Amani Bear Update?

I had a report today that the Amani Bear (the bear mount-type beast from Zul’Aman) can now be tamed. If you remember, these guys could be tamed when they first appeared on the 2.3 Public Test Realm but were made untameable before that patch went live.

Since I’m still on a quasi-vacation from WoW — and since Zul’Aman is well beyond my capabilities anyway — I’d appreciate any help you guys can give me confirming or debunking this news.

My thanks to Alanonymous of Vek’nilash for the report.

37 thoughts on “Amani Bear Update?

  1. Alanonymous

    Just to explain a bit further, I have not verified this either, but have been told by 3 people I trust that they are, once again, tamable. I sent a note to Mania to see if we could get this verified since I knew that both I and Mania would like to know.

  2. Kualus

    Well, sorry to ruin your dreams, but the ones I’ve checked (the packs of 2, the Amani Bear) are not tameable, at least Beast lore says that it cannot be tamed :-(. But maybe you CAN tame the ones that spawn from those trolls on those bear mounts on the way to nalorakk, but the Amani bear according to Beast Lore is NOT tameable T_T.

  3. Alanonymous

    Thanks Kualus. Anyone tried the others? I really hate to go tell my friends they don’t know what they are talking about, on the other hand, I was afraid they didn’t.

  4. Kurasu

    Purple: Screenshot for us. I’m sure we’d all love to see the bear-pet. And let people know where you get the ones that you can tame?

  5. Kualus

    Maybe you can tame the Amani Bear Mount, the ones that spawn from the trolls on bears on the way to Nalorakk, haven’t tried that yet, so if anyone could try that?

  6. Mugungo

    well, i cannot find that out today, but tomorrow i am going to be running za, and i can test the bears that the trolls come jump off of then, ill post back here when i find out =)

  7. Jester

    Keep in mind that where Best Lore is concerned, it is probably still going to say “untameable”. Tooltips don’t get updated in a hotpatch, much like your Scare Beast still says it’s an instant cast.

  8. Kualus

    @ Jester: It did say untameable, but I also tried it (Thanks to my guildies for helping out ^.^) and it said ”Creature not tameable”, for the Amani Bear packs.

  9. Wolfington

    *Sigh* everyone is off taming ZA bears, and I am stuck here with gear so bad that there is NO chance I am ever stepping foot into it.. *Sigh*
    On the other hand, my 67 hunter is, when he hits 70, going to AV until he has AT LEAST full S1 and I will work towards ZA from there, although truely I have,
    1. No raid experience,
    2. To incompitent to do any raids,
    and 3. I probubly won’t have the TIME to do a ZA raid, let alone find someone looking for more..

    Ah well.. Lets just hope they don’t go Untameble/Unfeedible again, eh?

  10. Kirayla

    Seems an interesting thought, although i really don’t know if they are. Maybe i should go and try, if it is happening, either a blizzard mistake or private server?

  11. PepsiJedi

    No update to the taming but in one of the interviews the Blizzard team did say the war bear will stop being a mount with the release of LK. That it’s set as a “HIGH BENCH MARK” sort of badge of honor thing and if people hit lvl 80 it’d be easy to get, so when LK goes live, the War bear will no longer be able to be gotten as a mount.

    Can’t help but think these are related. If you want one. Get one before Nov.

  12. Ryno

    Does anyone have a strategy then to tame one of these when it dismounts, or an idea how to pull this off? Seems like you’d need to be overgeared for such an endeavor, to put a ranged DPSer out of commission for ~20 seconds. Though, my main is geared enough for ZA, I’ve honestly never done it. Any ideas here for me to munch on would be nice, hehe. Or is that too off topic?

  13. Rudda

    Our Guild has cleared ZA and is trying to beat the timers. My guess is taking the time to attempt the tame and cause or near cause a wipe would ruin those chances. However, I’m going to do my best to see if we can try it. My hunter has been there once since they have been calling on the services of my healadin more. But I do hope to give it a shot soon.

