Looking Forward to WotLK

A lot of people have been thinking (and blogging!) lately about the upcoming WoW expansion, Wrath of the Lich King. Personally I’ve been trying to avoid whipping myself into a frenzy of anticipation because it seems like I may have a while yet to wait before I get my hands on it — and I am notoriously bad at waiting.

But I was thinking about Wrath today, idly comparing the hunter pet changes we saw in the Burning Crusade expansion to the sorts of changes we might see in Wrath. Although the most useful pet change in Burning Crusade was probably pets scaling with hunter stats, the thing that excited me the most was getting six new pet families.

And yet somehow I’m not excited about the possibility of new pet families in WotLK. For one thing, 23 families is plenty. For another, I really only ended up liking two of the new BC families (ravagers and dragonhawks), and only one of them is truly popular. So it seems a bit of a waste. While I certainly won’t turn down new pet families in Wrath, they also aren’t at the top of my must-have new features.

So what is at the top of my list? In the short term, pet skills! I’m very excited about some of the information leaking out of the Wrath alpha, and even if those particular changes don’t make it into the final game I am certain that we’ll be seeing something in this direction.

Now pet skills add a lot of depth and complexity to the function of hunter pets, which can make the theorycrafting a lot of fun. But in the long run, the thing I am most excited about is simply having new pet models and appearances to tame. Will we finally get the ice tiger? Or maybe a black diamond crab? Or maybe there will be something really unique like a rare sky blue bear! (I can dream, can’t I?)

Of course, new pet families mean new models, so even though I said I wasn’t excited by new pet families I really am. But they don’t have to be new families. And I’d really like to avoid the disappointment of another sporebat.

And there are a lot of other things that I’m hoping for, of course, from extra stable slots to a better way to train skills to a fix for my aggro issues. But the truth is that I’ll be perfectly happy with lots of new pets to tame. I always am …

So what are you looking forward to most?

35 thoughts on “Looking Forward to WotLK

  1. Petlover

    In a way…if Blizz doesn’t add new pet slots…as much as I love animals, I’m dreading what new pets will come out. I’ll wanna tame thema all!

  2. Volcan

    6 new families? Im thinking they might add in Basilisks, and i WISH that these Shoveltusks will be tameable, as they are sooo lovely ><

  3. Maree

    There’s one thing I don’t look forward to;
    That unless Blizzard gives us new stable slots, I’ll have to say goodbye to 2 of my pets :(

  4. Jayhawk

    In general I mostly look forward to new areas to explore. Petwise… I’m not sure. More choice will mean having to give up certain pets (or..the horror…)level yet another hunter. More skills to personalise existing pets sounds the way to go, though. Maybe even some form of pet armour

  5. Fawl

    Id like to see a few new pets, but if the improve the pets – as in giving them all abilities and paying more attention to their specific pet stats I hope they do it to the old pets as well because other wise tallstriders and crabs etc would be totally over looked again by people (Also they need a level 70 crab it really sucks there isnt one in like a 15 level range).

    Also is it true we can ride our pets? Someone told me its been confirmed but ive not found anything about it? Would be pretty awsome.

    And as for the Shoveltusks being tamable I doubt it they look like a new Stag, elk or talbuk, like they might be ridable but other wise they are just a neutral enemy that will attack you when you attack

  6. Nathaniel Nordraben

    About pet’s, hmmm… better scaling, beter threat generation, maybe skills like Empowered Growl ;) And I would love to see pet emots :)

  7. Temper

    Pet emotes would be cool. /growl to get my cat to growl at the alliance paladin I’m about to kill. Or a /purr to rub in the gank!

  8. Concrete


    Loads of cool stuff being announced about class changes and additions. BRK is going to be getting excited. BM hunter’s will be wooping with delight. Finally the pet class is getting proper customisable pets for different situations. All we need is extra stable slots and to be able to switch pets whenever we need to without having to go to the nearest town.

