Liveblogging WotLK Beta Build 8770

Blizzard has updated the Wrath of the Lich King beta realms with a new build: 8770. As usual with beta build, the patch notes are not significantly updated so we’re largely on our own for finding changes.

I’m done with the liveblogging thing now and this post is complete. Fair warning — it’s rather scattershot. :>

First major change: Beast Mastery, the 51-point BM talent, has now been fully implemented. According to Koraa on the WOtLK Beta Hunter forum:

The NYI tag should be off now, it’s completely implemented. Though, we’re still working on the pets themselves.

No mention of what the new exotics are yet, but hey — 5 more pet talent points is nothing to sneeze at!

Okay, I’m in! The Wintergrasp zone is apparently open, but I happened to be logged out in Sholazar Basin, right above some new gorillas!

  • Hardknuckle Charger (76-77, Sholazar Basin) – Black gorillas. They know Thunderstomp Rank 5(!)
  • Hardknuckle Forager (75-76, Sholazar Basin) – White gorillas. Can’t be tamed.
  • Softknuckle (2-4, Sholazar Basin) – Adorable baby gorillas. Can’t be tamed.

I believe these gorillas replaced the bristlepine boars that were here before.

Also, there’s a new piece of the threat display – a red dot that shows up next to the portrait of either you or your pet, depending on who has aggro.

Mammoth artwork is now in, but the mammoths I see in Sholazar Basicn do not seem to be tameable. Were there mammoths here before? You know, I think the map may have changed. Hmm .. and it looks like the map-clearing-when-you-discover-a-place is working now too. Excellent!

The Goretalon Matriarch that I posted about earlier today is no longer bugged, and she can be tamed. Unfortunately she’s level 78 so I can’t tame her yet.

The Sapphire Hive drones, which I had thought were silithids even though they are labeled as beasts, cannot be tamed. The Primoridal Drakes can also not be tamed. Nor can the rhinos, the hydras, or the giraffes. Of course, this is just in Sholazar Basin. There may be tameable examples elsewhere.

Wintergrasp is pretty, but there don’t appear to be any NPCs at all here and certainly no beasts. So I think I’ll skip it for now.

Arctic Ram cannot be tamed. Neither can Blighted Elk. That’s a pity — I was really hoping for elk.

The world server went down, so I logged in Kate (who is in Kalimdor) — and she earned the title “Flame Warden” on login. Cute!

WotLK: Beast Lore of Dredge StrikerConfirmation on the worms! They are an exotic pet — and Beast Lore even says so. And indeed, you must have the Beast Mastery talent now to tame exotics — when I try (untalented) I get the message: “Creature not tameable.”

I hope that that is a temporary error message and that it will eventually tell you why you can’t tame this creature. But at any rate once I took the talent I could make the tame. And here is Kaet with her (rather disturbing) worm!

Worms eat cheese, bread, and fungus. They use the Tenacity tree. They know Bite and their family skill is Acid Spit:

Acid Spit: Your worm spits acid at an enemy, causing 46 to 64 Natuyre damage and reducing its armor for 20 sec. (40 Focus, 20 yd range, Instant, 20 sec cooldown)

Silithus seems like a good place to pick up a silithid also, but the wasp-like ones here aren’t labeled as beasts even. But ahha! There’s a Hive’Regal Ambusher, and he can be tamed! And as Vabuka points out in the comments, he is incredibly twitchy!

WotLK: Kaet & SilithidSilithids eat meat and fungus and use the Cunning tree. They know Claw and their family skill s Venom Web Spray:

Venom Web Spray: Sprays toxic webs at the target, preventing movement for 4 sec and causing Nature damage over time. (80 Focus, 20 yd range, Instant, 2 min cooldown)

As an aside, Sean on the WotLK Beta Hunter forum has pointed out that pets in this build no longer have resistance skills in their spellbook. Instead it looks like pets get 1 point of each resistance for each level.

While Hive’Regal has red silithids, Hive’Zora has yellow ones and Hive’Ashi green ones. The shape is the same, though, on the tameable ones. Pity — I wanted a big beetle

Hey! What happened to Kill Command?!

Kill Command: Give the command to kill, increasing your pet’s damage done from special attacks by 60%. Each special attack done by the pet reduces the damage bonus by 20%. (75 Mana, 45 yd range, Instant, 2 min cooldown)

Hmph. Okay, there are a lot of new beasts for me to track down and tame. I’m going to call this liveblog over and get down to work. I hope to have a round-up of the worms and silithids later this evening or tomorrow.