    BTW a screen shot would be great if someone has one.

  14. Rudda

    Just read the post on the blizzard forums and it specifies that he started the tame after the troll rider had been killed. Kirayla, was the troll still alive or dead when you tried? If that is the key, then it becomes much harder to keep the bear busy while you kill the troll first. Then leave the bear and hunter alone while the tame process runs.

  15. Kirayla

    The troll was dead, but the Bear was sheeped, so that may cause a problem? Seeing as I tried this and we still got the timers, if we get a valid way to try differently i may give it a go.

  16. Lopeppy

    Go on change your realmlist get on horde makea char go outside org. You see em everywhere.Cant avoid em.I thought it was a glitch at first also then i was dazed that they would let such a bear be tamable.Once again proving purple is right.

  17. Concrete

    Lopeppy, thats a private server you can do anything you want there so i’d expect to see bear mounts as pets and a heck of a lot more…..

    Amazing how people can tame these pets yet can’t tell us their server and character name so we can all come see their pet. I mean if i tamed one of the hardest pets in game i’d want to show everyone.

  18. Deathbang

    I agree with Concrete. How could this be possible but no one seems to have any evidence. And of course on a private server they have those! On a private server couldn’t I have a Blood Elf Healadin as my tamed pet if I wanted too?

  19. irwinn

    Hey, after attempts on 3 of the dismounted bears from riders after i posted in that thread i had no sucess got errors each attempt. :) sorry guys.

    **got a dagger of bad majo though finally!!! sahweet.

  20. Mania Post author

    This has proven to be a bit more complicated than I thought! But I appreciate everyone who threw in to help unravel the mystery. :> Thanks, guys!

  21. Zalthor

    The update I found on the Armani Bear was for the mount. They are making it so you cant get them anymore after the xpansion comes out. They want it to be a “trophy” kinda thing for the people that could kill the bosses fast enough (or however you get it). They dont want a bunch of 80s going in and farming it lol.

  22. Ryno

    They should put it back in an 80′s raid, imo. That way it’s still available, yet still hard to get. Maybe change the color to make it a polar bear, with the trolls up there. Undead bear even.

  23. Nyx

    Note that the bear’s primary aggro target needs to be YOU – if anyone is higher on the threat list, the tame won’t work.

    However, if you can open a tame on it without seeing “Cannot Be Tamed”, as people are reporting on the bears that spawn from the riders, then it’s probably feasible to tame one; I would suggest sheeping it until the rider is dead, shooting it with Distracting Shot while it’s sheeped [DS doesn't break sheep, but if you land any damaging shot... well, you know], and, once the rider is dead, getting the mage to sheep it once more, dropping a trap, telling your healers to back off and going for the gold.

    I may try this on a ZA run if everyone’s feeling mellow. Maybe bribe the shaman to pop Heroism on you, so your tame runs a little short and you don’t get two-shotted by the bear.

  24. Stephf

    Cool..I should get me one of those bears, but with my guild, I wont be stepping in there for awhile since well, we suck, we only have 2 out of 20 70s EVER active (Me and my friend Kris)..And since we have no idea how ZA works, we rather wait and not make idiots of ourselves again.

  25. Boven

    I didn’t try to actually tame any of the bears in ZA last night, but I did use Beast Lore on both the pairs of bears and the bear mounts after the trolls had dismounted. It may have just been a matter of timing, but they all showed up as untameable.

    Kind of a pity, too. We’d had some issues on the eagle boss and didn’t have time to save the bear boss’ prisoner, so there was no real hurry to the run. If those things’d been tameable, the raid would most likely have bent over backwards to help me tame one of those bears.

  26. beastfury

    just make a macro, /target amani’shi warbear (or w/e their called) /cast freezing trap /cast tame beast. I’d try it but my guild only tries for atleast 3 chests.

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