PTR 2.4.3: Brewfest Activated

Brewfest has apparently been activated on the Public Test Realm. This event normally occurs in October, but Blizzard has been activating some of their events early on the PTR to make sure they run smoothly. If you are done with the Midsummer Fire Festival on live, you might want to take an early look at Brewfest on the PTR.

Unfortunately, there is some bad news involving the Brewfest reward mounts. From now on, only Alliance characters will have access to a Brewfest Ram, while only Horde characters can get the new Brewfest Kodo. But I’ve already ranted about it on Warcraft Mounts so I’ll just point you over there for that.

Oh, also I hear that Arena Season 4 has started, whatever that means. *grin*

[edit] I forgot to mention that pre-made characters are now available on the PTR as well. Unfortunately, the queue for copies is currently full.

16 thoughts on “PTR 2.4.3: Brewfest Activated

  1. Akussa

    Yeah, I have to agree with you that I think it’s a load of horse you know what that the Alliance won’t be able to pick up a kodo while Horde last year nabbed a ton of rams. While I play a Horde toon for my main I sympathize with the angry alliance players about this change. Brewfest should be one of those situations where anyone can get either mount. Maybe the ticket price could be increased on the mounts if it’s cross faction and it can take 2-3 years worth of doing the dailies for the event to actually pick up the mount.

  2. Earthstomper

    My worry is that they’re going to ninja replace all the rams Horde players got last year with kodos. :/ Given Blizzard’s stance on such things it wouldn’t surprise me. And frankly I’ll be more than a bit ticked off considering how annoying the ram runs were.

    I like the look of the kodos and plan on getting one but I really like the idea that we could get cross-factions mounts. *sigh* I hope they change their mind on this.

  3. Jenhrluska Of Ravencrest (horde)

    Don’t make a difference to me. I’d rather have a kodo than a ram, I think that kodo’s are cooler. In the case of my few alliance characters, I’d rather have them riding night elf cats. :o)

  4. batgrl

    Aw, I was looking forward to having some kind of trade off – in the “last year horde got to have a ram, this year alliance gets X mount” thing. Would be a great thing for each side to look forward to each year, especially if they made a point of rotating new mounts annually.

    Frankly it’d be great if there was a cross faction mount seller who you’d go meet on the sly in a tent off to the side – “psst, hey kid, as long as you don’t let everyone know about it and get me into trouble, I can see about selling you this ram/kodo…”

    Plus I was looking forward to getting my gnome a kodo. Just for the humor of it. Not to mention that there’s not enough kodo love in the game. Poor things. Plus they carry their own bongo drums. How can you not love that?

    And even though I don’t have a horde with a ram I would definitely say that all horde that earned one should be allowed to keep it – they put in the time to get the mount after all. I’m pretty sure Blizz will let people keep them – no reason to annoy customers by trying to remove them. (It’s a bit different than with the ghost wolf, for those who are immediately thinking of that parallel – far more people have the ram mount than were going to be able to get that ghost wolf pet. If you’re part of a larger customer group you tend to be a bit safer in this sort of issue. Sucks, but that’s the way it tends to work.)

  5. Fafhrd

    Well batgrl they are doing the same as they did with the Ghost Wolf everyone can keep it if they got it but you can’t get it if you dont have it.

    Grt Fafhrd

  6. hyena84

    they seriousely need to fire the idiot thats makeing these decisions.i swear its like some mole from a competitors trying to drive away wow players.
    corse its also possable that theyre looking to see how big a fuss alliance players will make about not getting kodo,maybe to see if adding them would actually be worth it.glad i got my goats last year…

  7. PepsiJedi

    Belive it or not, Blizzard people don’t sit around in rooms picking their teeth with daggers and thinking up ways to drive off players. Their goals are pretty much universally to get more players.

    Just because YOU don’t like something, doesn’t mean they’re out to get you. Blizzard people don’t “love alliance and hate horde” or “Hate hunters, and go out of their way to screw us” As people like to sprout.

    The things they do, they at least think, is for the betterment of the game.

    How stupid would they have to be to purposefully go “Lets piss um off! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA”

    10,000,000+ Players say that Blizzard isn’t stupid…

    Just chill a bit. The Kodo is fine. It looks pretty sweet. If people bitch and moan too much about the events… the events will go away.

  8. Petlover

    I agree, Bliz should either keep the rams or give both factions a choice of which mount they want. I guess we’ll see what happens at Brewfest this year. I’m just glad I got my rams last year (I have two on two different characters…one mount each).

  9. Darkbander

    Just because only horde can get the kodo on the PTR doesn’t mean that they won’t change it by the time brewfest actually goes live.

  10. batgrl

    Actually Fafhrd I was saying that about the ghost wolf thinking to reassure people who HAD the rams – but you’re right, you could focus only on the “not able to get one anymore” part. I probably expressed it badly, but I was trying to focus on the number of ram owners versus the wolf pet owners – ram owners are a much larger group.

    “If people bitch and moan too much about the events… the events will go away.”

    Last time I read the Wow Forums? Tons of complaints about all aspects of the game. And I haven’t noticed the disappearance of all the things complained about. Brewfest had LOTS of complaints about it – even without the random glitches, there were lots of aspects that had people ranting, quests that annoyed people, etc. – yet they’re going to bring back the event. So complaints don’t cause disappearances.

    However non-ranting comments about issues are something that Blizz has taken into consideration in the past. There is a reason that the PTR is open to all players – they do actually want feedback.

  11. Volcan

    I think the rams should be exchangable for kodoes on the horde side, and if players dont accept they would get deleted. Because i think Alliance just should NOT have acces to kodos. That mount is too racial. And when alliance wouldnt get kodos, that way Horde should have rams. Raptors, wolves, horses, undead horses, those are obvious mounts that everyone can use imo, but kodos, mechanostriders and that stuff, seem too racial to me to be shared

  12. Emowin

    I’m good as long as they dont try to delete my hard earned ram. I busted my butt for him and I wasnt even lv 60 yet lol. I really really hope they dont take him away then I will /cry. But I suppose I will live codos are kinda neat to, but having a ram as a hord, I get constant “hey where did you get that mount?” For a lone player that has verry little /droolable gear its kinda like a badge of honor thing.

    And I have a neat rp story that goes along with him, if they take him away….i will just have to write it all over again. *sigh*

  13. Sarai

    I also hope they don’t decide to take away the ram mounts that horde players have already gotten, it was way too hard to get mine just to have him ‘traded’ or gotten rid of. I was hoping to get a ram on one of my blood elves too…..sigh

  14. Steelheart

    That just blows. Tbqh, Blizz is screwing all of the Alliance players over this coming Brewfest…. I was really looking forward to getting a Kodo on my Dwarf Hunter this October…. I mean, if they won’t allow cross-faction mounts, then why is the Hawkstrider mount from heroic MgT available to Alliance? I mean, it’s a BElf mount, and BElves are Horde. It just doesn’t make sense. And the undead horses from Attumen in Kara and Baron in Strat. They’re UD mounts! Just doesn’t make sense why they would do such a thing.

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