Name That Pet: Fursecutor’s Sporebat

Fursecutor and SporebatKet Shi is one of Petopia’s most reliable contributors of data, but this time he is looking for some help himself. His hunter Fursecutor needs a name for a new pet sporebat!

Turns out I am in need of a name for a new pet! I’ve always loved how spore bats looked, but I’ve never had a reason for my hunter Fursecutor to use one. However, when I heard a rumor they may be getting a focus dump, I rushed over to Zangarmarsh right away to get a blue spore bat, and I’m currently in the process of getting her to level 70.

I’m stumped on a name, though. I’m not interested in silly names or drug references, which was all my guildmates could come up with. I’m assuming the spore bat is female, so I’d like a more serious feminine name that’s a little more exotic.

Serious, feminine, and exotic — we can do that!

40 thoughts on “Name That Pet: Fursecutor’s Sporebat

  1. Ansawa

    I’m oddly inclined to recommend “Drift” for a sporebat.

    Scratch that, I’ll name Ansawa’s sporebat that when I get one closer to Wrath. ;)

    How about Dalal? Arabic for “coquettishness”. Ikram means “honor,” which seems germane, given the orc fixation on honor (and blood, can’t forget that! ;)). Nada can mean “dew”; Nadia means “moist(!), delicate” and seems appropriate.

    Also, kudos on the tiny sporebat! I love them so much both my seventies have them. :)

  2. Harvok

    a focus dump for sporebats? when was this? anyway, if you want a feminine name, i would go with venia, latin for grace. i dunno, just find words related to ur pet and fiddle around with an online translator. thats my 5 cents anyway.

  3. Comett

    I’ve always liked the name Satine, which is French, and sort of flowing like the sporebat. Maybe a French name would suit her?

  4. Murin

    I like to use science-y names when naming pets. They’re always fun an unique and have a story behind them in case anyone asks :)

    For example, I named a Winterspring cat Eusmilus, which is the name of a type of sabre-toothed cat. For my Raptor, I named him Dromaeo which is a shortened version of Dromaeosauridae, the Velociraptor. ;)

    Since a Sporebat technically isn’t a real animal, you can look up bats. So they are of the order Chiroptera, and theres a bunch of family names to pick from and play with. My favorite for a female bat: Craseo. :)

  5. Deidare

    Well if your looking for some girlish serious names then i got’em. How about Rukia, Orihime, Yoruichi, Hinamori, Nanao, or maki. I thought they sounded good and so mite you.

  6. Yossir (w/ Torc & Ravioli)

    Breeze or Cloud. Those names sound perfect since sporebats sway and float in the air and they sound sorta feminine.

  7. Wolfington

    “Destiny” is a nice name…

    All nice sounding names, might not be what you are looking for..

    Cute pet, I am most definetely getting one when that new skill comes out, but I am to lazy to level one…

  8. darager

    um i have always liked the name arwin for felame pets dunno why it just strikes me as a good name…
    also spohie sounds good but thats just my2 cents

  9. Wolf68

    I considered taking a sporebat as a pet a while ago. The background story I made up was, that because I helped the sporelings in their fight against the invading fungus giants, they provided me with one of their protectors, a giant sporebat named Sporeggarius/Sporeggarion. That in combination with their blue tabard would make quite a rp statement.
    But then, since I do only raids and pvp, I more or less had to take a high dps pet (and alas it really makes a big difference). =/

  10. Kerub

    I named one ‘sparkle’
    I actually knew a girl once and that was her given name
    Diana my 7 year old daughter suggests “Charlie”

  11. Niabi

    Lior: means “my light” in Hebrew.

    Diaa: means “light” in Arabic.

    Jyoti: means “light” in Sandskrit.

    Aura: an emanation of internal glow or spiritual light.

  12. Emowin

    Did you ever knotice that the pattern on her bellie looks like the “great eye” from lord of the rings? Don’t know if maybe that will help at all but for once…i’m stumped on a name sorry : (

  13. Seidouyumi


    Someone’s been hitting the manga/anime a bit harder than usual, huh?

    Ok, this one’s a bit skewed. Alright, so it’s a male name, but…

    Herbert. For Herbert George Wells. The Sporebats have always reminded me of the 1950′s version of War of the Worlds for some reason.

  14. Jemmoria

    I have one which love to use. I named “her” Angel. I just feel peaceful when travalling around with her. I only hope one day she gets a ability she truly desereves :).

  15. Urdui

    Biolume – For the natural glowingness…
    Amanita – A genus of poisonous mushroom.
    Morel – Like the spongy morels found in game.
    Thallophyta – A scientific classification for fungi.
    Hyphae – A network of slender tubes that make up fungi.
    Glowspore – For the little spores they shed.
    Puffball – A type of mushroom and a silly, but not too silly name.

  16. Nalikey

    Hmm, well for some reason the name Azmerelda came to mind but hmm ilm usually good at this…


    tahts all I can think of for now, good luck !

  17. Peter

    A focus dump for sporebats is a rumor (related with WotLk), not more. Sure I would appreciate this, but until this is confirmed, I would not choose that pet family for anything but “good looking”.

  18. Epacsten

    The rumored focus dump that “may” eventually be associated with sporebats isn’t currently implemented in any form. It was data mined. Don’t get your hopes up. That said, I have my own sporebat for the same reason. I wanted one from the second I saw the first leaked TBC screenshot of a hunter with one as a pet, and I still want them to be viable pets.

    I named mine Jellyroll.

  19. Shantanna

    I’d like to second Hypnotic’s name Kiwi. Kiwi! Or Wyndigo’s name Iris. That’s very feminine.
    When you described the name you want, I immediately thought of a tropical flower or fruit. How about these:
    or, in reference to the bright coloring:
    Hope these help! :D

  20. Ghostlyarrow

    Since people are saying they remind them of Martians and stuff… why not something fantastic and alien?
    Cthulhu for example. He comes from Lovecraft series. Not associated to Sporebats in any way, but is also absolutely alien to our world.

    If you want female, why not C’Thumi?

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