Chimaeras and Silithids on Petopia

Thanks to an extremely generous set of screenshots submitted by Warhammer this morning, I now have most of the silithids up on Petopia, on their very own Silithid family page.

(I’ve moved the new WotLK families onto their own pages because otherwise they bloat the WotLK New Pet page too much. But there are links to the family pages from the top of the pet page, of course.)

I am, however, still missing some of the rares and the silithids in Ahn’Qiraj. And I don’t know if there are any silithids in Northrend or not, but if there are I don’t have them. If you happen to run across those, please send me a screenshot!

I also added the rest of the non-Northrend chimaeras to Petopia (again, on a new Chimaera page). I’m missing the Northrend chimaeras, though. I know there’s at least one in Howling Fjord but I don’t remember if I’ve seen any others.

And although several people have sent me screenshots of worms, I don’t have those up on Petopia yet. I do have their basic info (skill, diet, tree) on the new Worm page and I’ll be adding the worms today.

I’ve also updated the WotLK Pet Skills page for the couple of minor skill changes I have run across so far. In particular:

  • Furious Howl now has only one rank that adds 5% damage instead of several ranks that each add a flat amount of damage.
  • Monstrous Bite now adds 3% damage instead of 5% attack power.

And I updated the FAQ finally. There are new questions to add still, but at least it’s not too badly out of date.

[Update] I’ve gotten the worms that I am aware of up on Petopia now as well.

Note that for the new families, I’ve listed everything I can find that shares the same model and marked the ones I don’t know anything about with a red “No Information” tag. I am actively seeking information on these creatures, so if you know anything please tell me! (And yes, I know we’re not getting into Ahn’Qiraj anytime soon on beta. But I wanted to be complete.)

In addition, the WoW Model Viewer is having an unfortunate tiff with this current beta build and crashes anytime I try to open a file. So I had to go with a screenshot of the jormungar worm for now.

49 thoughts on “Chimaeras and Silithids on Petopia

  1. Seidouyumi

    Thank you Mania,

    I did notice something about the new Exotic pets, and I wonder if this might be something implemented later. There are two Cunning exotics, and I wonder if they might implement one more each for Ferocity and Tenacity.

  2. Mania Post author

    I’m hoping that they do. I’d actually like to see all the trees balanced out, but since that would require at least five more pet families (two exottic and three normal) I don’t expect that will happen.

  3. jrb

    just out of interest, would the lore around silithus allow for there to be silithids in northrend? i stopped playing before the AQ patch, and started again after BC, so i totally missed that zone out on all my hunters.

  4. Palladiamors

    JRB, the Nerubians fought the silithid in a great war a long time ago, and considering that the Nerubians eventually had to go to ground to avoid the silly things, I’d say that yes, its entirely possible to see Silithid in Northrend. Have to wait and see what happens, I suppose.

  5. Nakari

    @Palladiamors: You got that wrong, the Nerubians are actually related to the Qiraji, who bred the Silithids as a type of warrior / slave race to fight and work for them.
    Both the Nerubians and the Qiraji are descendants of an ancient insectoid race named the Aqir, which fought with the Forest and Jungle Trolls over domination of Azeroth (this was before The Sundering which created the three continents known today). Eventually, the Trolls succeeded in splitting the Aqir empire in two, the northern part evolved into Nerubians, while the southern part evolved into the Qiraji. Both of these races are implied to be serving the Old Gods.

  6. Lamis

    Does anyone feel as if this could be a possible exotic? It likely won’t be but it’s not a proto-dragon as they say it is. Those dragons are white, this looks like a wyvern.

  7. Seidouyumi


    I would love it if they did balance them out, and it would not be that difficult to do by simply shifting where pets are instead of introducing new pet families. Right now, there are eleven in Cunning, eight in Ferocity and nine in Tenacity. I would love it if Dragonhawks were moved into Tenacity. That would mean ten in Cunning, nine in Ferocity, and nine in Tenacity. The addition of just two more families would completely balance them out at ten each.

  8. Palladiamors

    Gyahahaha, I knew if I screwed it up, some one with a better memory then me would take over! *Coughs* Sorry about that, and thank you for correcting me, Nakari.