Beta testers, I’d love your help! Just e-mail me a screenshot of the creature with the Beast Lore tooltip showing. Doesn’t have to be artistic — I won’t be posting it. :> I just need to know what color the beast is, what level, and whether or not it can be tamed. Thanks!

117 thoughts on “Liveblogging WotLK Beta Build 8770

  1. Darknez

    Anyone able to test to see if the Silithis Harvester (rare spawn in the Barrens) is tameable? It does look different to the Silithid mount style you have pictured, but was not categorised as anything prior to WOTLK and as such wasn’t tameable.

    Hmm… I’m happy to have all these pet choices, but I still want to tame The Kurken ;)

  2. Shrezt

    Just to clarify for people, the only known Silithid capable of being tamed is the “Tank”. The other future possibilities are Worker, Scarab, Wasp, Colossus and Reaver.

    Mania doesn’t have the models listed yet, but if you head over to Wowhead and look up any silithids there, you’ll see what models they fall under. Scarabs fall under SilithidScarab, while Workers fall under “Aurokk”. Wasps are SilithidFlyer, Colossus as SilithidTankBoss, Reaver as Sandreaver, while Tanks are listed as SilithidTank.

  3. Thoreau

    I agree with Darknez, I do also want The Kurken. It has been my dream pet since I first saw it when trying out a new draenei alt.

    After having read the news about the exotic pets in WotLK it seems I look at the untameables a bit differently. The other day when I ran through Ungoro I was reminded about the beautiful blue thunderlizard thingie. Look at the picture below, wouldn’t that make a nice tanking pet?

  4. Curumor

    Anyone had a chance to test if the following creatures are tameable?
    -The various Dinos in Un’Goro
    -Mana wyrms
    -Striders (the War of the Worlds tripod thingies)
    -Thunder Lizards

    They’re all classified as beasts, but untameable live. Would be nice if that changed ^^

  5. Seryth

    and please dont forget to checkt if we can tame corehounds!

    well they would be a hard thing to tame, but if we can tame them, it would be awesome

  6. warhammer

    Hippogriffs in Feralas are not tameable

    None of the dinos (except devilsaurs) are tameable

    None of the basilisks I’ve checked are tameable (Tanaris)

  7. Invador

    Nethermine Flayers…now THAT would be a cool pet. If those things became tameable, I’d make a beeline right for one. Nevermind all this speculation on what to get…that’d be it, no more, “what to get…” nonsense…. Here’s for wishful hoping.

  8. Korghal

    Now this is pissing me off :< From my point of view (as a raider), BM is a high damage output tree. It has lack of CC, drains and utility. And hence I am only going to use the Beast Mastery talent when I raid, and where my job is to DPS as much as possible. The thing bugging me out is that all but one (atleast I think) exotic pet has either the Tenacity or Cunning tree, when they are “supposed” to have the Ferocity tree! When your only role is to DPS, you will suffer if you do not take a pet with Ferocity. I wanted a Silithid as a pet so bad, but it has a rather crappy family ability in terms of damage, and the wrong tree.

    Sure, if you don’t raid you might find use for a tanking pet as a BM hunter, but most hunters won’t play that way.

    Perhaps the expansion will change what roles our different talent trees have, but I highly doubt that. BM will still top PVE, MM will top PVP, and Surv will only be usable as PVE utility, atleast from what I can see right now.

    As of now, I feel that Blizzard gave us a joker-talent, which actually has almost no value in PVE. And they put it in our best PVE tree. I can live with that if some other tree takes the role of BM, but as I said, I don’t think so.

  9. Forest

    I’m up for bugs, but ummm they don’t really look too, you know Hunter Pet kinda thing. The wasps are cooler, but they aren’t even classified as anything sometimes. Oh well.

  10. Pike

    So I assume we’ll be taking Kill Command out of our standard shot rotation… I hope they give us something to replace it with… I liked the old Kill Command. And the BONK sound it made.

    As for all the people asking about tamable Core Hounds, I thought I read somewhere that somebody checked and no, they are not tamable. Not the big ones in Molten Core, anyway. (Maybe the baby ones in BRD?)

    I’d be curious to see somebody go into Karazhan and see if they can tame one of the animal bosses, I know they aren’t particularly special skins or anything but imagine being able to say you tamed a raid boss!

