PTR on the Way?

I was browsing the WoW forums real quick tonight before turning in (this contract thing has me up abominably early in the morning!) and noticed that the Public Test Realm forum is once again available (and has been wiped clean). In addition, copying a character from the live realms to a Public Test Realm appears to be operational, and you can download the PTR client as well. However, the PTR client is still an old build for the moment, and none of the Public Test Realms are actually up yet.

Still, being the PTR junkie that I am, I am very interested in all this activity! I just hope it’s all ready to go by the time my plane lands tomorrow night.

4 thoughts on “PTR on the Way?

  1. Concrete

    This is from the EU forums

    “Beginning tonight at midnight, Paris time (CEST), and running until 10:00 Paris time June 19th, all web services will be undergoing maintenance. Therefore, access to services such as Account Creation, Account Management, Subscription Renewal, Paid Character Transfer, Paid Character Name Change, the European World of Warcraft forums, the Armory, and may be disrupted during this time.

    Thank you for your patience and understanding.

    Daliniya “

  2. Seidouyumi

    It shouldn’t be a huge, huge patch though. 2.4.3 will probably just fix a few minor bugs and lay more ground work for Wrath. I know that we will see one more major patch before Wrath hits the shelves. 2.5 will probably be the same kind of mess to get into test as the last big one before TBC.

  3. Lazé

    I read the patch notes, and it’s really a big deal.. Like, mounts at lvl 30 and such, and warlock curses that stacks, it looks major to me, altho it’s “only” patch 2.4.3, here’s a link from

    Hope you’ll find that useful, I’ve been leeching A LOT on this forum, simply because I love it. That was a hint for you Mania, that I luw your work <333333333 =)

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