Name That Pet: Cogar’s Serpent

Cogar and SerpentFinal Name: Jason

Apparently summer is the season of serpents! Today, Cogar is looking for assistance naming his serpent from the Wailing Caverns. Cogar writes:

I have traveled the vast regions of east Kalimdor, from Durotar to The Barrens, Ashenvale to the Enemy territory of Darkshore, and even to the grand grasslands of Mulgore. As I traveled I encountered beasts of unimaginable shape and sizes. From the swift Takk the Leaper to the majestic Mazzranache I have tamed all manner of beasts. Sadly no beast large or small, swift or powerful could stay long.

As I was traveling through the mid-Barrens I threw a large thirst and decided to settle upon a oasis. There I found a cave filled with beasts of all colors, but still no beast that would stay my companion.

As I sat down to eat and drink something slithered toward me. I sprang to my feet only to see the biggest serpent I had ever seen. His scales were Sapphire blue and were harder than chainmail, his fang dripped with venom and were sharper than a rogue’s dagger. I was very frightened until I saw he was after my boar meat that had fallen on the cave floor. But he wasn’t alone — the smell of blood attracted a large raptor and a battle between the two great carnivora ensued.

Amongst the chaos I decide to aid the serpent in the combat, seeing that it originally had no interest in me. Between the two of us the raptor didn’t last long. After the battle the snake came up to me and collapsed on the floor. I soon saw that the raptor’s dreaded claws had gnashed a large cut in the snake’s side. I soon stitched the serpent up and feed it some more boar meat and fish.

After its meal the snake took a liking to me and has fought by my side since. Still despite the friendship we have I still haven’t come up with a decent name for my scaly companion. For a name I would like a mystical or lore name that relates to a famous snake, or something else snake related.

I’m sure we can do that!

14 thoughts on “Name That Pet: Cogar’s Serpent

  1. Vanyalosswen

    Jörmungandr is a monstrous sea serpent from Norse mythology. His name can be spelled a few different ways like Jormungand if you’re not into the funky Norse spelling (especially since I think Blizzard frowns on umlauts).

  2. Drotara

    Jormungandr, from Norse mythology; symbol of infinity and enemy of Thor

    Xiuhcoatl is a serpent from Aztec mythology

    Nidhogg (also Nidhoggr) (the ‘Dread Biter’)

  3. Kamalia

    I don’t have many good names for serpents, but some of these names might appeal to you:

    •Galeru – A rainbow serpent in Australian myth
    •Veleno – Italian for “venom” and “poison”
    •Apep – A mythical Egyptian serpent that was an enemy of the sun god, Ra
    •Kazmaru – No idea what it means, but it sounds cool. :D

    I’m guessing your serpent is a male, but I’ll throw in some female names anyway:

    •Kalseru – A rainbow serpent goddess from aboriginal myth
    •Tanis/Tanit/Tanith – Means “Lady of the Serpents” or “Serpent Lady”
    •Medusa – One of the three Gorgons. Had snakes for hair, and a gaze that could turn people to stone

    Good luck!

  4. Casdia

    Sagendo, the giant double ended(head at both ends) snake that swallows immortals as punishment. Her specie is an Amphisbaena, if you like that name. The reference is from a friend’s book in progress.

  5. Emowin

    Male: Apophis-greek form of Egyptian Apep possibly meaning “to slither”
    Askook-native American algonquin meaning “snake”
    Chua-native american Hopi name meaning “snake”
    Coatl-nahutl name meaning “snake”

    Go to 20000-NAMES.COM and look around lots more names there, thats where I go when I am stumped for a toon name or a pet name, works like a charm for coming up with unusual names that you never see any where. : )

  6. Ghostlyarrow

    If it was a wind serpent, I’d have suggested Quetzalcoatl, witch is an Aztec god and his name means “serpent-quetzal” (the quetzal being a bird).
    For a normal snake, Jormungandr and Apophis are good…
    Or you could call him “Satanic” or “Temptator” or “Lieweaver” or “Daemonic” something that refers to the demon snake and the Banishment from Paradise.
    Of those, I think “Temptator” is probably the best. Anyone who has a minimum of religious culture should get it.

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