  9. Concrete

    oh forgot to add new tamable pets are confirmed. They populate the area then decide which ones will be cool to tame. Guess that wasn’t the thinking behind Burning Crusade since Nether Rays and Spore Bats are utterly useless (for now anyway :) )

  10. Ivanator

    im lokking forward to the new pet skins because tallstriders and sporebats really doservre some also the new pet families does any1 know what they will be.

  11. tony

    Blizz needs to add pet abilities for the nine families without one. This is something blizzard said they were going to do, TWO years ago. Its something we all deserve,as well as a way to learn new ranks of pet abilities without dumping one of our three loved pets, thats poor design from blizz.

    New species, and some new skins for old species would be cool too. I’d like to see each pet, be able to bring something to pve, pvp, and other settings in wow like arenas/raids. The day of just claw/bite need to go.

  12. tony

    I would also like to see pets gain resilience from training, they need it, especially for arena hunters. Sharing resil from the hunter is not the way to go, it would not be enough, and the hunter would have to grind away large ammounts of gear to share any worth while resil.

    A dash/dive move should also be opened up to all pets. I also wish they would change the pet feed system. Make it so if you feed your pets their prefered food for their diet, it will buff them similar to what the pet food from cooking does. And make all pet foods viable able to be fed to any pet. That way you can feed any pet anything, but still seek out their favorite foods so they could get a little buff.

  13. Wolfington

    Ooo new pet families?
    Looking forward to that…

    Also, pet talent trees?

    But, I woud have to get rid of some of m pets… Like, LittleRiver (warp Stalker) and maybe even my raid pet, AutumnBreeze(wind serpent) if I like the new pets out their. But I DO hope they come out with new bears, I want a bear very badly.

  14. Surax

    I am looking forward to seeing what pets come out, i agree with some more undead tameable animals. From what i have seen the WOTLK is alot of dragon based themes, so im hoping for some tamable ProtoDragons, (small dragons, like wolf or tiger size, maybe alittle bigger) cuz the Warpstalker are awesome and all, but i would like to see something with wings lol.

  15. Nimizar

    Blizz really do look to be doing some nice things with pets for Wrath (new families, new models for old families, the change from pet training points to pet talents so we can actually use that third stable slot). And decoupling steady shot from auto shot is great for every hunter (a weapon DPS upgrade will be an overall DPS upgrade, as will haste rating, without having to worry about auto shot speed and clipping).

  16. MW

    I’d rather have Blizz make some of the dinos in Un’Goro crater tamable than make new pets in WotLK. Maybe I’m weird, but when I found out that I couldn’t tame a pterrordax, I was really bummed.

  17. Petlover

    …so we can actually use that third stable slot? I sorta AM using that third stable slot. Still I do hope Blizzard plans to improve some of the older pet families, particularly those who can only learn one attack, and change the way pets learn abilities.

  18. Kerub

    My boyfreind continually looks at me whan
    i say ” what pet should i get” and he says

    ” My love you are not playing Pokemon”

    and my reply is “YES I AM TOO DAMMIT!!!”

    he says ” tame the one that makes you happy!”

    and really i like them all

  19. Rudda

    I’m looking forward to WotLK with mixed emotions. I like the fact that my hunter is “well” geared. I like the fact that I’m happy with my cat and gorilla pets at full loyalty and max lvl. These changes to give the pet a talent tree like a regular player has great promise. Hopefully, it will allow you take that beautiful pet that currently has little value in a party or solo, and turn him into something you can actually use.
    The one thing I hope they do is give us more stable slots. If we still have to train a new pet to learn a new skill, I won’t have room to tame and try the new families, cause I don’t want to loose my current pets. Besides if there are even 3 or 4 new families, I don’t want to train them one at a time and use them for a few lvls only to delete and try another and decide I want to go back to the one I deleted several lvls ago.

  20. Kristy

    I’m looking forward to new pet “families/species”, the awesomeness of the pet “Talent Trees” and brand-new pet Skills, of course.

