Name That Pet: Yetti’s Black Lion

Yetti & CatToday’s episode of Name That Pet comes to use from the vast forests of Kalimdor, courtesy of a Night Elf hunter named Yetti.

I just got a cute looking pet and I really wanted a name to match mine. Mine’s Yetti because, like a real yeti, I’m very rarely seen by others. I tend to stay in the vast forests of Kalimdor for days in a row, only to return to civilization when absolutely necessary. I would like a name from mythology or some lore, maybe something Japanase.

I’m sure we can do that. Let the naming begin!

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  1. lianardo

    um mabe myhtology is a good one in itself lol but others could be:


    and one thats not a mythical name but kinda cool is Felix

  2. Soifra

    How about kumo – Japanese for a few things, including “cloud” and “spider”.

    The other thing that comes to mind is onikui, which means “demon-eater” or “ogre-eater”, in reference to a type of very powerful goblin.

  3. Melora

    Raijin, Japanese god of thunder

    Kreios, a Titan in Greek myth.

    Chernobog, Slavic “Dark God”

    And just cause it’s kinda humorous, Adrastos is a king from greek myth, and the name means “not likely to run away” Appropriate for a hunter pet? Maybe :-)

  4. Kamalia

    Hmm… it was a bit difficult coming up with some good names, but here’s a few that might suit your handsome Humar:

    Tonrar – Inuit for ghost or demon
    Obsidian – A shiny, usually black, volcanic glass
    Onyx – A black stone
    Taru – Myth/Legend
    Satu – Fairytale
    Izanagi – One of the main Japanese gods

    Good luck!

  5. Felamin

    My black lion is named Narasinha, one of the Hindu god Vishnu’s incarnations as a man-lion. There are other variations on the name like Narasimha, Narasingh, Narasinga. My boar pet is another of his incarnations, the boar Varaha
    If you’re going for a Japanese name you might like:
    Kuroyama – Black Mountain
    Fukaimori – Deep Forest
    Yuurin – also means deep forest
    Mouko – fierce tiger
    Keikan – strong and fierce, implies regal-ness
    Shishi – lion, implies loyalty
    Hope this helps! ^^/

  6. Deidare

    Well if its japanese you want it japanese you get! well these names dont mean anything but they sound cool… Deidara, Madara, Ichimaru, Kenpachi, Sasori, Kisama, or Sasuke. And i know this may make me sound rude but i want to post my own name that pet thing on here because i need a name for my pet but im not sure how to do that i know how to take a screenshot but i dont know where it goes when you take it or how to put it on a website can anyone help me?!

  7. valky

    My pets are named “Hayaté” (just a random name^^ taken from ‘Hayate no Gotoku’)’s the ZG cat as it fits my haircolor. The other one is ‘Nyotaimori’ (check for yourself *fg*) as i really like japanese names for my pets as well.

    btt…Sasuke is an awesome name (random jap. surename?)

    But either name your pet (if you like jap. lore) according to a pet-period or something else just like:
    Kamakura (~spririts turn into pets)
    Momoyama (if a man dies he’ll turn into a demon maybe in something that d be a pet o_O .. dunno exactly) Edo as well (but Edo just sounds to ‘normal’)
    Kitsune (it’s a fox-type animal…but it’s really tricky and it is supposed to have super-natural powers as well)
    Tanuki – it’s a raccoon but with the same abilities just like Kitsune..both of them are ‘rogue’ classed pets :Þ

    well, well…HUmar looks like a male cat *g* ‘god-mode’ stuff

    Bishamon – God of War/Happiness
    Chimate (No Kami) – erm kinda phallic god ^^
    Hayaji – my fav one :)
    “If your cat behaves in a manner best described as a “whirlwind”, then you’ll find no better name than Haya-Ji. Haya-Ji was the god of wind and whirlwinds in particular. He’s often pictured with a large bag on his shoulders in which he keeps the winds. When he wants to stir things up a bit he simply opens his bag and…well, you get the idea.”

    hth ^^ and I’m drunken as well..

