PTR 2.4.3: Growl Changes Confirmed

I finally managed to get onto the 2.4.3 Public Test Realm long enough to do some simple testing and site-seeing. (I’ve posted what I learned about level 30 mounts over on Warcraft Mounts, so I won’t repeat it here.)

But more than anything I wanted to get a look at the changes to Growl — namely this patch note:

Growl: Pets will no longer generate additional threat from this ability based on attack power buffs cast on them. Attack power buffs on their master will still indirectly increase the threat generated by the pet’s Growl.

We saw a very similar patch note in Patch 2.4.2, although that one was phrased rather differently: “The pet ability Growl will no longer scale with pet Attack Power and now scales with the hunter’s Attack Power.”

The new phrasing for this note is much more clear and better describes the actual change. But why a second patch note on the same change? Because the 2.4.2 Growl change didn’t actually happen — Blizzard eventually confirmed that a bug was still allowing Growl to benefit from direct buffs to the pet’s Attack Power.

So how do we know that this change is actually going to happen this time, in patch 2.4.3? Well, according to my quick tests it’s already on the PTR, so the chances of the change going live seem high!

Tonight my trusty cat Cloud and I ventured out into the wilds of the PTR to test this out. You may remember that last PTR I spent some time working out a reliable Growl testing method; I repeated those tests tonight, not exhaustively, but enough to verify the patch note. I’ll be doing more testing over the weekend.

I’ll also be posting quite a bit more on the effects of this change because I know it’s got people riled. But for tonight I just wanted to let you know that it is implemented this time. *grin*

In addition, I tested the bug with the prioritization of auto-cast Growl that popped up in Patch 2.4. Unfortunately, this bug still remains — which means that regardless of any other changes in Growl, pet threat is still going to feel wonky from fight to fight.

12 thoughts on “PTR 2.4.3: Growl Changes Confirmed

  1. Loronar

    Hm…Out of curiosity, since I’ve forgotten what happened in 2.4.2, does that mean Growl has been affected by both hunter attack power AND pet attack power this whole time or only pet attack power? The sentence made it sound like it was not being affected by hunter attack power.

    If the latter is the case, wouldn’t that be a buff to Growl?

  2. batgrl

    Suddenly it occurs to me that this would be a great time to try out my hunter and her pet pig out on the PTR – darn this vacation I’m going off on! Heh.

    I’m also somewhat confused as to what’s up with the wording of this and what exactly is going on – I probably wouldn’t have been if not for the “yes we’re changing something” and then “er, no not really” business that went on. Makes me wonder if someone in programming somewhere at Blizz picked the wrong month to switch to decaff or something.

  3. Vronsky

    I’ve been leveling my boar (66) on live servers, trying to get him caught up to my lvl 68, just grinding mobs. My spec is mainly Survival and Marks up to Scatter Shot and I crit around 1100 @ a 25% rate (or so it says on the char panel). The pig (or the carrion bird(66) or the warp stalker(67)) cannot hold agro if I have hawk aspect, so I run with viper. Which is OK it cuts down the amount of drinks to be purchased, but even so there are times the pet just cannot hold agro no matter how soft I pedal it.

    One thing I’ve noticed is when I send the pet in to attack the mob, the target-of-target will often start out as me before switching to the pet. I wait until the pet gets at least 1 hit before stinging/autoshooting – so it is very strange to see me as the target before doing any non-pet damage or debuff/sting. Not sure if it is a ToT bug or a bug in their targetting mechanism. I have not paid attention whether the pet has more difficulty holding agro when the funny targeting occurs.

  4. Znodis

    If your pet was using buffs to get over 734 PAP at level 70 this is a nerf. If not then the change will not affect you.

    Now that I’ve gone back over the previous pets I tested (and know IHM does not affect the pet) I think I can actually continue the review without issue. The way the CMs were talking before, it sounded like they were most concerned with AP buffs from other classes. Could you confirm whether TSA causes the same scaling as before? I’ve found it really useful for leveling pets.

  5. Deidare

    Really i think the buffs should improve Growl like it improves over the levels it gains istead of having the same aggro rating all the time.

  6. Mania Post author

    Znodis: Yup, that’s the short summary. :> I was supposed to be working on a Growl mechanics article today but instead I ended up doing unpaid contract work. Ah, well. But yes, I specifically tested with TSA – it boosts Growl threat via the hunter’s RAP but not via the pet’s AP directly.

  7. Ketari

    Gotta love it when someone in Blizzard can’t accept he was wrong and gets a class nerfed to fit his version of reality. Sigh.

  8. Nimizar

    To be fair to Blizzard, if your pet’s AP was at the point where Growl threat started scaling (even with Trueshot Aura), you were probably already at the point where your pet couldn’t hold aggro worth a damn anyway.

    And as much as I was annoyed by the way Hortus handled our feedback on this topic during the 2.4.2 PTR, the only way this change would have gone through is if the devs genuinely intended Growl threat to scale solely with the hunter’s RAP. Now we just need them to move that scaling threshold down a bit lower :)

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