Community Round-Up: From the Vault

As I read through my RSS feeds each day, I always mark interesting posts that I might want to talk about at some point. And then usually I forget that I’ve marked them and that’s the end of that. *grin*

But here’s some older posts that I found interesting which have been saved from the ether by sheer chance. Enjoy!

Hopefully I can start remembering to post the links I flag more often!

3 thoughts on “Community Round-Up: From the Vault

  1. batgrl

    Hee hee, I was wondering about the visitors too! Meanwhile this is reminding me that I really need to do posts like this – link around to things I’m reading. As soon as I catch up on this huge batch of screenshots, I’m SO behind!

    Oh and since you were nice enough to link – I dug up other shots I meant to upload so I now have more “exciting” taxidermy images posted on that entry. Talk about weird google subjects – as long as people don’t start asking me how to mount their freshly killed beasts on the wall…

  2. Amava

    Thank you very much for the link. I love reading your blog, and I’m flattered at the reference from such a well respected member of the community.

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