do the cat. So even though cats will be one of the better dps coices for non-BM hunters. The exotics may be the way to go if you are a 51pt BM. After all, it is our 51pt talent.

  18. Mitsuhide


    If that’s true, then that’s really good. The Exotics being all-around better than the “normals” may be a little bonus for Hunters that go all the way to Beast Mastery. I hope it’s not a large difference between normal and Exotic, but even a small difference is a nice incentive to be BM (which I am and when I hit 60 an Armored Devilsaur will be MINE! BWA HA HA HA HA HAAAA!).

  19. Stranger

    I know it’s off-topic, but I just got an idea about how should Aspect of Viper work. And I am not in beta-test and can’t join PTR. So please someone, if you agreed with me, help me feedback.

    Aspect of Viper should work like:
    When you go into Aspect of Viper, you can’t use any skill shot (any shot and attack abilities that use mana) and can only use auto-shot and other non-direct attack abilities (such as Rapid Fire, traps, disengage, FD…). In this period, any damage dealt by you and your pet will be transformed to your mana regeneration. (Including pet’s damage is to balance out BM hunters with the other two spec, because BM hunters depend more on pet’s damage.)
    And, importantly, there should be no damage penalty in Aspect of Viper.

  20. Cygolino

    Hmmm they seem to have buffed scorpid poison again in the last build, did some testing and with 5 stacks up my 69 scorp’s poison ticked for around 500 dmg.

  21. Palladiamors

    Rudda, did you check on current beta? The addition of rake should put cats back on par with devilsaurs, the the devilsaur will have a slight overall damage advantage with monstrous bite, cats will get in two additional ticks of rake with longevity, and three without. For me in my beast master build, thats two more ticks of about a hundred and ten bleed damage, not bad for a pet.

  22. Rudda

    Palladiamors, I’m on the PTR not Beta. Actual numbers are not very accurate since I was using the lvl 1 Theramore practice dummies for my calculations. A lvl 65-70 vs a lvl 1 dummy makes my untalented cat do approx 2x his average “live server” DPS. I assume the dummy has no armor and the lvl split means no misses parries etc. . . that is my guess atleast because against IQD mobs the “PTR” does seem quite a bit better than “Live”.
    So the numbers are hard to compare to “live”, but it does show a % of difference between different pets.

    Both pets had the same talents in Longevity etc. (I left the one point off of the cat so the only variables would be the 65/70 lvl difference and the family skills mechanics.

    With the new build which included Rake for the lvl 70 cat, He was doing about 480ish over a 5 min period. The lvl 65 Devilsaur against the same target for the same 5 mins did about 500 DPS.
    The cat was more consistant DPS because the rake was regular in its timing. Also the bleed effect evened it out over time.
    The devilsaur seemed more “spikey” since his Strength Buff would stack up to 3-5 then wear off. (its not consistantly applied)

    So in my opinion, the cat would probably out perform on fast short fights or switching between multiple mobs quickly. The devilsaur may do better on Long single mob (boss) fights.

  23. Tinco

    Hi Mania!

    I don’t know if that has already been mentioned, but the Gorilla-Petskill ‘Thunderstomp’ had its cooldown reduced to 10 sec on the recent ptr-build.

    Greetings, Tinco

  24. Rudda

    Just checked out the Thunderstomp thing. Woot!!! My favorite pet just became even more “favorite”. Hunters can now “AoE farm” without waiting on the TS’s CD.

    Thanks for the news Tinco.

  25. Lovemypet

    50 days to go? This is going to be a mess.

    A warning to everybody – those CDs you get on November 13 will contain virtually nothing. Expect to follow installation with a BIG download (several hours), since the discs will need to go into production soon (if they’re not already being packed).

    More – don’t expect the game to be ready on Noy 13. Even if Blizzard can call a moratorium on new content in the next 20 days (which looks barely possible), they will only have 30 days for debugging and tweaking. That’s laughable for a program of this scale.

    I predicted in another thread that WLK would not be ready until next summer. I stand by that prediction, in spite of the launch date. I think what’s released on Nov 13 will be an ugly mess – I’m certainly not going to rush out and buy it until I’ve read here that I’m wrong.

    Get well soon, Mania – but next time, hire some removal guys, you tightwad. ;)

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