  9. Ichigo

    @ Lamis: I seriously doubt that creature would be a tamable Hunter’s pet. However saying that, I never expected to be able to tame a Devilsaur or a Silithid.

  10. Arreyona

    Considering that every new exotic has been a new family for us to tame I doubt highly the bears in ZA will count as exotics as bears are already an established family and they aren’t going to let you tame them :p

  11. Arreyona

    You are correct Arch they are bigger generally. My chimera is big enough that hovering beside me his wings overlap my character when he flaps. Which is annoying when I am trying to click on stuff. The devilsaur is big as well, and he grows larger as he fights, nearly to his pretamed size, with BW he is his pretamed size. Now my worm though is small, he shrank alot and I was disappointed with that.

  12. Arreyona

    Hmm I just looked it up guess it does slow, wouldn’t know, between us we generally kill the mob before it runs >.>

    The special hits for around 7-900 normal, 1500-2000 crit, and the highest its hit for with me is 7.6k

  13. Archimond

    I believe all exotic pets except devilsaur will be much bigger than their original size when lv up to 80, even without bestial wrath,a 10% size bonus might make a difference.
    Since your dissapointed with the worm, i suggest you try the big ones in wotlk named Ice Heart Jormungar Feeders, i have a feeling that, once tamed, their much bigger than the original worm.

  14. PepsiJedi

    One of the problems with the pet size thing is that it seems the only hunters in northrend are dwarves, lol. I’d love to see a few shots by a Orc or troll or Drae or tauren. Some might not look SO big now.

    Thing is, even big as they are, they’re not going to be bigger than the tauren on talbuks.. Those guys are HUGE.

  15. mirozik

    @ Thundriss
    Because worms have thick Chitin plates on themselfes eventually ? d-.-b

    wut i really meant is, the skill worm family have (Dots+armor reduse) will make them a perfect dps pet instead of tanking. with a only 20sec cd (will be 16sec if with the BM talent)thats a amount dmg and armor reduse.
    ps: is that armor reduse thing can be stack?

  16. Arreyona

    Arch -

    Actually thats the pet I have, I had completely discounted getting a Silithid or Worm pet, because I have no like of the Dredge looking ones at all, and the pet ability didn’t really interest me. Aside from testing them I wasn’t really too interested in maintaining one. But then I got ported to Dalaran and on the way back saw one of the Ice Heart worms and about fell in love so I got one. And when it shrank to smaller than me I was a very sad panda (I am NE)

  17. Ansawa

    Mania, while silithids weren’t originally beasts themselves, the Spawns of Fankriss, like all the other beast-looking mobs in AQ40 and AQ20, are not beasts and don’t register as tameable. (There’s pink scorpids down in there too, level 60 or so, that are untyped.)

    Plus, the spawns only show up during the Fankriss fight, which would make them ridiculously difficult to tame. XD; Or even check for tameability.

  18. Nimizar

    @Lamis: I don’t know why you said that video isn’t of a proto-dragon, because it is a proto-dragon. The proto-dragons in Howling Fjord are flagged as dragonkin though, and given the name I expect that to be the correct classification.

    Regarding pet size, devilsaurs don’t even get close to recovering their original size even with big red and a full stack of the Monstrous Bite self-buff (I see this specifically with Tyrantus, but the other devilsaurs from Un’Goro are similarly large when untamed). They’re still freaking huge though, and I hope they stay with the exotic pets being visibly larger than the standard pets.

    Regarding the connection between pet family and pet special ability, apparent ‘mismatches’ in this area is going to be an important balancing tool for Blizzard. The stacking armour debuff from worms for example is likely to be a useful way for a BM hunter to increase raid DPS, but it comes at the cost of lower personal DPS from the hunter, while using a devilsaur doesn’t increase the DPS of other raid members in any way, but is a significant boost to the hunter’s individual contribution.

  19. Mania Post author

    I’ve updated the post with a short note. The worms are up on Petopia now. More than that, for the new families I posted every creature I could find that shares the same model and marked the ones that I have no information on. If you know anything about any of those, please let me know!

  20. Suzi

    I’m mostly excited about the Furious Howl change… anyone have any idea if the damage will stack with the Ferocious Inspiration talent?