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  22. Cobroso

    me wants a black wind serpent, like sharpie black, on a wind serpent, maybe dead, or, the new skin, blackk, with the white hightlight(stripes, armor, spikes, whatever) or a reverse of that… and im looking at the new pets smiling, i want the super wolf thingy

  23. Xikwaal

    I’m honestly hoping for more pet variety to be able to tame (even if it’s not a new family).. though, at least one new family would be nice. :3

    Like… What about the Basalisks? The Moths? Worms? Stags? Pterrordax? (just to name a few, of course).. Though having new families would be awesome – allowing us to tame some of those families that we already -have- (but can’t use) would make me pleased as punch.

    Not to mention the “neat” colors that we can’t have, of the current families.. Sunblade Dragonhawk (the blue one) anyone? Or, how about that “Gezzarak the Huntress” (purple and green warp stalker)..?

    Having things in the game, that we cannot -have- is a bit frusterating.. and yeah, I am the person with a crab… O.o; So, I for one would not be opposed to having the “other” pets in the game.. and I know quite a lot of people would be very happy if they were able to tame basalisks..

    But of course, like a kid wanting christmas presents – I’ve always gotta’ be anxious for “what’s in that box” – and am all excited to see what new families come out.. you never know what you’re going to get.

    I just hope it’s not the shoveltusk. XD

  24. Noba

    I’d like to see a new style of learning Pet Skills. That way, we can keep 3 pets full time, and not have to tame simply for the skills. For example, you want to learn a new Screech rank. You would take your beloved little birdy with you, and begin fighting a monster who knows the ability screech. The hunter can use some (new) spell to make the pet focus on the battle, staying out of it, and watch and learn the new skill from the monster. That would be easy enough.

  25. Emowin

    I feal like a recording when I say this….MORE STABLE SLOTS PLZ…..I am looking forward to seeing all the new skins and pets and am NOT looking forward to haveing to say buh bye to one of my lovlies inorder to train more.

  26. Yossir (w/ Torc & Ravioli)

    Just a guess, but I’m thinking Sea Lions for two reasons…

    1)They fit the Northrend theme and
    2)They’re listed on Thottbot at the moment with a diet (not entirely sure why though).

  27. Scott

    I’ve read a lot of good suggestions here (and they do have undead cats BTW — what else do you call a ghost saber? :P) – though I heartily agree with the need to first round out neglected pets that are currently available…

    In re: pet talents… for me at least the biggest gain that might come from this would be to make it possible for non-BM spec hunters to solo. I know it is *possible* to make an effective solo hunter without BM talents under the current trees, but for the most part it’s been my experience that anything spending a lot of points on MM or surv tends to have trouble keeping the aggro on their pet, unless they stick to autoshot.

    That would be one gap they could fill with pet talents (although it would entail an overall potential increase in their power beyond simply making them more diverse).

  28. Tarjin

    Unfortunately, new high-level skins never do me any good because I can never get rid of my best friend. I can’t even brind myself to use a second pet. My highest level hunter has a black Outland raptor in the stable while I continue to use my sapphire-blue crab from Durotar for everything.

  29. Cavernish

    I like the present pet families. Even if I look in askance at some other folks pet choices, the principle of RP is you build your character to suit yourself not others. In the critical WOW end gamers lexicon this seems ludicrous, but to old RP gamers like myself (who heaven forbid used dice, hex sheets, tokens, and imagination to game), the weaknesses of our characters and the group ability to cover each other (what guilds are really all about) are the bedrock of an enjoyable gaming experience.

    I have no use for dragonhawks and sporebats, but they sure are pretty!!! Those who run them, even if a very small minority, obviously are happy for the choice. WotL would be a poor expansion if it didn’t give us some new pet family choices. After all, who knows what’s been surviving al this time in the frozen wastelands and mutated/corrupted by the magics at work there?

    That said…. Please!!! Please!!! Please!!! Blizz, please give us a new gorilla skin and at least 2 more ranks of Thunderstomp!!

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