  11. Filinn

    Lol, if you dont like it – dont take it. BM is not only a DPS tree. Its also a solo tree, and now with tenacity exotic pets its becoming a 5-man Tank tree. Its also becoming a Tank-buffer for raids. Check out the Roar of Sacrifice in Tenaity tree. Im pretty sure it can be cast on a tank every 3 seconds.

    FYI, currently Chimera beign a Cunning pet does more DPS then a Devilsaur, due to its huge special.

    If you dont see all these potentials, you are just blind, and maybe you should reroll.

    Also, stop QQ, out of 4 exotic pets, only 2 are Cunning, 1 Ferocious and one Tenacious… seems like a pretty balanced start. Im expecting another Ferocious and Tenacious pets to be added, hopefully even more of each kind. So far they’ve been adding at least 2 new pets per week.. what’s your problem?

    As for me, Im getting my Tenacity pet in WotLK… whichever exotic one we’ll see. Just for tanking 5-mans and being more useful in raids than just DPS

  12. mandm413

    @Korghal Even if Blizzard didn’t make any of the exotic pets of the ferocity tree it seems to me that the extra 5 talent points you get would make a “normal” ferocity pet put out more dps thus inline with your view on the bm tree. I may be totally off but that was my take, also we are going to have 5 stable slots so having a raiding pet and a bg pet still leaves 3 slots for exotics.

    The silthid talent looks awesome to me for the bgs, a web that does damage sounds like a great tool, melee types will be crying everywhere.

  13. Korghal

    Okay, seeing as some people misunderstood me, I shall now clarify:
    I am not QQing. I am talking about my views on this talent, as an endgame raider. If you do not know endgame raiding, please do not tell me that I am wrong.

    My problem with the talent is:
    It is currently NOT WORTHY as a 51 point talent in out best raiding tree. It’s not a matter of taking or not taking, it’s a matter of reciving less buffs then other classes. Some might call that QQing, I call it preventing our class gets the shaft in raiding. Perhaps you like getting the shaft, I do not.
    I love the hunter class, and I will never reroll. Neither do I want to play a nerfed class, so I’m trying to make a difference.

    Roar of Sacrifice will not make any difference at all in raiding, and it will not be a reason for taking along a hunter. And I doubt a Chimera will out dps any Ferocity pet… Taken from Wowhead: Froststorm Breath [School Damage] (Nature)
    Value: 46 to 68. Even if that is just the nature part, and the frost part will be equal in value, it wont out-dps a Ferocity pet in raids.

    Altough I fully agree that I jumped to conclusions, plus over reacting a bit. I just don’t want this class to be left behind, that’s all.

  14. beastfury

    Yes……it is, the one ferocity pet we have so far does better damage than any other pet currently.

    And the 46-68 damage is rank 1. so yeah…

  15. Maree

    Korghal, it’s only Beta :)

    Wait ’till Wotlk is out, lvl to 80, go to a raid as a BM. If you’re still unhappy, I’d give you permission to whine.

  16. Curumor

    True, it will be very hard for other trees to outdps Ferocity. But since Devilsaur is a Ferocious pet, that’s at least one in the tree atm.

    As for it being a bad raid talent… Well, with Beast Mastery and a Devilsaur, you get:
    Great Stamina 3/3 (+12%hp)
    Thick Hide 2/2 (10% armour increase)
    Spiked Collar 3/3 (+9% dmg)
    Bloodthirsty 2/2 (20%chance to increase pet happiness and health by 5%. No more crap with unhappy pets midboss and self healing)
    Heart of the Phoenix (1 pet ress with 10% hp every 10mins. If pet dies during boss, np. Just give him a quick heal and send him back in. He’ll take care of happiness himself)
    Avoidance 3/3 (70% aoe dmg reduction)
    Spiders Bite 3/3 (+30% crit dmg)
    Call of the wild (+10% AP to party for 20 secs, every 5 mins)
    Rabid (+5% AP with 50% chance to increase it by 5% more up to 5 times every 30 secs, with 30 sec CD.)
    And you still have 2 points left to spend.

    And you get the Devilsaurs special skill
    Monstrous Bite
    Your devilsaur ferociously bites the enemy, causing damage, and boosts its own attack power by 5% for 12 seconds. This effect stacks 3 times.

    25 Focus, Instant, Melee Range, 10 sec cooldown

    I’m hard pressed to find a better dps pet, tbh. The additional 5 points combined with being able to tame a Devilsaur makes it a pretty good raid talent, imo.

