WotLK: Beta Pet Stats [Updated]

On Friday, thanks to Nimizar, we learned about the new Pet Talent Trees in the Wrath of the Lich King beta. And soon enough we figured out which pets use which trees.

But one question keeps popping up: How does this interact with the old family stat modifiers?

[Don't miss the update at the bottom.]

Have the stat modifiers changed in Wrath of the Lich King? And if not, why are pet families using the trees that they do? I mean, half of the pets that use the Cunning tree are pets we used to call DPS pets, and half of the pets that use the Ferocity tree are pets we used to call Well-Rounded pets. What’s going on?

But checking out the pet stats is fairly tedious, so it was pretty far down my list of things to investigate. But to mollify the curious, I posted on Flickr the beta screenshots I’d taken Friday showing the stats of 25 different pets across all the families. Unfortunately I maxed out the free account in one night and not all the screenshots made it, but I figured if anyone was bored enough they could parse through what was there and see what could be seen.

Much to my delighted surprise, someone took me up on that: a wonderful reader named Veyska. She turned the screenshots into a spreadsheet and immediately noticed a couple of important facts:

  • Family modifiers have changed in a big way.
  • The family bonus armor modifier and bonus health modifier both seem to be tied to the talent tree that the family uses.
  • But the family damage modifier is, as she says, “all over the place”. They don’t correspond to the trees at all, and honestly don’t seem to make a lot of sense right now.
  • Caster pets still have inferior base stats.

I took her spreadsheet, added the families that didn’t make it onto Flickr, and used my pet formula spreadsheets to derive mods for health and armor.

Tree Health Mod Armor Mod
Cunning +5% +5%
Ferocity +5% +10%
Tenacity +10% +15%

Looking at these numbers, I think it’s important to keep some things firmly in mind:

  • This is beta — and only the very beginning of beta at that! — so everything we see here could easily change. Moreover, base stats are probably one of the easiest areas where Blizzard can adjust the balance of pets.
  • Although we’ve labeled the trees as a DPS tree, a tanking tree, and a hybrid or utility tree, those descriptions are simplistic and don’t fit 100%. In particular, Ferocity and Cunning both have excellent damage potential with slightly different focuses.
  • Finally, these modifiers by themselves are meaningless. Pets in WotLK get so many new skills and talents that are so much more significant … In order to draw conclusions, we have to look at how the stats interact with not just the pet talents but also the unqiue family skills. And that theorycrafting should keep us busy for the next two years at least.

I’m going to spend some more time today trying to make sense of the damage modifiers, and if I figure anything interesting out I’ll update this post.

Again, my everlasting thanks to Veyska for doing the annoying data-mining task to get us these numbers.

[Update] After working with the numbers are then retaming a couple of weird cases, I realized what was going on with DPS: My screenshots were bad!

For some reason, some of the pets didn’t reset their damage numbers properly when I first tamed them. About half did, but the other half … were all over the place. But this was just a display problem, and logging off and back on fixed it. I’d heard of this before — I seem to remember Znodis running into it a lot — but it didn’t occur to me to relog after each tame. (Whoops! I think it was actually Someone! Anyway!)

Anyway, once I realized this, I retamed almost all the families with a proper relog after each tame — and now the damage modifiers correspond to the pet talent trees! That leave our stat chart looking like so:

Tree Health Mod Armor Mod Damage Mod
Cunning +5% +5% +0%
Ferocity +5% +10% +10%
Tenacity +10% +15% +0%

56 thoughts on “WotLK: Beta Pet Stats [Updated]

  1. Palladiamors

    ‘Tanking’, or tenacity pets, now get 1.5 stamina per point of stamina, though I am unaware if they have changed the amount they get from hunter stats. Paynegwynn, ‘caster’ stats refer to a pet generally has a mana bar before it is tamed. These pets have less armor, hit points, and DPS then normal pets, generally by a margin of 20% or so. Well, hit points are 95%, but its still less. The only theory we have for what causes it is that the pets in non-tamed form have stats to help them with their mana bars, so they lose stats in other areas. Sort of how hybrids have to focus on a lot more then two stats. Unfortunately when you tame them, they seem to retain that fondness for a now non-existant mana supply.

  2. Invador

    Blizz has already mentioned that pet scaling will be improved…to include resilience, in addition to greater stam+armor bonuses…. Hope that helps. I for one, think Tenacity pets will be much more viable tanks in a much greater range of situations.

  3. Palladiamors

    Heh, my felguard and my wolf have both tanked all the way up to non-heroic Shadow Labs. ((Thats two seperate seventies, by the way. My hunter did not tame a felguard, promise.)) I am not saying its easy, in all honesty its a pain, doubly with my poor wolf, Lu, but it can be done. It got a lot easier once Lu hit 13,500 armor and 7,000 hit points, but it still requires a group that is willing to be understanding, and not immediately fly off into DPS fits. And misdirection. Lots of misdirection.

    IF tenacity does get a greater amount of stamina and armor from the hunter, then that tree will be absolutely amazing single target tanking pets. Multi-target with some cunning use of the afore mentioned misdirection. It looks like with just a little thought that hunter pets will be able to quasi-effectively tank in Wrath, which is a great thing, since everyone is always looking for tanks. Which leaves the interesting question for me….. what pet family do I want to have tank for me?

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