Kaet: Level 70!

Kaet on her new Ebon GryphonIn July of last year I started a new hunter — something I do all too often. But this time I swore it was going to be different! This time I wouldn’t just create the character, play it to level 10 or maybe 20, and then leave it to lie fallow in my character list. No, this time I was going all the way — all the way to 70, baby!

And although it took almost a year (not to mention 12 days and 14 hours in-game), I did it. Last night, Kaet hit level 70.

The last time we really heard from Kaet, she was level 66 in Nagrand. Since then I’ve just been puttering along — an hour here, a quest or two there. The Midsummer Fire Festival really helped a lot, though. I picked up something like a level and a half just from the event, and suddenly 70 was in sight … and I had a +10% XP buff from the Ribbon Dance to boot! So I headed up to the Blade’s Edge Mountains and ground my questing little heart out.

Unfortunately, the Fire Festival was not so good for my crabs. The red crab Tibri is still only 66, and Frore the blue crab is 67. Nevertheless, my little troopers are still amazing. They survive almost anything, include my bad play habits; they massacre the enemy in relatively quick fashion; and they even keep me alive and keep aggro — with the help of a modified 30/31/0 build and True Shot Aura.

Never in this experience have I for a moment regretted taming the crabs. I only wish I could have kept the white crab Niffis up with us as well. (But I hear that there are level 70 crabs in WotLK, so maybe I can pick one up later.)

Of course this isn’t the end for Kaet, not even temporarily. I already bought a slow flapper (an Ebon Gryphon) but I need another 3500 gold for the fast version. But with countless quests left in BEM, Netherstorm, and Shadowmoon Valley, not to mention all those dailies waiting for me, it won’t take very long at all.

Unless, of course, I start another alt … *grin*

29 thoughts on “Kaet: Level 70!

  1. Azlithor

    Ah, haha! Congratulations! I have had battled with that habit for a long time…I know it can be hard…You are a credit to all over-alters everywhere!

  2. Peter Smith

    Congratulations also from me to you … it’s a kind of doggedness to keep these crabs and that’s also a reason I have to salute :-)

  3. Korrupted

    Grats to you! Cakes is taking forever to level x.x..I heard the crabs in WotLK are Crystal..or black..something like that..Who knows. Grats again!

  4. Cobroso

    ohmahgawd,,, ur hunter beat my rogue to 70, when you started Kaet, i started a rogue, cuz i wanted one, hes 62, so i congratulate you for 70, but am somewhat annoyed that you beat me…. >.> lol, j/k but grats again

  5. Fafhrd

    Congratulations!! and with all those quests left you’ll get your crabs up to 70 as well :D

    Fafhrd 70 Hunter “Bloodfeather EU” 0/21/40.

  6. Sandfur

    Grats!!! actaully, i got my main to lvl 70 about an just a few days ago (my main is a hunter too lol) and i finally got my main pet(a kitty) to lvl 70 yesterday lol (it takes so long to lvl pets lol) but anyways, once again, GRATS!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Ravven

    Congratulations! I’ve never tried a crab, I’ll have to do that someday (given extra stable slots, of course!). My hunter alts are lagging far behind, but I’m hoping that at least one will join my main hunter at 70.

  8. Messyah

    Bout time, slacker! LOL

    I had a guild mate that has 12, count them, 12 level 70 toons. That is f***ing insane! He had major surgery a while back and had very limited things he could do, so he leveled, and leveled, and LEVELED!

    He has…

    2 Shaman, Resto and Ele
    2 Hunters, BM and MM
    1 Paladin, Prot
    1 Rogue, sword spec
    2 Warlocks, affliction and destro
    1 Warrior, Prot
    2 Mages, Frost and Arcane/Fire
    1 Priest, Shadow (MANA MANA!)

    Insane, huh?

  9. Jenhrluska Of Ravencrest (horde)

    Grats!! I just got my main hunter to 60 on Sunday. I’ve got 15 toons (4 alliance & 11 horde) of which 6 are hunters (3 alliance, 3 horde) on 5 difference servers. I have a lvl 70 orc warrior & a lvl 69 male blood elf paladin. Jen my main hunter is a female blood elf and not only did she hit lvl 60, she tamed a Frostsaber Pride Watcher the same lvl as her the same day. :oD

  10. Kerub

    I have seen i think one alliance night elf on sentinals on the island with a level 70 crab!
    awesome to know your using this underused pet!

    I use a dragon hawk ( on hunter #1)
    and a serpent ( on hunter #2)
    i have a strange build on my first hunter >> 47/0/14
    and ye typical 41/20/0 on my second hunter
    and the diffrence between them is night and day

  11. Palladiamors

    Good job! Glad you stuck with it. After about the third level seventy Outlands starts to get a bit old, BUT, keep at it!! Not sure if I am going to level a second hunter now ((Fourty, considering waiting until we know more about pet talents)) my rogue, ((44, was halted for my feral druid)) or one of my other alts beween 54 and 26….. think there are at least ten of them….. *LAUGHS* Anyway, good job Mania, and congratulations on Kaet!

    As for leveling with off pets, from 11 until 70 I leveled with a white wolf, first Timber, then Lupos ((Then complete with shadow damage!)) and haven’t regretted it or had problems with it once. I heart wolvies! *Coughs*

  12. Wolfington

    Grats! My newish hunter got to 70 a week aggo, but I didn’t bring an exciting pet (crab, hyena, etc) along, just a two headed carrion bird!

    Rassaa (47 dwarf) is going more exotic, with a Springpaw Stalker (that I tamed at level 45 and is so far 40), a Scarlet Tracking Hound, and of course Jadeheart :-)

  13. Deidare

    Congrats Kaet and uhhh welcome to the family of 70s lol (mine being an undead warrior and Dranei hunter) oh and uhh grats to your crap as well.

  14. zara

    Grats on 70! I would love to see a picture of Kaet with one of her crabs when they reach 70 also. I loved your article about hunters possible being more sentimental than other classes. I think it would be interesting also to talk about why it seems like hunters like to make multiple alts of their class more than other classes. Speaking of which….what hunter are you going to play up now? ; . )

  15. Lovemypet

    Congratulations, Mania and Kaet! My own Alliance hunter is a bit behind Kaet (like you, my first level 70 is a troll hunter). Zsuzsa, a Draenei, just pinged 47 with 14 game days played (but she spends a lot of time at the AH – gold is never a problem for my characters). Zsuzsa, incidentally, still has the ravager she tamed on Azuremyst isle at level 10. I plan to level him all the way to 70 with her, even though he’s called Dwarfeater, due to an embarrasing confusion between Draenei and Blood Elf (I had only just upgraded to BC when I made Zsuzsa). No dwarves have complained so far, though.

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