Mania on Twisted Nether Blogcast

It’s always weird listening to yourself, you know? You always sound alot different inside your own head …

Anyway, if you’re at all interested in listening to me babble (as opposed to reading my babble), check out Episode 15 of the Twisted Nether Blogcast.

Twisted Nether is Breana (from Gun Lovin’ Dwarf Chick) and Fimlys (from Asleep at the WoW), and both of them are a lot more amusing to listen to than I am. I really enjoyed chatting with them about pets, although I fear that (as usual) I may have been a bit of a single-track conversationalist.

But definitely check it out!

12 thoughts on “Mania on Twisted Nether Blogcast

  1. Niabi

    You did fabulous on your interview Mania :-)

    And I think your idea of “auto-stabling” current pets to tame new ones without having to visit a stable master is brillant! We should all write to Blizzard and make this a reality!

  2. Loronar

    I’m listening to your interview at the moment. :) I’ve been waiting for this day since it was announced! It’s nice to be able to put an actual voice to the bloggers.

  3. Mr. Perfect

    Yes, the auto stabling would be brilliant. I wonder why they didn’t make the pet stable a tab in the spell book like they did for mounts and decorative pets? Maybe they’re afraid that we’ll be switching pets around for every encounter, like warriors switch stances? Although I’m not really sure why that would be a bad thing.

  4. Nimizar

    Haven’t finished the interview yet – but very cool.

    Oh, and if you wanted to get some more stable slots to keep an eye on different pet families without using up that last character copy, how far could you get by levelling up a couple of new hunters on the beta servers to level 10?

  5. Nimizar

    Regarding Black Morass… you can actually go in there and look around without a group (since the elites only turn up once someone gets close to Medivh), but you have to finish Old Hillsbrad (aka Durnholde Keep) first, which *does* require a group. That said, Durnholde is a pre level 70 instance, so a group of 70s can finish it pretty quickly.

    Ooh, I got a mention! (it would be nice if the Cower bug really was that simple…)

    I also still think there should be a pet trainer or stable master called Teak Ainam somewhere ;)

    And I love the name of the blog :)

    And yay for writing comment posts piecemeal while listening to the interview…

  6. Jolyroger

    Just listened to the blogcast. Nice. I, too, play mostly because I love the pet classes. I am an old school Creature Handler from Star Wars Galaxies and currently have a Beast Master Dark Jedi there. I love the “Tame Game”. Are you going to put up the old guides? I miss reading them, including the one I wrote for the ZG Raptors. I wish the expansion had a white raptor with old style skin. I don’t like the outlands style.

    Anyway, keep up the good work. And let us all know when and where you need assistance. Always willing to help.

    NE Hunter

  7. breana

    Thank you again Mania for been gracious enough to come on and being such a fantastic guest. Poor woman had to deal with me and Fim falling over each other. All I can say Mania is very agile!

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