  8. valky

    again ^^ (i rly try hard to hit my keyboard atm)

    for celtic stuff it’d be more like

    Týr – God of Combat, just like this..the germanic name ‘d be Tîwaz
    Loki/Loke/Lokesenna – mmh, one of my favorites if you like the celtic myth.. as he betrayed his bloodbrother and was one of the most splendid ones according râgnarôk (let Gjallarhôrn sound) he is f’ckin tricky and ‘d sell your soul to achieve his objects
    2 of his “kids” – Fenrîs/Fenryr – the wolf who killed Odin and the ‘Midgard-snake’ or ‘Jörmungandr’/Jôrmungandr, the one as long as it is alive hold Midgard in their yet known sea (bla bla ^^)
    But both of them aren’t fit to be cat-names…so it should be a rly tricky one i’d guess. Most of the celt gods are to righteous to be a cat name. *think*

    *drinking a beer*

    *hmm your pet still is male so a valkyries name can’t be possible*


    Japanese lore fits your pet name id guess…egyptian just won’t fit (nightelf?)

    sorry for writing toooo much :)

  9. Dweezill

    I named mine Eezelle, after the crackhead on “Friday”. but you can’t use it now. That is my black lion’s name. lol

  10. Dweezill

    Or, if you are into Egytology, you could name it Thoth… God of the underworld if I am not mistaken. haven’t had my Anthropology classes in a while.

  11. Kettu

    Hmmm… As you requested, here’s some ideas for some mythological and/or Japanese names. I’m going to try and avoid obvious name suggestions for a dark lion like “Lucifer”, “Charon”, etc…

    - Ahriman: Persian god of death, destruction, and darkness. Means “Devil; Evil Spirit”.
    - Amun: Egyptian god of wind and air. Name means “the hidden one”.
    - Athamus: Greek myth name meaning “rich harvest”.
    - Crius/Kreios: Name of a Grecian Titan. Name means “master, ruler”.
    - Hari: Hindi mythological being born of Vishnu. Name means “He who takes away”.
    - Izanagi: Japanese mythological being. Deity and husband of Izanami. Name means “male who invites”.
    - Jagannath: Hindi myth name and title of Vishnu. Means “World Lord”.
    - Marduk: Babylonian god who killed the dragon Tiamat. Name means “solar calf”.
    - Nyyrikki: Finnish god of the hunt.
    - Phobos: Greek myth name meaning “Fear”. Son of Ares, the god of war.

    And just because see more of a Korean influence in Night Elves (such as their architecture and clothing), I’ll suggest some of those names since I find Japanese named characters/pets to be all too common. Sadly there’s not many that are viable pet choices since most of them are hyphenated.

    - Hyo: “Final duty”.
    - Kumiho: The Korean equivalent to a Japanese Kitsune. AKA: Many-tailed fox.

    Hope this of some help. :)

  12. Slyphose

    I have spent 6 months sometimes pondering over a name for a perticular pet, I think it should resemble the hunters own personality, Cats can be quite unique in the challenge to name, very common but excellent pets, I at one time had tamed every rare and unique pet in the entire world of Azeroth and field tested them, And had one of the cats from the panther boss in ZG polymorphed so I had one of those cats once. I would need more detail about the person and their pet. Darkness shall fall and the shadows shall grow amongst the birth of twilight I shall think and ponder of what would be a good name for your pet. Twilight, nice name but seems to be common in my mind I shall return in a few days and write again.

  13. Yetti

    So far, I really like Aki , Amun , Kitsune and Mouko but all are great names . Making a decision will be tough , but it’s the good kind of tough.

  14. Rin

    I had one of those lovely cats once on a tauren hunter. Named him Tyr, Norse god of war who lost his hand while tying up a wolf’s mouth to prevent it from consuming the entire world, or something like that. My Norse mythology is rusty. Oh and did I mention said wolf is the kid of Loki, god of mischief who turned himself into a mare and gave birth to an eight-legged horse? Yeh, Norse mythology is weird. I’d say go with Tyr. Short, to the point and a fun mythology to boot.

  15. Nilric

    Well, my hunter’s pet name is Mogwai (I think it means “evil spirit” in Canto), but ill be honest i named him after the Gremlins movie :D

  16. Sinjara

    Tehb is the russian word for shadow if I remember right, I find the slavic language group provides the most interesting name for pets as its not used the way the asianic language groups are for everything video game.

  17. Pythia

    Chiming in way late for this post, but because of your name, I would have to go for either Tenzing/Norgay or Reinhold/Messner. A fan of yeti myths myself, these are two famous mountain climbers who believe in the yeti (Messner even wrote a book on it).

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