Community Round-Up: Trophies, Crabs and Fish

Today, for your reading enjoyment, we have another set of WoW blog posts that I have enjoyed and recommend:

  • 35 Yards Out: Trophies of a Hunter – After reading this, I started to go through my bank to see what kinds of trophies I’m still holding onto. But then the sheer amount of stuff I own got to me and I had to go have a lie down.
  • Aspect of the Capricious: Playing Catch Up – Firewing Point is a favorite pet leveling spot for a lot of people. This illustrated mini-guide has some helpful tips. (I particularly liked the comments on the big pic: “Not these guys; they suck!”)
  • Big Red Crab: How Important is Claw? – BRC, one of my favorite new blogs, takes a mathematical look at Claw for crabs. I’ve often suspected that crabs are saved from ignominious failure primary because of their access to Claw, so it’s nice to have graphs.
  • Scattered Nightmares: Sadie – Nomakk shares the story of his in-game pet illustrated with out-of-game pictures. At first I was a bit surprised, but I think it works really well for this cat.
  • El’s Extreme Anglin’: New Movies – If you know someone who’d new to fishing in WoW, point ‘em here!


You may notice in the pingbacks below that the Spanish blog conOsinSemilia responded with their own favorite pet leveling sites in Nagrand, Blade’s Edge, and Netherstorm — complete with maps. I had to use Babelfish to read the post, but the maps tell you the most important info anyway. Thanks, Arwin!

9 thoughts on “Community Round-Up: Trophies, Crabs and Fish

  1. Deidare

    The crab one is kinda strange on how dependable they are to claw or something i really dont know what its asking or saying? hmmmm

  2. Itsnoteasy

    OMG! Linked to by Mania! Didn’t even notice at first; opened up all the links in tabs and thought “Hmm… another ‘Aspect of the …’ blog. Weird. This one looks really familiar for some reason…”

    Glad you liked the picture. :D

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  4. Mania Post author

    Loronar: My main problem, I realized last night, is that my main is still carrying three of the biggest herb bags in her bank, all of which are mostly empty. It really squeezes the rest of the space. I should do something about that … one of these days.

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