Name That Pet: Tshaya’s Ghost Saber

Final Name: Onryo

To round out the week we have a nice simple request for a pet name from Tshaya, a Draenei hunter from the Laughing Skull – U.S. realm.
Tshaya and Cat

Tshaya is a very serious young draenei who lost her entire family in the crash of the Exodar. She ran across a ghost saber while hunting naga, and knew that he would be a companion she could understand, and who would understand her, and so far, they’ve gotten along wonderfully. The only problem is, he’s been rather quiet on the name front.

I’m looking for something Greek or Russian sounding, since that seems to be the base for most of the draenei names, but somewhat short. Cat doesn’t seem to fit with some of the long mythological names I’ve found.

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  1. Akussa

    I picked one of these up a couple days ago on my new Night Elf hunter and named her Skadi, after the Norse giantess that ruled over the snows and winter.

  2. Niabi

    These name suggestions and more can be found at the following website:

    1. Syntyche (pronounced sin-ti-kee): An ancient greek name meaning “common fate”.

    2. Freya (can also be spelled Freyja): this was the name of the Norse Goddess of love and beauty.

    3. Psyche: means “the soul”. The Greeks thought that the breath was the soul. In Greek mythology Psyche was a beautiful maiden who was beloved by Eros (or Cupid in Roman mythology). She is the subject of Keats’s poem ‘Ode to Psyche’.

  3. Niabi

    My apologies. Let me revise my last suggestions …

    Psyche: Means “the soul”, derived from Greek (psycho) “to breathe”. The Greeks thought that the breath was the soul. In Greek mythology Psyche was a beautiful maiden who was beloved by Eros (or Cupid in Roman mythology). She is the subject of Keats’s poem ‘Ode to Psyche’.

  4. Petlover

    I know it’s not Russian or Greek, but I liked the name Onryo for a ghost saber…a japanese ghost seeking vengance for some wrong done to them in life. That’s about the best I’ve got…

  5. fatman


    brat [ брат ], sobrat [ собрат ], kollega [ коллега ], zemljak [ земляк ] transliterated from Russian translation of the English word “brother”.

    sestra, starshaja medicinskaja sestra (??), monahinja, chlen religioznoj obshhiny (??), sestrenka, devushka [ сестра, старшая медицинская сестра, монахиня, член религиозной общины, сестренка, девушка ], transliterated from Russian translation of the English word “sister”.

    Or, you can just call your pet Comrade, as the Soviet era people used to call each other.

  6. RabidCoqui

    I named mine Amaru…. can’t remember where I got the name

    Another name that I considered was Radu… all I remember was that it was romanian in origin.

  7. Nanase

    I had one of those and I called it Yuurei (which means Ghost in japanese)
    It (in my opinion) makes a very pretty name…
    So Yuurei is my suggestion ^^

  8. Taylor

    I like the name ‘Vladimir’. It’s a male Russian name, meaning “the owner of the world”. ‘Anisim’, also Russian male, meaning “beneficial, profitable”, and ‘Lev’, simply meaning “lion”.

    And, as Nanase said, ‘Yuurei’, the Japanese word for “ghost”, fits very well with our dearest ghost Saber. :)

    Please post what you choose! I’d like to hear your choice.

  9. Huntard in the Wildnerness

    As Tschaya seems to have found a true companion in her Ghost Saber, the following names might be ideal:

    [ ALEKSEI also: Alexei (etc.), or Alyusha (a 'pet' form of "Aleksei") ]
    Russian male names for “helper” or “defender”.
    [ AFANASI ]
    Greek male name meaning, “immortal”.
    [ ADRASTOS (also: Adrastus) ]
    Another Greek male name, this one meaning “courageous” or “he who stands his ground”.

    Like Drotara, I’ve sourced the names from the Chinaroad site (or from links originating from that site). Mania also has a link to the same site from Petopia’s links section (under Other Hunter Resources — Misc. Useful Stuff).

    Hope that helped; best of luck hunting down the perfect name!

  10. MW

    I’m seeing two names here (and one inspired by here) that I really, really like for Tshaya’s kitty, but I’m going to sleep on it before I decide, I think. Thank you guys all for your suggestions, and Mania for putting this up!

  11. Brian

    most pets ,depending on who owns them can take a name directly from greek myth!
    if the cat is in your opinion female name it artemis and a boy could be apollo
    i use greek myth whenever i can but i wil also offer syrrianis it is long but i like it for cats

  12. Ghostlyarrow

    The pet is a ghost saber… So I’m surprized no one suggested “Prizrak” for example, it’s a russian word for “ghost”.
    Or it could be “Luna” for “moon”.
    The one I tamed is “Ghostblade” because of his sharp claws and teeth.

  13. Thrrax

    I named mine Ghostclaw, cuz Ghostblade was taken. :D

    Gale could be a nice name for a ghost pet, for that wind gale u always feel when a ghost makes itself known to mortals.

  14. petal

    Why not try:

    Dusika, Dusana, Dusanka, or just plain Dusa– all of which are derived from the Czech name ‘Dusan’ which means soul or spirit. Those are the feminine versions.

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