Name That Pet: Sethik’s White Lion

Sethik & LionSethik, a young Blood Elf hunter from Moon Guard, wrote in looking for some assistance finding a name for his beautiful white lion.

Sethik writes:

Here is a bit of a summary of my kitty’s behavior, how we ‘met’, and my past. I’ll try to be as brief as possible. Please, no silly names, and I’d rather not have names based on characters from books/shows/movies, etc. I’m on a Role Playing realm!

Sethik was abandoned as a young elf by his mother. She did not want him to be taken over by their arcane addiction, and she knew it would occur if she kept him, for she herself had been on the edge of turning into a Wretched, and exiled with the rest. However, she had faith that the wildlife of Eversong Forest would take care of him, for he had a kinship with the animals, and the lynx in particular. She knew of a small nearby group of lynx where she wrapped her baby in cloth, and carefully placed him next to their den’s entrance.

Needless to say the cats accepted him, Feeding him, bathing him, and teaching him various survival lessons. The matriarch of the clan – Ethala – took particular interest in the boy. They soon developed a close bond with one another, playing, hunting, and looking after the rest of their clan.

~Fast Forward~

Sethik, now about 17 years old, left on his own quest. Ethala decides to trek with her faithful friend and adopted ‘cub’.

Sethik & Lion: I Lick YouEventually, he came across a beautiful white lion. His mane was a beautiful grey, his eyes a crystal blue, and fur silky smooth and white.

Okay. This is the most important info. I’m counting on you guys!

We’ll see what we can do!

Oh, and check out this great close-up that Sethik took!

35 thoughts on “Name That Pet: Sethik’s White Lion

  1. Moogar

    hmm I would say that you should go with ethalan in honor of his Surrogate mother.
    or you could name it after the cub that the toon played with as a young elf.

  2. Gararandiose

    Arvins is the Lord of the Chase, and as such stands for both the Hunter and the Hunted. Arvins, as he is most commonly known, is much loved by the elves, and worshipped by the humans. Closely associated with deer and the forests in which they roam, the Huntlord controls the fate of those who die for food and those who must kill to eat. He also stands for control and stewardship of the natural world (a concept known as Arvins’ Balance).

  3. Kamalia

    Beautiful story! Here’s a couple suggestions I have…

    Ari – Means ‘lion’
    Kaneq – Frost
    Karalis – “King” in Latvian
    Cumulus – A type of cloud
    Nimbus – Another type of cloud, often a rain cloud
    Akos – White falcon

    Good luck!

  4. Niabi

    Krugeri: “White lions owe their coloring to a recessive gene; they are rare forms of the subspecies Panthera leo krugeri.” [Lion. (2008, August 12). In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia.]

    Atrox: another name for the American Lion. [Lion. (2008, August 12). In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia.]

  5. Cobroso

    i like Ethalan, due to the surrogate mother comment, thats what id name it if i had such an awesome story as that. ive also seen Snowblind, and frosty as names for Echeyakee, or just to stick with basics, name is Echeyakee, or Whitemist(Echeyakee in common) XD

  6. Shadowkaizen

    I like your background information Sethik, here is what I think.

    Sin’Thori–It roughly translates to blood fury. It is of Thalassian, your native tounge.

    Since we cannot properly do this at this time the name would be SinThori. However I belive that the meaning behind the words when people ask you will make an impact. It is your blood..that has the fury of a man estranged from his people, a people who are in dire need of new heros.

  7. Ihlos

    Ethalan only works if sethik names the lion after taming him.

    But in the case of this story, I would think that sethik wouldn’t tame the lion he met and name him, but that the lion would simply have a name, as did ethala, and that the lion would simply join sethik in his adventure voluntarily. So what we need is a bit of story that explains how this lion comes to join sethik, and a name that fits both the lion’s backstory, and the event of him joining sethik.

    picking up right where your story left off….

    Eventually, he came across a beautiful white lion. His mane was a beautiful grey, his eyes a crystal blue, and fur silky smooth and white…

    Ethala, upon seeing Sethik’s fascination with the white lion, immediately knew the boy’s fate was inextricably bound to this beautiful creature. The lion was Aethel, and as cubs he and Ethala had been playmates. Aethel had long left his pride in search of adventure, roaming the wilderness in solace.

    As Ethala and Sethik approached the great beast, Aethel looked deep into sethik’s eyes, he saw what Ethala had seen when she first took the boy into her care. Only now it had grown, it was fierce, pure, mysterious. The great lion let loose a bellowing roar. Heart racing, Sethik placed his hand on the lions head, and in that moment, their paths were bound.

    Ethala would return to care for her clan, and Sethik and Aethel would set off together, neither one knowing exactly where their path would take them, each step guided by some unseen hand, pushing them toward an unknown destination…

  8. Ash-Chan

    Indivar – Blessing; blue lotus

    I made my first hunter JUST to tame that white lion, and I’ve given him that name on every hunter that tamed him.

  9. Leuko


    Kimbra – meaning “from the royal fortress meadow”
    Blanco or Brando – meaning “white”
    Orin – “white”
    Artis – “white”
    Albion – “names for Great Britain’s white cliffs and ancient poetic name for beaches”
    Kendal – “from the bright valley

    Hope that helps you a little.

  10. Wolfington

    Great story!
    Personaly I think Aethel (from Ihlos’ continuation of the story) is great…


    Something with star would do nicely I would think. But maybe in a different language.

  11. Ziarre

    Somewhere on WoW-Wiki I read that elves age much like humans until about their early 20′s at which point they remain youthful until extreme old age. As for a name…hrm. I tend to name my male cats Griever after the FFVIII summon, but that doesn’t seem like it would quite fit this one.

  12. Angelakane

    I quite like Étoile(Etoile prob) or Stella, which means star in French and Italian. The close-up you made, made the eyes shine like stars.

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