Blizzard Announces Diablo III

I didn’t intend to be up this late, but since I was I’ve been tuning into the Blizzard World Wide Invitational in Paris (where it isn’t so late) to see what the big announcement is. Apparently, it’s Diablo III.

[edit] It doesn’t look to be an MMO, so although I’ll probably pick it up eventually I’m not as interested as I would be otherwise. *shrug*

18 thoughts on “Blizzard Announces Diablo III

  1. Trollin'

    Didn’t mean to be up this late… Sure…

    Admit it, you can be as obsessively nerdy as we are. On the up-side, we’re some of the first people in America outside Blizzard to know.

  2. Suzi

    Sharess beat me to it! Different source, same info.

    Also pleased about: A specific ability revealed was “cornered” – your pet does an additional 20% damage when they’re at 20% health

    Also, new pets for Wrath! Steady Shot no longer clipping! And, as mentioned, each pet will have talent trees and a unique ability (two things I’ve wished for for so long).

    Diablo III looks great, but the hunter news really excites me. Hopefully more details will be give later.

  3. Vish

    This message isn’t about Diablo 3, which I think is AWESOME!

    Can we post questions here for the large questions time later this afternoon, for your friends to ask?

    Because, even though I feel i know the answer, I want to hear it from Blizz themselves if we are getting more Stable slots.

  4. Moonsniper

    Man, I’m so psyched <3.

    That’s just awesome.

    HEY Mania, looks like your sites going to have to pick up some talent calculator code :D.

    And the fact that there adding unique talent trees for each pet family, holy cow =D.

    I’ve planned it already, my Ghost Wolf Fenrir is going be DPS, my turtle Tommy will spec Tanking =).

    I’ve been wondering why scarce Hunter details came out with the Alpha, but this makes up for it and then some.



  5. PepsiJedi

    From what I’ve read on Insider it’s not so much each pet having ONE talent tree but there being 3 talent trees. Just like classes and you can put points into them just like classes. So you can spec your pet.

    If you want a Tiger tank you take the tanking tree, but if you want the tiger DPS you take the DPS tree

  6. Mania Post author

    Apparently I shouldn’t have gone to bed when I did! *yawn* Okay, okay … give me a sec and I’ll round up everything I can find in a new post. :> And thanks for those links!

    Vish: Unfortunately I haven’t gotten any friends there. Unless you were talking to someone else?

    (I am so tired …)

  7. Palladiamors

    Then get back to sleep! We can wait, Mania. We have wowinsider and such to keep us drooling for the next little bit, you sleep! Sounds like you need it.

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  9. batgrl

    I’m actually really psyched about Diablo (I already gushed about pet talents in the other post) – by the time I got to play the previous versions of Diablo the graphics were so dated that it was hard to play that game versus all the new hotness that was being produced in other games. It’d actually be nice to have a game to play on my laptop that I could travel with and NOT have to worry about getting internet service. But then I’m the hermit type of gamer that also likes to have a quiet game to myself sometimes, without other players to chat with. Sometimes it’s nice just to kill the monsters solo.

    Actually since I only briefly played those other Diablos I have no idea if there was even a hunter class – I think I played a caster. Anyone remember?

    Just from looking at the screenshots? I’ll definitely have to try this one.

  10. marzix

    there was no hunter class… there was an amazon that could use a pike, bow, or thrown weapons (like javelins). the only “pet” class was the necromancer in the 2nd one who could summon undead things.

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