Midsummer Fire Festival

The Midsummer Fire Festival has started! (Well, I think it started yesterday but I’m a bit slow.)

Last year I pretty much ignored this event. This year, however, I decided that I wanted a Captured Flame non-combat pet, and possibly also a Brazier of Dancing Flames. So off I went to Orgimmar to do … whatever it was I supposed to do. I started with the event guide on WoW Wiki.

The Torch Tossing quest is the most annoying activity I’ve run across in WoW in ages. No instructions, no feedback, just “Quest Failed” after “Quest Failed” even when I thought I was doing it perfectly right. It was especially annoying because I could see other people doing it sccessfully but none of them would answer my gentle queries.

I eventually figured out that I was standing too close to the bonfire and too far away from the target braziers. My throws took so long to get to the targets that they never made it in time, even with me being very quick on the draw. I moved closer, and suddenly the most annoying activity in the world become exceedingly simple. You know, a little more feedback or a little more careful design could have eliminated the frustration all together …

Next I tried Torch Catching, but I never caught a single torch. Most of them I don’t even see come down. Apparently I need to turn my graphics settings up, because right now I usually don’t see the torch or its supposed shadow until it hits the ground and explodes. And since turning up my graphics in Orgrimmar is deadly to my ability to move, I think I may just skip this one.

That leaves running all to hell and gone across the world looking for bonfires. I may start that later this evening — I would like that Captured Flame pet, after all — but I’m not looking forward to it. And here I’ve run smack into one of the most unfortunate aspects of holiday events: they happen on Blizzard’s schedule, not mine. In a couple of weeks I may well be itching to douse bonfires and practice catching torches, but right now I’m (heh) burned out.

Oh, before I forget: Kerub, who recently asked us to help name her serpent, dropped me an e-mail this morning about some odd hunter pet behavior near the Midsummer Fire Festival event boss, one Lord Ahune. Kerub wote:

Yesterday I noticed odd behavior using my dragon hawk against him. He was biting him and using his normal attacks but when I pressed Fire Breath it didn’t trigger and it didn’t say ‘ immune’. I clicked him to use it and it didn’t trigger at all.

Rather odd. Has anyone else run into odd behavior with pets and Lord Ahune?

[edit] My most sincere apologies to Kerub for assigning her the wrong gender in the original post! How very embarrassing. I’ve corrected the post now, but I do apologize.

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  1. Faeldray

    I want to get the mini-pet for one of my hunters too so I tried the Torch Tossing/Catching yesterday. Like you said, the Catching part is really hard. I only managed to catch it once (mostly by fluke) and I’m suppose to do it 4 times in a row? Gee, that’ll be fun.

  2. Tsani

    Torch Catching is pretty much impossible for me too, due to latency mostly. One of the drawbacks of playing on a server on the other side of the planet. :(
    At least the fires are pretty easy reach for *ahem* watering… I feel like taming a wolf just to use an emote to that effect. *evil grin*

    I have fought Ahune a dozen times now and seen him go down twice… he drops a sweet Hunter cloak. :)

    My cat Asha has been behaving oddly too. When she gets near Ahune, she slows down to a crawl quite some distance away and stays put at the range where I go out of ranged distance. Our tank could get much closer to Ahune. She makes no attack animations (just the very slow walking animation), but I see her focus going up and down (Claw/Cower on auto) while KC and Bestial Wrath seem to work too. I hear KC go off, and Asha turns an odd dark red (she’s black and I send her in with BW on, so it’s hard to see if it’s an extra effect or if it’s the BW/KC effect not leaving). I was too busy shooting everything I had at Ahune to pay attention on whether she grows and shrinks with BW and the damage she does. When we go back to adds, everything is back to normal again as soon as she moves away from Ahune (which she does automatically).

  3. Greyhoof

    Ok here is how I did the 2 events. First for the toss. Stand about 5 feet out from the bonfire and use a hot key. Pressing (1, or whatever key you used) while keeping your mouse at the targets really helps. As for the catch here is the best way. Move the camera directly over you (make sure u have shadows enabled) and then throw. When you see the shadow (you can also see the torch in the air) moving run in the direction it is heading. Part of the skill to this is making sure you are moving enough to keep up with it but don’t outrun it. When you re-throw make sure and turn to the direction it is going and run forward. It just takes a bit of practice. And even then sometimes I have missed a catch even when I was sure I was at the right spot. Oh and one thing the first time is 4 catches, the repeatable (per day) afterward is 10 catches :).