  21. Jester

    @Nimizar: The confusion may be coming from the fact that I’ve seen images of two entirely different creatures. On labled “Proto-dragon” and the other labeled “Genuine proto-dragon”

    They look different, not sure of the difference in classification.

  22. Lamis

    @Nimizar – Yeah I re-researched the proto dragons and they appear to be that! The last time i looked them up they appeared to be white with a normal dragon appearance! Thanks for clearing that up! So this probably means it will be a dragonkin, meaning no taming xD But it would be amazing if we could get them as mounts.

  23. Kerub

    Ok i tamed a slithid on beta the slithid ravager from thousand needles it DID NOT ITS special ability i put in a bug ticket with blizzard

  24. Bradagore

    I note that a large number of WOTLK pets are currently untameable – some of these are named mobs that I assume are for quests, and others (Warsong worg for example) I assume are “tame” varieties at settlements, but a lot of others seem to have been flagged “cannot be tamed”, like the raptors – any chance that these will become tameable after another few build updates – especially as there are some unique skins that are currently unavailable.

    Speaking of which, I note that the black maned lion is untameable, and I wonder if this is Blizzard’s nod to the rarer pet skins – after all, even with the new levelling up, one still has to track down the rare, and then level it up 5 levels – not the enormous grind it once was, but still a fair input of effort and time.

  25. Mania Post author

    Bradagore: I expect that we’ll see a number of the untameables become tameable, because I suspect that Blizzard just hasn’t gotten to the task of making sure that the wild beasts are flagged consistently yet. And I seem to remember a lot of shifting in what can be tamed during the Burning Crusade beta.

    Having said that, though, it’s not like I actually know anything. *grin* So .. we’ll just have to wait, and hope, and poke Blizzard with suggestions whenever we can.

  26. spacepest

    “One of the problems with the pet size thing is that it seems the only hunters in northrend are dwarves, lol. I’d love to see a few shots by a Orc or troll or Drae or tauren. Some might not look SO big now.”

    Yeah, this irks me a bit. My main is a female draenei hunter, and the majority of beta screenshots I’ve seen for the hunters have been mainly dwarves (not that there is anything wrong with dwarves!). I’d really like to see beta pics from a draenei or tauren hunter just for size comparison. Hell, I’d post them up myself if Blizzard wasn’t being so stingy with the beta invites. My draenei is certainly ready to go to Northrend…she’s already at level cap and BM spec.

    (Is it just me or is there a shortage of draenei hunters in general? I’m in a smaller guild of about fifty people and I’m the only draenei hunter, and I rarely see them when I’m out and about on my server. I swear, the two rarest race/class combo for hunter have to be Draenei male and Dwarf female).

  27. Lamis

    @Elenion THANK YOU!! :D So the proto-dragon is a beast!? This could be a bug but if that’s true they could make it tamable!

  28. Ansawa

    @spacepest: My main’s a female draenei hunter, which are more common than male draenei hunters on Feathermoon. ;) We actually have a number of draenei hunters in my guild, but you’re right that they’re surprisingly rare. I’m the only one in all the regulars, subs, and alternates for my 25-man raid–which is a pity, because we don’t have any draenei warriors and only one paladin who isn’t ready for T6 yet. So I’m the only one capable of providing the Heroic Presence buff, and I’m usually off with the other hunters, when I imagine the melee DPS would benefit most from the +1% hit. ;)

    Ah well. People just haven’t realized spacegoat racials are awesome for hunters!

  29. Harvok

    you know, there is only one thing I can say to this… MAKE PROTODARGONS A HUNTER PET!!! MAKE PROTO DRAGONS A HUNTAR PET!! cause if they dont i think ill QQ

  30. Dweezill

    OK, with me being a spider freak, I have to ask if anybody has tried to tame Dread Creeper (61, Naxxramas). That is something I would like to have myself, but is, at this time untamable. Anybody know anything about this critter?

  31. Bradagore

    Dweezil, I think Naxx is being upped to a level 80 instance, so the mobs may well be out of reach once again, sadly, even if they are theoretically tameable.

  32. Elenion

    @Dweezill: well at least you can get a spider with Maexxna model.
    @Lamis: I also hope we will be able to tame these cool dragons in the future. Just to bring your hope even more :p I haven’t seen them mistakenly labeling dragons as beasts in the past.

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