Rhino Charge!

Rhino ChargeRhinos don’t have a family skill yet, I posted just after this last beta build, but Glassdragon contacted me today to let me know that I might be wrong. He noticed that the Shardhorn Rhinos of Sholazar Basin have a skill called Rhino Charge … briefly, at least.

There are a number of problems with Rhino Charge as it stands right now. First off, it doesn’t show up in the pet’s Spellbook. The rhino seems to use it automatically if it can, and when it does the buff icon shows up under the rhino’s portrait, which is how we know about it at all. But there’s nothing in the spellbook or on the pet’s action bar.

Secondly, the rhino loses Rhino Charge the first time it is dismissed (for example, when you mount up or run out of range). And while I haven’t tested all the rhinos, so far I have only seen this on the Shardhorns.

To me, this behavior suggests one of two things: either this is a left-over from wild Shardhorn Rhinos that they are keeping just a little longer than they should, or it is the beginning of a rhino family skill that is just barely beginning to be implemented. I’m getting to sound like a broken record here, but … I guess we’ll have to wait and see!

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  1. Kikaku

    It’ll be a pretty interesting skill, but what about normal Charge? Could it use Rhino Charge, then Charge again as the mob keeps running away since it doesn’t say if the Rhino Charge stuns or not :P

  2. Mr. Perfect

    Do wild Shardhorn Rhinos normally have an icon showing when rhino charge is active? If they don’t, then it sounds like the rhino family talent. Otherwise, I doubt that Blizzard would have created a tool tip for a skill that isn’t seen by the player.

  3. Kristy

    Hmmmm I don’t know what to make of it. To me, the name should be more.. original. Having “Charge” in it, just reminds me of regular, old “Charge”…

  4. FaaR

    “Huge hit” is sort of like an understatement… :P 800 damage (and I assume, 1200 if it crits, BEFORE AP scaling which Blizzard’s said they’re adding to all pets), that’s pretty crazy for a pet skill. :)

    Of course, considering the quirky nature of the skill, the damage’s liable to be just as bugged as the rest so if this is the rhino family skill then it’s likely to be reduced – a lot… Still, curiouser and curiouser, eh?

  5. Seidouyumi

    Hm…well, the problem here is that with Charge being given to all Tenacity pets, this becomes kind of redundant.

    UNLESS, well, they could be changing the whole thing.

    Though, I almost feel like saying, this is a bit of old data, pay it no mind.

  6. Volcan

    I guess it is just a skill it kept from the wild. Well wild enemies choose when to use an ability. And if you can not decidee when to use it, but it uses it when it has opportunity, it is in my opinion just a leftover from the wild as you said.

    But maybe it will be developed to an actual skill?

  7. Scott

    I think the developers still have a little ways to go before the various pet movement spells are locked down – assigning a blanket dash 3/3 available at level 20 was just silly, and (initially) removing charge from boars was almost as goofy.

    Switching dash for charge on the tenacity tree is a step in the right direction, but still not there – warp stalkers now can charge as well as ‘port? Turtles can charge? Etc.

    Now with the rhino family the question of movement spells becomes a little more important – it will be tough to create something that simulates the incredible power of the rhino’s best known attack without making it OP relative to other pet spells.

    Hopefully they will stick with it and not play around with removing the ability like they did with boars – this deserves to be looked at seriously.

  8. Rudda

    All “wild” or npc buffs will show a tool tip if you hover over them. So it could be a leftover.
    But that doesn’t negate the possibility of it becoming atleast similar to the family skill in the future.
    So as mania said. “I guess we’ll have to wait and see!”

  9. Scott

    Just wanted to add: I think the real problem that the devs are facing is that the tenacity tree is too diverse for a family-wide movement spell – but, they’ve already gone ahead and assigned specific species spells, so then where to put charge? Even if they used the species spell for that, they know players would then complain about ferocity pets getting charge as a talent.

    It is a bit of a conundrum and I don’t even the decisions that the devs have to make… I suppose if it was up to me I would go for a bit of a compromise: take the new charge talent in the tenacity tree and replace it with something a bit more vaguely named like “Combat Surge”, which will either 1) give an insta-move plus 2) moderate opening strike/brief movement disrupt or 2) give no insta-move but 2) a heavier opening strike/movement disrupt; #1 would be available to those pets that would be capable of a quick opening sprint (boars, rhinos) while #2 would be available to the rest.

  10. Bunkey The Monkey

    I think it’s more appropriate to the true nature of a rhino to have a charge skill than a boar…but that’s just my opinion. I don’t know that it’s ridiculous for it to have dash as well, if it’s part of the tenacity tree, and rhino wouldn’t come close to fitting in any other tree.
    As far as the damage goes, their is the potential for that to be a close to accurate damage amount with the subsequent ‘non-charged’ attack damage output being one of the lowest on a pet in WoW? Turtles might be an example of that, as they are armored like an M1 tank but don’t hit for a darn thing compared to a ravager, cat or raptor. At that point, it would come to play style of the hunter and what they are looking for….uber-dps over the long haul or uber-tank who hits hard initially and then fades (but boy, what a nice initial aggro spike!)

  11. Ihlos

    I think the rhino’s potential moves are many.

    -Some kind of passive, thick armor type talent where stam or armor or +healing is involved.
    -Some kind of increased initial threat, however this may become less useful if -growl is handled well.
    -A thunder stomp ability to stun or slow or disorient targets in a radius.
    -A gore ability that could be an interupt, a stun, knockback, sunder, or execute(kill shot).
    -(on a sillier, but not less awesome note) Passive ability to use its horn as a shield/weapon to get +parry or +block

    cant think of any more atm, any other ideas?

  12. Kristy

    I hope it is a thing “left over” from the wild. I agree, about the “redundant” comment. And they are a Tenacity pet, not a Ferocity. They need their “tank” pet Skill, they can’t have “the best” damage.

  13. emopuffs

    Just wondering myself but anyone know what size the rhinos will be when tamed? i cant immagine them being too big but anyone got some screenshots?

  14. Sukulatae

    Ooh, I like the parry/block idea Ihlos, that would give rhinos an edge as a tank since they don’t get much mitigation. With those skills + talents, I can see them being exotic…

  15. Sukulatae

    @emopuffs: in the arcania post with the links Mania put up is Tinuviel/s blog and screenies, she has one of a tamed rhino next to a NE.

  16. tigersharkman

    can someone be nice enough to post any pics of the new pets while in beta? please?

    does the new rhino have one or 2 horns on its nose?
    what color are they?
    any info would help please…

  17. Infares

    Tenacity pets aren’t getting charge as far as I know, just Ferocity pets. So… Boars losing Charge in the WotLK change isn’t that bad if the Rhinos end up manifesting the ability themselves. This could be the primary solo tanking pet if that’s the case, as I thought taking Charge away from the Boar was a sad thing, since Gore was more or less just like what they’re changing Bite/Claw/Smack into, an instant cast dps spell without a native cooldown other than GCD.

    I’ll be keeping an eye on this one.

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