Petopia: WotLK Pet FAQ + New Beta Pets

I have been sadly lax in cataloging new pets from the beta. Thankfully, other more reliable hunters have been on the job!

Serenas/Luxatra and her friend Kaylink, both of Daughters OfThe Alliance on Bronzebeard, have been exploring Northrend like … well, like little exploring fiends! … and sending me screenshots of all the Beast Lore’d beasts they meet. So I updated Petopia’s WotLK Pet page tonight with 13 new pets, including hyenas and (oddly) wind serpents. I also straightened out some mistakes I’d made with skins. (You can expect that to continue for the entire beta — both the mistakes and the straightening out.)

In addition, I am happy to announce the reason that I haven’t been exploring Northrend as much as I’d like to for the past couple of days: the Petopia WotLK Pet FAQ. (I actually posted the first version last night, but I didn’t announce it here because I knew I wanted to change the structure — which took me all bloody day today.)

This FAQ answers all your most pressing questions about pets in Wrath of the Lich King! Well, 55 of your most pressing questions, anyway. And I haven’t finished going through all of the long, long comment threads we’ve generated over the past week to pull out the rest of the questions that I know are in there. So this is very much a work in progress.

But I am very anxious to hear your feedback on it. What questions did I miss? What answers did I mess up? Comment here or e-mail me, whichever you prefer, and I’ll do my best to fix it.

56 thoughts on “Petopia: WotLK Pet FAQ + New Beta Pets

  1. Keilden

    Hmmm I wonder what name I should pick for my Moth. I am going to pick one of those red ones. Any suggestions?

  2. Nimizar

    The big thing about getting the pet to 5 levels below us is that it means the pet can now easily take on mobs that will actually give it XP. So you tame your new pet and go farm eternals (the Wrath version of primals) or go grind out more of one of the new reputations, or go do some of the slightly lower level instances, and the pet will be able to handle it.

    Regarding the exotic pets, I really think they need to be kept, but not usable when a BM hunter goes SV or MM for a while. Forcibly abandoning all of your exotic pets just because you respecced would be a terrible additional respec cost to add for BM hunters.

    As an alternative pet talent, I did see an interesting idea which was similar to a DK’s Dancing Runeblade – it called a shadow version of your pet which performed all of the same actions as your actual pet for a short period.

  3. Noba

    Pal- What I meant by the exotic pet stable slot, is that when you spec out of the 51 point BM your pet is forced away to that slot. It can’t be taken out of that stable while you don’t have the talent. So if you’re now MM or SV, your pet just sits and collects dust. The reason I dont think it should go away completely is.. what if you want to stay BM, but just switch the location of a few points? And in three minutes, you will once again have the 51-point BM talent again. Nobody wants to go re-tame and level up 5 levels just cause of that.
    Maybe the pet would only stay in reserve in the stable for X length of time, that way if you took a whole new tree, your pet wouldnt wait forever for you.

  4. Palladiamors

    I can agree with that, Noba, it would just require for there to be an additional stable slot just for exotics, and that we only be able to tame one exotic pet. Thats not nessecarily a bad thing, and honestly its a good precaution for those automatic respecs we get when a mass talent review or an expansion comes out. Not that it’d be a massive blow unless I’d tamed an exotic from an instance or something.

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