Name That Pet: Dalader’s White Lion

Dalader with white lionToday we have a request from a dwarf hunter named Dalader who has recently tamed a white lion. Dalader writes:

I would like to have a sensible name that would sound cool with a dwarf, maybe something about dwarf and lion lore, maybe you can mix names around so that they sound they go with the ‘WoW time period’, and make it so that they don’t sound silly at the same time. Just so you know, I do not RP, well not on WoW anyway, but I like the names people can use in RP servers, so nothing recent or silly, proper names, mythical or about lore. Thanks for reading and let the name creating begin!

41 thoughts on “Name That Pet: Dalader’s White Lion

  1. Namelessinsanity

    Ahhh Echeyakee, the looks you get when your on a Ally hunter and every other hunter is psting you “how did you get him?”. Personally I believe that if the game gives a creature a name you should honor the rarity that is that name it keep it with the pet. So my suggestion is Echeyakee should be it’s name, honor what a great Lion he is and how speical Blizz made him. I have him on a Draenei hunter cost me 20g to get him and I kept his name, picked up Humar on Horde hunter and named him Humar.

    And to Matt, that is just uncalled for and I hope your post is deleted and your not allowed to post here again.

  2. Namelessinsanity

    [Goes to shake the hand of the person that deleted Matt's post] Thank you [then does a standing Ovation for them.]

  3. Fafhrd

    The name Echeyakee means “Whitemist” in Taurahe (the Tauren language)I always found that a suitable name for this pet other wise just have fun with this beautiful cat its a great pet to have on an Ally hunter. :-)

    Greetings Fafhrd (Nelf Hunter Bloodfeather(EU) 41/20/0(BM))

  4. Deidare

    Hey Dalader your just like me i hate silly names and i like cool ones but i’m not in an RP realm either, but anyway some names i have are Madare, Deidara, Tobi, Kakashi, Ichigo, Renji, Kenpachi, or Yamamoto.

  5. Petlover

    Frankly, I find it annoying when people go and tame these rare pets and then re-name them their old names. To me, it makes it seem like the person has no imagination or creativity to come up with their own name. the color/look on it’s own is proof enough of its rarity. Nothing personal against anyone, I just like to be a little more…original. I just tamed the Strider Clutchmother on a night elf hunter of mine and I named her Midori, the Japanese name for “green”. As pretty as this lion is, he deserves a suitable name. Though given your description of the type of name you are looking for, I’m not sure what to suggest.

  6. Rikaku

    Richard (Bobo had the same idea)
    Simba (it actually does mean Lion lol)
    or my favorite
    Kimba (like the white lion in anime)

  7. walden

    When I was searching for an a name for Echeyakee, I checked the words “white” and “mist” in different languages.
    The Spanish word for mist is “Bruma” – and I think that’s a beautiful name for a lion.

  8. Angelakane

    I say Aslan, the great white lion from Narnia. Strong and goodwilled.
    Famous too, so people will recognize the name.

  9. Shantanna

    Well, I like Ivoria for a girl white lion. That’s what I’d name it. But since it’s a guy white lion, maybe just Ivory?
    I really do like the name Bruma though.

  10. Stoneblade

    “Löwenbräu,” which, of course, translates to “Lion’s Brew.”

    With the case of a Dwarf, that oughtta fit perfectly. ;)

  11. Nirvana

    I named my white lion Aslan, but Aslan himself from Narnia was not a white lion. As for a suitable name, if you want to go with something Dwarven you could name him after Muradin Bronzebeard, the Dwarf who was killed when Arthas took up Frostmourne (he founded the Explorer’s League).

    If you’re not a fan of Muradin (or Mura for short), you could also name him after one of the chracters from Blizz’s old game, “The Lost Vikings” (which are also the names of dwarves in Uldaman): Olaf, Baelog, Erik.

    That’s sticking to a Dwarven theme. I also like the idea of naming him after a brew =)

  12. Ray

    I have always been fond of the name “Leonidas” it translates to “born of lion”, seems less creative now that the movie 300 came out though. I do like the concept of other languages. Good luck!

  13. Kalasha

    I got mine in w spring as a quest spawn, named it Wraith. The idea of a white lion pouncing you in a blizzard, and there it was. Feel free if you want to use it.

  14. Concrete

    I have had the same pet since lvl 16, i’ve been lvl 70 for ages now and raiding Black Temple and Mount Hyjal.
    Kimba has been with me the whole time. By far and away the coolest pet in game. 2nd coolest is the Ghost Wolf (which i also have :) )

    Kimba, Whistmist or Echeeyakee i’d say.

  15. Sarai

    Echeyakee is Whitemist in Taurehe, so why not name him Whitemist in Dwarvish?
    1. Find a non-dwarf friend & group with him/her
    2. Switch your language to dwarvish, then say ‘whitemist’
    3. Have your friend say the word that comes up back to you, and there you go! :)
    I’ve used this a few times to name some pets of my own

    On a side note, I had Echeyakee on my troll from level 16 to 65, when it got too hard to level 2 pets at the same time, I let him go :*(
    I named him Gabriel after the archangel.

  16. Felamin

    I plan on using this name for when I tame Humar, but you are welcome to use it: Ferusrex
    From latin ferus rex meaning “untamed king” or “king of wild animals”.
    I thought it fitting.

  17. Chris

    I recommend that you name it something that matches your name. I have a dwarf hunter with a orange/gold beard and his name is lionbeard, so i figured id catch “the rake” to match him. I named him Henry for some reason :P. But I just like to match the character with the pet, and maybe you should try to match the name with yours (in some way).

  18. Bunkey The Monkey

    Lowenbrau rocks, great idea and what I would go with.

    Bruma is nice too, althoug you could use Brumablanca which would be white mist.

  19. Iamgodnotrelalybutstill

    definatly name him “GnomeEater” even if your are alliance i named mine that and im a night elf… and i named Humar “DwarfEater”…. trust me it all works out for the best

  20. Senitel

    Why does every1 say frostbite for any white tigers/lions???
    I second Brumablanca or just whitemist.
    Also if a non (insert race here) tells u wat u said in your races language won’t u just c the name u said???

  21. Kaybird

    I have like a low lvl 15 troll hunter, and ever sience i got That cat Ive kept it and it is my 2nd best pet (my first is the transparent lepord). I love that cat, the only down side to it is when hunters come up to u and whisper to you ‘where and how did you get that pet?’ that is SO annoying! then, when I tell them they say “can you tell me where I can get that quest and where I can get it?” (that is if it is a low lvl hunter)

    P.S ; my Echeyakee’s name was ummm….Mistystorm…. and DONT make fun of its name plz :)

  22. MoonHowler90

    .Fanghur (dwarvish word of fang)
    .Ingeitum (Fire workers; Smiths)
    .Tronjheim (Helm of Giants)
    Those are my names i think you could have fun with.
    Happy hunting! AlphaMoon and OmegaHowler out!

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