    Oh and one thing to note for people looking to lvl. They changed the poles this year. Before you had to run around the pole with others to get a buff. This year you can run around it solo. As you do you will get a buff that gives you a 10% to xp and can be built up to 60 min duration. So just click the pole and start making circles (also the dance you do is something to watch). Make sure you zoom out and watch the top of the pole :).

  4. Petlover

    I have to say, this holiday is the one I hate the most. Even doing a million runs on the Brewfest Rams was easier than this stupid torch tossing event. I tried it a couple of times, but finally gave up. Oh well, they don’t have anything I want. Good luck to those of you who are gonna try again. Me? I’ll wait for the fireworks display on July 4th. :D

  5. Rikaku

    Been doing the Midsummer’s festival for the past two days. Been stealing flames from the Horde cities (sorry Mania, but I gotta get that pet and brazier). Anyways, I’ve found that if you want to do Torch Catching there’s two things you should do.
    1) Turn Graphics up, namely the ones involving objects’ shadows.
    2) Go to the least populated cities; Exodar, Silvermoon, I’m looking at you.

    Piece of cake. PS: Use Travel, Ghost Wolf, or Aspect of the Cheetah if you’re still having trouble. You can catch the torches while shapeshifted & with the aspect on.

  6. Jindar

    Only Festival thing I want, is the Scorchling fire elemental minipet on my mage…

    But it’s only available as a drop from a mini-raidboss as part of a 70 quest, and my little Troll is only 22…

  7. Ansawa

    Torch-catching is almost trivially easy if you’ve got a speed boost, yep. :) But it sounds like you will need to move to a mostly empty city to pull it off successfully; the only way to do it (until you get the hang of where a torch is going to go, anyway) is to have relatively little lag and graphics settings high enough you can see the torch’s shadow on the ground.

    On an unrelated note, my coconspirator and I have been doing a little doodling around with various pet things. I’ve got a question and a comment for you, therefore.

    1. I’m sure you’ve noticed that pets can block and parry when they’re being attacked. Do you know at what percentage they do that? I’m going to be experimenting with a paladin and Blessing of Sanctuary to see if I can get an idea of how many incoming attacks a pet blocks while tanking.

    2. We’ve discovered another “problem” with caster pets, although it’s one that doesn’t even come up unless you group or raid with paladins at a high level. Basically, for the purposes of a paladin’s Greater Blessings, most hunter pets count as warriors and so will receive whatever paladins in the raid/party are blessing the warriors with. (I usually see Might, Kings, Salvation [if we have DPS and not tank warriors], and Sanctuary on Nemesis.) Caster pets, however, count as paladins–and depending on what role the paladins in your party are playing, this may lead to your caster pet getting totally inappropriate buffs! Blessing of Wisdom, for example, won’t be of any use at all to a hunter pet, and since I run with several tankadins, paladins usually don’t have Salvation, which can be a lifesaver for a pet.

  8. Kai

    Yeah I started the event as well. My 70 ally hunter is the only one who can get the quest line to enter the towns for the fire. Every other toon is lower then 50 :P

    I’ve been able to solo raid every horde city (Org being the hardist) with little annoyance aside some masive lag spikes that kept me from fleeing Org.

    I have to say running here there and everywhere is so annoying. x.x FLIGHT PATHS YAY! Although locating some of the horde areas is tricky, I don’t know where they all are lol

  9. hyena84

    i noticed some odd pet behavior earlyer this afternoon,forgot what it was till just now.a boar i temp tamed while trying for screech rank one.id hit charge (rank 2?) and it would run to the enemy,hit it,then run back to me like it was set to passive,but it was on defencive.i never noticed them doing that befor when i had boar pets…
    i HATE the torch catching thing.its nice that theyre trying to add something different but that quest just fails.i figured the tossing out easy enough despite the quest text.only took a few trys to notice i needed to be near the bonfire and aiming for that lovely hunters mark.its like a messed up whack-a-mole really…

  10. Palladiamors

    I can confirm similar problems with a felguard against Ahune. Mainly slow movement, and he refuses to cleave, and overall his damage output seems to seriously suck against him. Adds are a bit glitchy but workable, but the hail stones appear to suffer a similar situation, in that my felguard either will not attack, or will not cleave.

