Community Round-Up: Drowning in Goodness

Although the rain has mostly stopped here in Central Florida, I myself am unfortunately feeling under the weather. So while I nurse my aching head, I’ve compiled a list of interesting links from around the hunter blogosphere for you guys to read. (And if you are one of the 115+ people with an e-mail in my inbox, I’m really, really sorry and I’ll answer as soon as I can.) Off we go!

Great Green Hunter has shared some of his custom pet emotes, while Aspect of the Girl shares some e-mails she wrote during her first days of huntering. The Kitty Collector also joined in with some thoughts on n00b lessons.

Aspect of the Hare continues the series on “So You Want to Play a Hunter?” with parts 6: Levels 12-20, 7: Intro to Freezing Trap, and 8: Levels 21-30. Pike also posted a special bonus article on the Fine Art of Feign Death that I quite enjoyed.

Big Red Kitty unfortunately had to delay his Orcapalooza event, but I believe it’s on for this weekend. (And make sure you check out the wonderful Orcapalooza poster, too!) In the meantime, BRK has continued to regale us all with wonderful beta pet videos, including wasps, rhinos, and cunning pets in general.

Speaking of beta, Drotara of Less QQ, More Pew Pew continues to have solid information and feedback on the current state of hunters in the Wrath of the Lich King. In particular, check out his Disengage video and his most recent impressions from a solid weekend of Survival and Marksmanship.

And for general impressions of huntering in beta, check out Welcome to Northrend on Aspect of the Capricious. I also ran across a new blog — well, new to me, anyway — called steady shot in which the hunter Tinuviel is writing up her first impressions of beta, including a whole bunch of pet screenshots. (I’m a sucker for screenshots.)

Okay, I think that’s enough for t oday. If that doesn’t keep you busy while I sleep I don’t know what will. (Maybe forums?)

26 thoughts on “Community Round-Up: Drowning in Goodness

  1. Estella

    Good luck! You’ve a popular site and give great information. Hang in there. :)

    Though, something that’s been on my mind, and I’ve possibly over looked it on your site, is what happens if you’re a Beast Master spec in WotLK. Say you tame a Devilsaur. Later, you respec to Marksman. What happens to your exotically tamed pet? Does it attack you, go back automatically to the wild, or just unselectable?

  2. Bunnyking

    When you respec your pet is automatically dismissed. You cannot call your pet back out if its exotic and you dont have the spec for that. You can put it in your stable for safe keeping in the meanwhile though.

  3. Estella

    Bunnyking -

    Thank you so much for that bit of information! I was partially worried about that. Thank you very much for clearing that up.

  4. Nimizar

    I find it interesting that the “several weeks” that Kalgan mentioned in the IGN article (i.e. mid October at the earliest) is consistently shortened to “a couple of weeks” or a “few weeks” when (mis)quoted elsewhere.

    Anyway, hope you feel better soon Mania :)

  5. Nimizar

    Whoops, my mistake – the “weeks” quote is from Eyonix on the WoW forums, not Kalgan in an IGN article, and the original phrasing is “coming weeks” not “several weeks”.

    I only thought it was from the IGN article because the interviewer asked him how much longer the Wrath beta would last: “We are definitely in the later stages of beta where the vast majority of the content is in the game. We should be raising the level cap to 80 in the beta very soon at which point almost all the content will be available. So there’s not a whole lot left to test, just a lot of tuning and polishing.”

  6. Palladiamors

    Yea, and not only that Nimizar, but its also been clarified that in this case, the coming weeks pretty much equals Blizzards famous ‘soon’. So…..we’ll see what happens.

  7. Kristy

    Oi, I really don’t care for negative posts about it “taking longer than what THEY themselves said”. Weeks, is weeks… Anyways no, damn it, a Blizzard poster today with a “soon” reply. >_< lol

  8. Tarjin

    I hope you feel better soon, Mania. We just had that weather pass over us today, including half an hour sitting in the core of the building at work for the tornado warning.

  9. Dweezill

    Brad, I just asked the question a few days ago on a different thread on here…. and i didn;t really get a crystal clear answer. but, from what I could get from the answer, “casters” will be fixed. Whether that means tamed ones as well,I don’t know. I kinda hope cause I started a Dwarf alt that has leveled a Dragonhawk from level 6 to 20 now. I got the hawk when i was 11, and it wa s apain to get. I really don;t want to go all the way around the world to tame another just to get a “non-caster” draginhawk.

  10. Dweezill

    And about the timetable….. I really hope Blizz takes their time and waits till they get things running smoothly.I wouold rather wait a little longer and have the game play as smoothly as it is supposed to rather than play it and constanly have the game go down or something. So, Blizz, take your time and get it right. I am sure it is worth the wait.

  11. Theaah

    I hope that pets, in particular cats, aren’t completely done yet. I’ve had my Ophelia since level 30 and she’s the main reason I rolled a hunter. I’d like to see a useful DPS family ability for cats so they don’t get left behind because they’re not as good DPS as raptors.

    I’ve also got the concern about Wrath being released too soon. I’m very happy with waiting if it means that all the bugs are ironed out before release.

  12. Sarai

    I just got my cat out in beta after playing with the exotics, & she still tears thru mobs pretty fast even without an ‘extra’ damage skill. The bonuses she gets from talents, including Rabid, seem to be enough so far. Though I guess I’ll have to see how it goes at the higher levels.

  13. Bunkey The Monkey

    Take your time, Blizz…

    I think we all know their is inevitaby going to be some bumps in the road shortly after release, and I think we can all accept that, but I would rather them try to discover as many potential issues now during Beta. That’s worth a few extra weeks wait, IMO.

    Oh, wait…their it is again….”a few weeks…” ;P

  14. Makoes

    Hey all, I forgot where I was reading the debate this morning on Dash vs Charge. It seems to me that its about 50/50 on either one. I actually thought of a simple solution that would make everyone happy for whether or not dash or charge should be used for certain pet talent trees.
    Why cant blizzard just have BOTH Dash AND Charge in the talents, but make it so that when a pont is put into One of em, the other becomes unusable. This would let each Hunter choose which one they want to use. Dashers can use dash, and chargers can use charge, everyone gets what they want. Any chance, Mania, that you might be able to pass this concept on to Ghost? It just seems that if blizzard chooses one over the other somebodies going to be mad. So why not let each hunter choose for themselves which ONE they will use.

  15. Tinuviel

    Thank you so much Mania for mentioning my blog – Steady Shot :>)

    Yes it is new; I only started it a couple of months ago, but I am lucky enough to be in the Beta, so I will continue posting beta shots and news, as well as normal content. I would love to know what people think, and would really appreciate some comments and ideas for content or articles people would be interested in seeing.

    Congrats to you and the team on the Petopia awesomeness. I have been running round the Beta casting beast lore on everything with a brain, including some surprised orcs, but have yet to find a tamable animal that is not already featured on Petopia.

    Hope you feel better soon,

    Tin x

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