    So there you go. No need to worry. ^^

  17. agnidragon

    @ Korghal…

    Your kidding right? Tell me your kidding. A lvl 70 pet has around 6.5-8k life. Thats a 3-4k damage shield on a 3 second cooldown- then combined with intercept to block yet ANOTHER hit…combine THOSE with 75% less AoE damage…40% increased healing. Tenacity pets are going to be a monster in 5 mans, 10 mans, arenas, anything at all actually. I’m willing to bet that in certain cases, the pet might be able to tank better then a player. Even in arena, the pet doesnt even need to be targeted to be taking hits for the party. Thats not something to dismiss…Imagine spamming roar of sacrifice on your healer or mage in arena O_O

    BTW, look up the wowhead talent calculator, and you’ll quickly see how great +5 talent points is. Personally I’m much more impressed with that over Chimera Shot.

  18. Dweezill

    OK. first off, I am not bent out of shape. This is supposed to be forum for praise AND constructive criticism. Blizz will probably do what they want regardless of what I, or anyone else, says. Unless you are actually playing beta, this is really just an opinion page.

    Second, yes, the new “exotics are supposed to be better because you have to spend 51 points in BM to get them. That’s fine. But I look at it this way, one of the “exotics” has a buffed up “spit venom”. So, when it comes time to get that new “exotic”, will anybody be playing a serpent? I seriously doubt it. Likewise with toxic web. Why have a spider when you can get his ability-plus on another “exotic”. I thinkthese new abilities make other families inferior, thus making them almost non-playable.

    Third, I plan on keeping all my pets, and the new pets i get will be “non-exotics”. So, what is the point in me spending 51 points in BM? There really isn;t one. But, if I do spend 51 points in BM, I would like my pets to be able to contend with the “exotics”. And I sure as heck would want my pet to be stronger and have better attacks than a hunter who has no points of BM. I gu8ess my point is this: Give me a reason to want to spend my points on BM. Give me the choice of getting a more power “exotic”, or give me the choice of getting my “non-exotic” buffed up or even give him some new abilities for the 51 points. I would much rather have my old critters buffed up and given more skills than tame the “exotics.

    Once again, this is just my constructive criticism. This is what would make me happiest, and I am sure it would make a lot of other people happy too. I see why Blizz wants to make these new pets more powerful, but in the process, you can’t forget about the players who want to use their old pets.

  19. Bradagore

    I have wanted, so very much, to tame a silithid since I first saw them. Specifically a wasp, but what the hell, this is progress. I assumed they were ruled out because of their non-beast status, but this is fantastic news. Also, seeing that the reavers are Cunning, there’s always the chance that future updates will give us wasps as Ferocity and scarabs as Tenacity, which would make sense.

  20. Korghal

    @ beastfury
    No, that 46-68 dmg is actually the highest rank yet implemented in the beta.

    @ agnidragon
    No, I’m not kidding anyone. I am talking about endgame raiding, which is what I do. I’m sure that the abilities you are talking about will be nice in arenas and such, but it’s offtopic for me.

    I appreciate you all giving your views on this one, but I still think my point is valid. Altough I shall not ramble on, I’ll take a chill pill instead. But prepare to hear more from me when WOTLK goes live :)

    PS. I don’t like Chimaera Shot either, or Explosive Shot :<

  21. Selesti

    The expansion isn’t even out of beta, and all ready people are whining about it. If you’re guild regularly takes you as dps and finds you reliable, I highly doubt they’d just stop taking you. Blizz will probably still be doing some fine tuning on the talents, so stop whining.

    As far as core hounds go…pretty sure they’re classified as demons. I doubt they’d become tamable, but who knows. Right now, all I have my sights on for certain is the bird that looks like the tauren flight form. I’m waiting on more exotics and the expansion to decide what my exotics will be.

  22. Mantis

    Hmm, I think they should just make it so you can choose what talent tree you want your pet to be in. I don’t see why they’re restricted to a specific talent tree :( Maybe you could get to choose which talent tree you want it to be in when you tame it and you don’t get to reselect it?
    I just don’t see the point in restricting it like this because hardcore raiders will not be able to bring their favourite pets into raids. Why make it less fun? : /

  23. Palladiamors

    Okay, to anyone saying the Devlisaur is out DPSing the chimera currently, ain’t watched the videos have ya? Currently frost storm breath is doing around a thousand damage every ten seconds, and can critical for upwards of four thousand. Now thats on a well geared player, I am aware, but nothing, and I mean NOTHING a pet can throw out currently can match that. That being said, I fully expect and support a nerf of this ability well before beta goes live.

