Authenticator Arrives

My Blizzard Authenticator arrived today! I’ve already associated it with my main account and tested it out, and everything looks great. It’s unfortunate that Blizzard isn’t currently able to meet the demand for these keyfobs, but I am very glad to have gotten mine.

8 thoughts on “Authenticator Arrives

  1. Qix

    Wikipedia has a long (and overly complicated) article on RSA SecureID’s

    See this picture:

    That number changes every 30-60 seconds, You need to login with your normal information and the up to the second code on the Keyfob.

    Each WoW account has its own Keyfob, so you must have your own specific keyfob that is attached to your account to get the right code.

  2. Messyah

    Its a cool idea, but it’s foul that we have to pay extra to be “more secure” in a system that should have been secured in the first place. IMHO, they should flit the bill for these things. To me, this is like paying protection money to the same gang that is robbing you if you don’t pay. Capice?

  3. Znodis

    There is no such thing as secure, Messyah. Even with the Authenticator. There is only the ability to make the effort required to break-in greater than the reward.

    Second, the biggest flaws in WoW security have nothing to do with Blizzard programming and everything to do with how players handle their account information, buying/selling accounts and gold, and online browsing habits. Bliz isn’t robbing anyone, they’re handing out sawed-off shotguns to those that are worried about the gangs you mentioned.

    I hope they get more in soon.

  4. Faulk_Wulf

    In addition, not everyone will want or need one of these things. Those that play on public computers, travel alot, or… well I really don’t know who to be honest. Cause I am not their target.

    I have never felt my account is insecure, I don’t write down my information, I don’t buy gold, guides, or sell accounts. So I have no use for this.

    It seems like a cool idea though a little overly complex.

  5. Ghanur

    One attack vector is key-loggers – put on a PC by exploiting insecure browsers, like MS IE.
    Another is playing over ‘public accessible PCs’ (AKA non-trustworthy environment) – key-loggers are a given.

    The keyfob is a good enough countermeasure.

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