  11. Maree

    Hehehe, got my mini-pet yesterday. It took me around 4 hours to get all the “Honor the flame” and “Desecrate the flame” quests, and I did the Twilight Cultist chain too.
    It’s not hard , just boring ;P

  12. PepsiJedi

    I’ve not had a problem with the torches themselves. I have 4 gig memory and a dual core powering my PC though, on a 22″ monitor, well… it’s easy for me to see things.

    I use TB for my torch catching. It’s not hard in and of itself. Except for when big ol cows, with their graphics turned way low start throwing exploading torches around and won’t chase them. So I’m trying to catch MY torch while being blown up from theirs. (( yes other peoples torches exploading WILL hurt you)).

    Once the others clear out I can get my dailys done in about 5 minutes, so I can confirm what others here have said, Use a low traffic city, during low traffic times.

    As for the stepping and fetching running around getting the fires. It’s not that bad. The coin you get for turning in is more than your flight costs, and only about one in 10 will give you any problem. I’ve only been killed by 2 “Guarding partys” out of about 3/4ths of the citys. I’ll finish up tomorrow and choose my mini pet or the dancing fire chick. (( that can turn you INTO a dancing fire chick…. a bit more than just something cool to look at when you find that out))

  13. MW

    I want one of the Captured Spirits of Summer for my lowbie shaman (it just seems appropriate), so I’ve been running all over the place because I couldn’t figure out the torch tossing (but I’ll try again now!) and she’s too low for any of the quests at the 14 she started at yesterday. On the plus side, she’s gotten to 17 just on exploration, fire dousing XP, and a pair of Barrens quests I did in between, and I have just about every Horde flight path I’ll ever need in Kalimdor. Now just one more continent to go!

  14. Tiiaa

    My owl would not use Screech or normal Melee against Ahune, whereas my ravager uses all specials and normal melee attacks against it.

  15. Birdsoong

    OK, there is one major thing about the torch catching. Do it in Silvermoon and not in Orgrimar (haven’t checked the other cities). Not because of latency or anything. The real problem is, that even with maximum details, you don’t see the shadow of the torch half of the time, you see it when it is tossed and shortly before it lands but not in the meantime. I guess it has to do with the texture of the road. When you do the tossing in Silvermoon, you see the shadow all the time.

  16. Killerdragon

    Catching isn’t hard once you get the hang of it… I struggled for hours the first day, but then the next day I was able to do 10 catches on my first try. =D I’d suggest going to the horde’s least populated city, whatever that is on your server… (I play ally most of the time and do my torch throwing and catching in Exodar.)
    Also, if you go to wowhead, on the page for the item “Burning Blossom” in comments, there’s two green ones a bit down in the list that have locations of all 62 flames.

  17. Kurdor

    I know PvP really isn’t your thing, Mania, but you can ride into a rival faction’s capital and steal their flame for 25 blossoms each. Usually, unless you’re crafty, this means some manner of death, but the 100 blossoms you get are too good to pass up, especially sense they come with a happy little fiery crown if you get all four cities.

  18. JayCanuck

    I’m a big non-combat pet collector. I’m sooooooooooo glad I got the Captured Flame pet last year. Last year, there was a simple quest chain in lvl 60 instances (very easy to solo on lvl 70 rogue).

