We Got an Island!

Tim Howgego: Map of WoW Online Communities - Detail

Tim Howgego, better known to us as the person behind El’s Extreme Anglin’, has constructed a map of WoW communities — and we got an island!

Admitedly, it’s a tiny island in the absolute most niche-ward (bottom left) part of the map, but that’s fair: it’s hard to get much more niche than hunter pets.

The island is labeled ‘Mania’ but links to Petopia, presumably because Mania is shorter and fit better. Right next door is Breanni from Warcraft Pets, and then El herself. So we’re in good company!

The map — and the article that goes with it — is a fascinating look at how Tim sees the various online communities that surround WoW. You should definitely check it out!

15 thoughts on “We Got an Island!

  1. El

    Petopia rather merges into Mania’a Arcania… hence the slightly confused naming and positioning on the edge of the “Blog-o-Sphere” and “Niche Class and Topic Arcepelago”. You probably should have a bigger island, but I’d drawn the islands before I’d worked out precisely who was where :-) .

  2. Rikaku

    That is totally awesome!! What a colorful way to make links! Its super sweet that my most visited spots are all next to each other. Warcraft pets, El’s anglin’ and obviously Petopia.

  3. Mania Post author

    El: Ah, that’s true. When I started this blog I wasn’t sure how it was going to work out. I should have put it on Petopia proper — on the same site, I mean — but … hindsight and all. But I think the island is a fine size.

    Rikaku: Heh — I hadn’t thought of that. I could pretty much just replace my WoW bookmarks with this map. Well, this map plus my blogroll, of course.

  4. Suzi

    Grats Mania! Wow, that’s pretty awesome that he went to that much effort to make that map. Glad you got on it – those 3 are my favourite niche WoW sites!

    Just a thought. Would Mania include warcraftmounts.com also?

  5. El

    Suzi – that area of the map contains a lot of sites – warcraftmounts.com would certainly be one, although I suspect Petopia is more widely read. I tried to pick a few examples that show the diversity. Really hard though, because inevitably I missed a lot of sites in that corner, some of which are quite well read – BossKillers, Crafter’s Tome, Big Red Kitty, the list goes on.

    (Actually, there seem to be a disproportionate number of hunter-related sites. I wonder why? Perhaps they level fast and struggle to find raid spots, so have a lot of time to read/write…? There must be more to it than that.)

    I’m still scratching my head trying to find a more scientific/automated way to make these maps. People like Google and Quantcast are experimenting with “affinity” between sites (literally, which other websites a typical user of one site visits), but I’ve not seen any good visualisation of that data.

  6. Yvelle

    That map is really great! I saw so many familiar sites there. And congrats, Mania, for your well-deserved place on it! I’d like to think that the comment about some of the niche sites being “elite” sites might refer to the pure greatness of Petopia. :)

  7. Breanni

    I just discovered Tim’s fascinating map this morning and I’m honored to be situated between you and Tim’s own island. I wrote up a little blurb for WarcraftPets.com’s news page as well. Indeed, your island is well-deserved, Mania. And Tim is right… it ought to be bigger! :-)

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