Midsummer Fire Festival Round-Up

The Midsummer Fire Festival is officially over, and despite the fact that I wasn’t much looking forward to it, I still ended up wringing every last drop out of the event.

Since my dwarf hunter Kaet finally made it to 70, I allowed myself to start a new alt. My only non-hunter character right now is my bank alt on the Horde side, so I decided to replace her. A while back I got interested in social clothing in WoW — like the Vestements of Summer — and I learned from my Alliance characters that a bank alt tailor is the perfect place to collect clothing.

So on Wednesday evening I started a new Blood Elf hunter, got her to level 10, and started off across the world honoring and desecrating fires. After two days and more deaths than I can possibly count, she settled in Orgrimmar with a snazzy dress and flaming shoes. (I’m not a big fan of the shouder pads, so I skipped them.) Oh, and she’s level 14 and has a white bear.

I also participated in the event on my Alliance clothing collector (a level 45 Draenei hunter) and my two mains, Mania and Kaet. Mania took the Spirit of Summer non-combat pet and Kaet took the Brazier of Dancing Flames.

A number of other bloggers had fun with this event as well:

8 thoughts on “Midsummer Fire Festival Round-Up

  1. Rikaku

    I loved the festival this year. I collected over 685 blossoms myself. My friend and I went into every horde city to steal the flame, honor and desecrated fires all across Azeroth and Outland. We succeeded in getting the entire summer clothing (shoes, shoulders, dress, and crown) and partied out. My hunter alts did the same, but Im extremely proud of my 15 Shaman, who managed to do the same minus the outland flames. Gonna miss that +10% exp buff though

  2. batgrl

    I’ve tested the gear on my druid a bit more and now – while trying to amuse friends while we were waiting in an instance run – I figured out that
    FireBears are go!
    Meanwhile I had to miss the last day of fest. Darnit. So much nice gold and xp. Ah well.

  3. MW

    For what it’s worth, the Spirit of Summer does seem to choose to hover around Ahami’s knees sometimes rather than higher. I thought it was fixed until I pulled it out yesterday and checked, and it was back to the no-no place. Later on after I logged, it was back to her knees. It’s kind of a pain to check it every time, though.

  4. Jayhawk

    Congrats =) Your timing was better than mine, as I logged on, on the fifth to get my blossoms exchanged for some nice toys, I found all the vendors had decamped…
    Silly me…

    I wonder if they will keep til next year…

  5. Messyah

    I’m bent because they took the ribbon pole out of every city that low-levels can access (without the assistance of a mage) and they left the one in Shattrath. WTF?

    Ummm. Level 70′s do not NEED experience. LOL – Was this to aid the t00ns close to 70?

  6. Deidare

    I tryed to get 350 flowers to get the critter but aside work family and uh, more work… i just couldnt get that many i hope they’ll have some of the same items next year. Well at least the critter.

  7. Deathbang

    I got the brazier of dancing flames, vestment, crown, and shoulder pads all on my main. It took about every fire desecrated and honored plus stealing the flames from all the ally cities on a severely unbalanced server. I didn’t get the shoes because of the bad comments on thott but I do like the shoulder pads. I later realized I could have gotten spirit of summer but now I’m glad I didn’t.

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