    This year I’m goin for the Brazier :-D

  19. Thalestris

    Started the event myself on my druid (my main). Easy enough to stealth into the Horde capitals and steal the flames, but I would much rather run naked and flagged through Orgrimmar at peak hours than try that torch catching game again. The mechanics of the game rely so much on your latency that I’m never even within ballpark range of the torch when it lands. I may try it on my hunter, just to make use of Aspect of the Cheetah. Anyway, my friend and I had an enormous amount of fun running all over Kalimdor for fires, Kingdoms next for her (I already got all four horde fires). It’s time consuming but it’s ~12g per opposing faction’s fire and ~5g per your own fires honored. I’m closing in on epic mount money and have almost enough flowers for the pet ^-^

  20. Deidare

    Actually i’m a hunter and a big non combat pet hunter as well i have everyone of em’ no joke so now i have a new one to go after. hmmmm

  21. Chaix

    when trying to catch the torch, I found it helpful to head to thunderbluff and stay a little in front of the shadow of the torch, that way the little bit it moves at the end won’t cause you to get torched. if you go for the city flames, remember to remove the armor and you may want to bring along some way to bubble so you don’t get killed while you try to loot the quest item

  22. PepsiJedi

    Tried Silvermoon today. Easier to do, but the torches flew alot farther than TB so the “oh crap am I gonna catch it????” feeling seems to last longer. But much easier over all. The throwing is easier there too.

  23. Deathbang

    Well I got a Brazier of Dancing Flames, Vestment of Summer, and Crown of the Fire Festival. The brazier is just awesome. Thats all I have to say.

  24. Kriyet

    re: the Torch Catching

    I read a comment on Wowhead.com – you don’t need to turn up all your graphic settings, just the one on Spell Detail. I tried it and worked like a charm. I went from frustratedly watching torches disappear into the air, to following a nice dark circle on the floor. Combine that with choosing the emptier capital, and it should make it easier.

    Re: the Torch Tossing

    That just sux. Similar wowhead.com comments suggested waiting for every second one – so you’re ready to throw as soon as it lights up. It still took me about 10 tries, but did make it possible.

    Hope those help you.

  25. Mania Post author

    Thanks for all the great advice, everyone! I did eventually manage to catch 4 torches in a row (in Silvermoon, late late at night, after 45 minutes of practice). Since that was all I needed to unlock the Torch Tossing daily, that is the last torch catching I plan to do. I also toured the Eastern Kingdoms and obtained my Captured Flame. But I think that’s it for me this event, unless I get a sudden urge to tour the rest of Kalimdor as well.

  26. Dvalin

    I too noticed problems with my Ravager when attacking Ahune, he just stood still while the gore animation played, looked wierd but didnt seem to affect his performance. I got very lucky and on the second time we downed him in normal mode he dropped the scorched stone which I won the roll for so tbh I don’t think I’ll bother with Ahune again although it was a rather hectic and fun fight. I just find it frustrating that the juggling torches which you can buy are classed as conjured items and so disappear when you log out :(

  27. Scott

    This year I bucked my natural laziness and made myself do the events asap, before too many bored pvpers took notice of all the flagged targets running around their pve zones; it took some endurance but I was finally able to get a brazier for my orc and a bottled flame for my nelf…

    I pretty much had the same reaction to the torch tossing; easy enough once you figure out that it is basically a game of whackamole played via hotkey… torch catching I did become reasonably good at once I figured out the basics – but even then it was way too much work for just 5 more blossoms so I only did it a few more times, preferring to focus on the honor/desecration events which netted me the vast bulk of my blossoms.

    Did the “striking back” daily once and was like “is this supposed to be a joke? just walk over and kill a normal L63 mob for 10 blossoms?”, that part just seemed like a pointless giveaway; I was expecting the mob to be at least elite – there were probably many chuckles when I asked on /general “how many ppl are needed for [Striking Back]” while heading over to the glacial stones for the first time…

    The only parts I haven’t done yet are the enemy capital bonfires (probably won’t bother as I have no high level stealth chars) and the ahune event (doing that this weekend hopefully).

    On the whole so far I’ve found this year’s event to be better than last year’s, but it’s still not great IMO; it seems to lack the cohesive feel of events like Brewfest, Winterfest and the Halloween one – the bonfires just seem kind of formulaic, with nothing that makes you go “Woah!! That’s COOL!” besides perhaps the rewards themselves. I’m expecting Ahune to raise my opinion somewhat but not a ton; one limited time boss can only boost the whole event by so much. Still, a step in the right direction at least, and some nifty rewards…

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