Wanted: Pet Talent Tree Calculators

Between trying to keep up with the beta (and keep Petopia usefully updated) and trying to do my real life job so I can pay August rent, I haven’t had any time to work on a snazzy calculator for pet talents yet.

Huntur from the guild Sword of Light on the Baelgun realm sent me a link to a calculator he put together on War Tools, based on their character talent tree builder. To use it you need to be aware of a few limitations in the underlying tech, though.

Huntur writes:

  • It increases to the next row every 5 points not 3.
  • The cap is set for 51 points or pre-BC not the pet cap.
  • The names of the tree are for Warrior but are easy enough to figure out: Utility is Arms, Ferocity is Fury, and Tenacity is Protection.
  • The talent Wolverine Bite requires Feeding Frenzy instead of Cornered (looked to be more appropriate).
  • All talents are based on your information on Petopia.
  • And the icons are not all correct (most are stolen from druid spells and a few others).

There are a number of other pet talent calculators on War Tools also, but all of them are built on character talent trees and so have the same basic limitations. It’s a start, though!

I’m also keeping an eye on Wowhead’s WotLK pet calculator, but at this point it is a skill calculator, not a talent calculator — which, since skills no longer need to be trained, is not terribly useful.

Have you seen any great pet talent calculators? If so, I want to know about them!

[Update #1] Ask and you shall receive! Wowhead has now updated their WotLK pet calculator to reflect our current knowledge of the pet talent trees.

One thing to be careful of, though: They are using the data from tooltips that says that some upper tier talents require 5 points per tier in the tree instead of 3 points per tier. But as we know from Nimizar’s report on Friday, this is just a display bug. For example, in the beta right now the Tier 5 pet talents only require 12 talent points spent, not 20.

[Update #2] Wowhead has fixed their pet calculator so that it now matches the state of the current beta build completely. This means that the tooltips still say that some pet talents require too many talent points, but you can go ahead and buy those talents anyway — just like in the beta!

17 thoughts on “Wanted: Pet Talent Tree Calculators

  1. Mania Post author

    You know I double-checked Wowhead *just* before I posted. And then they go and immediately update … Well, I guess I should have asked earlier. *grin*

    Thanks, guys. I’ll update the post.

  2. Brandon

    so i tried out the wowhead calc, but it seems as if it’s impossible right now to get the tier 5 abilities. I tried on Cat and it gave me 16 available points while tier 5 requires 20 @_@

    Did I do something wrong?

  3. Mania Post author

    Brandon: You didn’t do anything wrong. It looks like Wowhead is using the tooltips for data, but there is a display bug with some of the tooltips. I’ve added a note about that to the post above as well.

  4. Aidem

    If you go to the bottom, you’ll see something that says “Bonus Points”. If you click on the 0 (zero), it will turn to a 5 (five). This five points come form the Tier 11 Beast Mastery talent. Maybe the plan has always been that only BM hunters with “Beast Mastery” can access the Tier 5 abilities.

  5. Nimizar

    @Aidem: when playing the beta, you only need 12 points in the tree to unlock the tier 5 talents, despite what the tooltips say. However, the wowhead calculators appear to have other problems (like Blood of the Rhino being missing from their Tenacity tree).

  6. toque

    been playing with the wowhead calculators for bear. I think they did really well with the final 3 talents.

    Raiding: pet stays with the tank party and provides an uber 10% dodge and 10% health to party for 40 sec. <— this sounds to good to be true honestly.

    Group tanking/offtanking: pet gets a true taunt for those omfg noob agro grabbing dpsers.

    Solo: pet gets 30% of its total health for those pinch situations. I was also thinking taunt for solo, but hunters have too many ways to remove aggro anyways. this is better.

  7. dochalliday

    So it seems pretty intuitive to me that the top tier talents would require 21 points to use (16 from being 80, 5 from the BM talent). However as I want to try some other specs I hope this isn’t the case. What makes you guys think that requiring 20 points for the 5th tier is a mistake?

  8. Mania Post author

    dochalliday: Two things. First, you can in the beta right now buy the tier 5 talents with only 12 points invested in the tree. Second, two tier 3 talents (Charge and Intervene) have a similar problem where they say that they require 10 points, but they actually only require 6. Note that all the rest of the tier 3 talents say they require 6 points invested.

    Putting these two things together, I believe that the current tooltips are wrong and the current actual functionality is right. Of course I could be wrong. We’ll have to wait to see what happens in the next beta build.

  9. dochalliday

    I really hope that you’re right mania, the roar of recovery would go a long way to making marks mana efficient enough to be viable

  10. Shelly

    Wowhead has finally been fixed, and now provides a calculator that is consistent with the in-game Beta rather than just the tooltips.

    And the people rejoiced.

  11. Tarjin

    Now that the calculator at WoWhead is working properly, I can tell that non-Beastmaster hunters are going to have to make some seriously tough choices. For Example, there is no way to get all three of the top tier talents in Tenacity.

  12. kay

    umm i dont no how to acces my pet tier tree i kinda dont really understand this at all lol i no beat training is in my skill book but it only had bite i learned it and nothing else?????

  13. Mania Post author

    kay: Keep in mind that these things are only on the Wrath of the Lich King beta realms so far, not on the normal realms. The Wrath of the Lich King expansion will probably launch later this year.

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