Name That Pet: Kaliska’s Raptor

Kaliska & RaptorFinal Name: Kemuri

Today’s Name That Pet request comes to us from Kaliska, a troll hunter from the European realm of Arathor.

Kaliska writes:

My name is Kaliska, I’m a Troll from the Arathor (EU) realm. Been a troll means I’m handsome, funny yet volatile and fatal. So in light of this I decided I’d find a pet to match me.

After trawling your site for hours on end and testing out a whole host of pets from Ghost Sabers to Sarkoth I stumbled across Goreclaw…. And wow is he something. I instantly ran over to Dustwallow and tamed him. I then tried to name him…. But I couldn’t. Unlike my other pet Gensou (a Ghost Saber whose name means Illusion in Japanese) I had no inspiration.

As it was your site that lead me to him I thought it only fitting that it be your site that find me a name. I’m looking for something cool, not silly. I wouldn’t mind if it suited the pet. Like how the Ghost Saber is sort of an illusion hense Gensou. So something along them lines.

Also I love the Japanese language.

Japanese sure is a popular language for pet names! But that’s good — it means we’re building up a knowldge base of great names. Or something .. *grin* At any rate, I’m sure we can think of something perfect for this raptor. So .. what do you guys think?

34 thoughts on “Name That Pet: Kaliska’s Raptor

  1. Drakkena

    Apato – Meaning Deceptive, as I see raptors as the Deceptive type because of their hunting patterns. Hunting in a pack and using singles to lure their prey into a trap.

    Cera – Meaning Horned, Hey these raptors have a horn on their nose so why not XD

    Nycho – Meaning Clawed, they do learn Claw and they have those huge clawed hook toes ^^

    Rex – Meaning King, could be considered a ‘king’ but he’s not a Rex XD

    Veloci – Meaning Speedy, Dash… and a Raptor what more could you want.

    You could also try combining a few names from and see what you get like Velocera which could mean something like Speedy Horn *shrugs* I’m random and I fail at dinosaur names XD

  2. BubbA StEvE LaRiZ

    What about Onitegu its 2 words together i created its Oni(japanese for Troll) and tegu is a fierce lizard from Argentina a tropical place which is what Sen’jin home of the trolls is…see i did research and was creative!=D

  3. Kamalia

    Here’s a couple names I found for you…

    Tatsu : Japanese for “Dragon”
    Kyonshi / Jiangshi : An Asian vampire-like creature. They’re said to have razor-sharp black fingernails, which can be compared with raptor talons I suppose.
    Karasu : “Crow” in Japanese. The name kinda suits the colour of your raptor’s skin – dark, like a crow’s feathers.
    Kaze : “Wind” in Japanese. Not much really in common with raptors…just a cool name.

    I also second Kamisori and Onitegu!

    Good luck!

  4. Niabi

    Kemuri and Kemutai (“Smoke” and “Smokey” in Japanese). I had once tamed this raptor on one of my hunters and noticed that his coloration is more like that of a smoke or charcoal color :-)

    Nirami (“Fierce Stare” in Japanese).

  5. Luna

    Kyoumou: “Fierce” in Japanese
    Togatta: “Sharp” in Japanese
    Tsume: “Claw” in Japanese
    Yaiba: “Blade, sword” in Japanese

    “Zar’roc” was the name of Eragon’s sword in the Inheritance series. It means “misery.” It would have to be spelled “Zarroc” in WoW though.

  6. Swagga

    Name him Sake like the disgusting Japanese beer. Or Ginzu like the cheesey knife that never dulls. LOL Either way you get both Japan flavor and comedy.

  7. Wildstalker

    Why don’t you just leave Goreclaw as a name? I always leave their original names to pets i tame, if they have one to begin with, of course. =P

  8. toque

    i like romanizing japanese pronunciation of english words for name. Like i have a rogue named Naifu (knife).

    So you could do Kuraa (claw) or Baito (bite)

  9. Thundertwig

    Well, a personal favorite name of mine is Satsukoi, meaning Murderous Intent in japanese, and it just sounds plain cool =D

  10. anna

    hi Kaliska i would like to say taht youre on my realm ^_^ but i’m allicane :P mabey we shall meet ina bg :P? so if u see a person named Sapphires wave to them ^_^ hehe

    anywyas makes umi or somthing like i think it means little hill or wave or dip or soemthing ^_^ it sounds cute tho that or purple, purple is a dead cool name ^^

  11. Kerub

    The species name, Tsaagan mangas, is derived from the Mongolian word for “white monster”

    thats on the page but it was worth highlighting

  12. Kurasu

    This was the exact ‘Name That Pet’ that I had done a while back, actually. ‘Kuroshi’ was the winning name for me. There were a few other good suggestions in there as well for this gorgeous obsidian raptor.

  13. Jadsia

    I too, looked for months for a name for my lion. I wanted Guardian, but I couldn’t use it and so chose Gaidin which, in the Wheel of Time books, means brother to battles. If you want to find something to name your pet, try thinking of a word you like the meaning of and find it in a language you like, ie, Japanese. Or perahps something else will sound cool. I don’t know Japanese and I’m sorry I can’t help, but I figured I’d give you something. :) Good luck. And my current favorite, btw, is Ginzu. :)

  14. Tashi

    I had Goreclaw once, and named him Akashi, with no particular meaning or reason :P
    Kuroshi, the first suggestion from Niabi, had me from the start!
    Good luck naming! ^_^

  15. Kaliska

    Well after much consideration I settled on Kemuri, a suggestion from Niabi.
    Thanks too all who helped. Happy hunting.

  16. Niabi

    Woohoo! I am honored that you chose one of my suggestions Kaliska. Thank you.

    For fun, this is how your pet’s name would look in Kanji: 煙

  17. Peachykeen-greymane, alli

    i had goreclaw for about 30 lvls, i had him named WalterMeego after the band. Then i got a Devilsaur named RonJeremy. I just tamed a Daggermaw Blackhide and i dont know what to name him…

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