    Korhgal, I respect your opinion, but I can’t say I support it. From the sounds of it, no offense intended, but you sound like a min/maxer. According to Mania and Nimizar, both of whom I trust wholly, cunning pets can do more then enough damage to hold their own. Not only that, but seriously Korhgal, have you checked out the cunning tree? Yes, yes, I know nothing is permanent right now, and everything is likely to change, but in its current state, the cunning tree has a good deal of potential to be just plain nasty. The main ingrediant to this nastiness is Owls focus. This nifty little talent at two points gives your pet a 30% chance on special ability for the next one to be free. And now, all pets have a focus dump. Now that may not sound like to much, but it will result in cunning pets getting off strings of bites/claws/smacks that are at least one longer then tenacity or ferocious, and sometimes, with a bit of luck, more. Not only that, but cunning currently has the only new talented attack, wolverine bite, that activates on dodge. May not sound like much, but its just twenty focus and is another full attack. Not to bad, I say.

    Now for your last concern, that it ain’t worth the 51 points, eh, thats highly debatable. The five points itself could potentially go a long way in increasing your pets effectiveness. But I think its that, combined with the unique array of skills from exotics that make the talent worth while. That, however, is just a matter of opinion.

  24. Rudda

    I agree with Palladiamors. 5 extra points? WAY nice! Hope over to wowhead and play with the pet tree builds. 5 points is the same as getting 20 lvls worth of talent points for you pet. Even without the exotic pet part, I find 5 extra talent points to be very very very very very (yes that was 5 verys) cool. I do like the concept of exotic pets . . . but I for one will always treasure my beloved white gorilla. And now that he’s gonna be able to take for groups better, especially when I grab my 51 point talent. Well lets just say Rudda is one happy little red headed dwarf.

  25. Ansawa

    Hi, I raid end-game and I think the 51-point BM talent is f’ing amazing. :)

    Not even going to argue, but since Korghal is rejecting arguments about it by people who don’t raid T6 content, I figured I’d put it out there. My raid is in BT and MH, and that 5 extra pet talent points will be AWESOME–not to mention my being able to take along a tank pet that can actually hold its own just fine against raid-level trash if I need to save a healer. (Granted, Nemesis the cat was doing pretty spectacular against Hyjal trash last night with supplemental healing, but pet barding and blood of the rhino and more natural armor would have been wicked awesome.) And the worm special ability is effectively another sunder? If you raid end-game, you KNOW how awesome armor penetration and reduction are for DPS.

    Also, re> exotics making other families obsolete: Uh, what? Not all hunters are going to go 51-point BM. There will still be serpents and spiders and raptors alongside the worms and silithids and devilsaurs. Granted, most of them will belong to Marksman and Survival hunters, but I’m willing to bet there are people who love the spider skin and hate the silithid sand reaver look, so there’ll still be Big Red Spiders scooting around.

  26. Ansawa

    @Ed: They don’t use a worm model, actually. They have their own snake model.

    I’d like to know if those are tameable, though. The shadowform serpents with the same model in Shadowmoon Valley would make awesome “look at me!” pets. Better than the ghost sabers, I’d say. ;)

  27. Ed

    Oh well, yeah, I’d like to know if they are at all tamable, I’d definitely be getting one of those shadow serpents if they were, those things look awesome! :D

  28. Tarjin

    I find it amazing that people who are concerned about the 51-point Beastmastery talent don’t mention the 5 extra talent points when they talk about it, only the exotic pets.

  29. Mantis

    The worms are beautiful! I want the maggots next : D Imagine one of those tiny little maggots kicking the crap out of everything!

  30. failes

    does anyone know if the bogstriders in zanger will be tameable? if so the elite Boglash has a nice little mana draining effect that would be cool n the BG’s!

  31. Mania Post author

    Dnchunter: I *think* my new title is related to this character having done the Summer Fire Festival this year, but I don’t actually know.

  32. Bradagore

    @ Failes – yeah, the tripods/marsh walkers would be very nice pets, although the nicest skin belongs, I think, only to the Underbog boss, which would almost certainly not be tameable (the Black Stalker, i think).

    @ Selesti – the Molten Core Core Hounds were definitely beasts, but I don’t know offhand about the Shadowmoon or Blade’s Edge ones – the latter are with the Legion and therefore almost certainly demons as you say.

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