Patch 2.4.2: Scare Beast Not Instant

Nethaera has cleared up the confusion surrounding the 2.4.2 change to Scare Beast in a post on the WoW General forum. She says:

The change to the cast time was reverted to the 1.5 second cast time. The range is still 30 yards. Please note though that the tooltip still reads that it is instant cast, but this is a bug that will be fixed.

Drysc has also chimed in with some reasoning on the last minute change:

The instant cast was felt to just be too effective against feral druids, and so the previous cast time reduction to ‘instant’ was reverted through a hotfix back to 1.5 sec. If we had made the change through the patch instead of a hotfix it would have required a new build to be generated, additional testing on that build, and likely a week long delay for the release of this patch. The downside when hotfixing an ability is that the tool tip won’t be updated to correctly display any changes made to the ability.

23 thoughts on “Patch 2.4.2: Scare Beast Not Instant

  1. 70 hunter

    make it instant again… druids are op we need some help killing them. really what hunter can solo a feral druid? Im sick of the flying bear drops!!!

  2. Rikaku

    Instant was better, really. Druids are already OP in the arenas. *sighs* Oh well.

    Guess the only awesome thing we got is the Viper change and the new Ravens.
    I’m just gonna wait for the next patch announcement saying “oh we changed that too, no viper for you!”

  3. Deathbang

    Oh come on! Druids need at least ONE counter! I mean they can go to huge dps to unkillable with slightly less dps! Name one druid counter for me. I don’t know of any considering the fact they can’t be snared and can change survivability in a second. They really have no weakness. An instant cast fear would give them that! And by the way since when does this game revolve around PvP? Give it an instant cast and just ban it from PvP. They’ve done it with all sorts of lock spells, and besides with a 1.5 sec cast who would even bother to use it in PvP? With a feral on you you’d die before the cast went off…

  4. Krush

    While the Viper chance is nice…

    What about all the hunters from level 1 to 63 who still have bad mana regen :( ?
    (5 of my 6 hunters are under 64 – when we get Aspect of the Viper… :) )
    (60 to 64 was always mana-intensive it seemed, now its painful and expensive)

    And Deathbang, Bliz has said a few times, both directly and indirectly, that they want to move to eSport/Arena/PvP being the driving factor…


  5. Wolfington

    I have noticed PvP kind of taking over PvE, and the surviving PvE is all dailies and other boring junk. I hate dailies. And, I am not super fond of the idea of PvPing for the rest of my life.

    I must say I approve of the change to cast instead of instent scare beast. As a (badly geared) feral druid, I already have enough trouble in BG’s because of lack of skill, so I would be no use with scare beast instent. =/ However, I understand why people hate the re-change back to cast because some druid’s DON’T stink, and kill anyone they run across…

    I still think we need more PvE. I never get invited to groups because of my terrible gear, which is a cause of not doing PvP all my life.. =/

  6. Etona

    Blizz has been a lot more concerned with PvP than PvE for a while now. Most changes/nerfs are made simply because of how the ability/spell/etc. affects PvP, thus usually hurting PvE more in the long run.

    I have a 70 Elf Druid who’s my oldest surviving character. 80% of the time I’m feral on her, though I love Balance and Resto too.
    I also have two L70 huntresses, and a L63 huntress. (Hence my obesssion with Petopia!!)

    I personally think the insta-cast Scare Beast would’ve been too powerful for PvP, but just find for PvE. Again, all Blizz is focused on when concerned about nerfs/buffs is PvP. Sigh.

    I enjoy PvP, but I’m not crazy about it. I love getting on and pwning Alliance with my bf, but beyond that it’s not a huge deal to me. Just so you know where I’m coming from. :)

  7. fearstalker

    Blizz does NOT want us anywhere PVP. IF they did, they would fix some things so we were viable. I’m suprised they even offer hunter PVP gear.

    between the nerfs to pets and the coming S4 changes, there’s just not much reason for us to go there.

  8. Varsar

    As focused as they are becoming on PvP/esport I think they might as well do a way with pvE all together and when you make toon it is just made at max level with a chunk of change to buy gear

    everytime they make a PvP fix it screws something up in PvE so if they want pvP/esport crap focus just focus and forget the rest..

    Time to start looking into a system upgrade for one of the other games coming out.

  9. Brigwyn

    Nice to see you got this up Mania!!
    BTW – Not sure if I said it yesterday or not. But thanks again for your feedback and help with all the uproar yesterday. :)
    - Brig

  10. Sigrdrífa

    I’m sorry for such a dumb question, but is “esport”? I understand PvP (which I don’t do). If folks want that, can they not go to Age of Conan or the many other games and get their fill or possible could not Bliz have on those PVP servers these “upgrades” and on the PVE servers have things the way they should be? (And face it, if you like PvP and you are on a PvE server, your sort of out of place, aren’t ya?).

  11. Krush

    Not a dumb qustion Sigdrifa…

    eSport = Electronic Sport. Think professional video game players, people getting paid to play. The Blizzard Arena Tournament was the next step Blizzard did to move to making WoW a professional eSport (over $200,000 in cash prizes). But to do this, it needs to be fair, i.e., lots of changes/balance made in the name of PvP (note: Arena 3v3 battles, not 1v1 duels) Unfortunately, not all these changes are as good for the PvE game…

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  13. Never

    Why not make ALL insta cast fears 1.5 secs then. Scare beast only happens to work on one particular class IF its in beast form, everyone else is safe.

  14. Ryai

    You know if Scare Beast still has a 30 second CD, how is it OP if it was instant, 30 range, and works on BEASTS ONLY mind you.

    Warlocks can FEAR and BANISH at the same time- ten second durations each, for pvp. Then they have Death Coil and Howl of Terror, an instant that fears what 6 targets at once? Well instant with talents.

    That and while druids cry op and huntard, it’s no different then fear. And I’ve banished a TREE DRUID on my warlock, I didn’t think it would actually work! >> guess they do turn elemental like said. Anyways, what I’m getting at, is we can’t chain fear instantly, we wouldn’t be able to use all classes, and only ferals would be at harm- just like resto druids from a warlock smart enough to cc them with Banish…

    I smell elitism against hunters here >>

  15. Messyah

    I found the instant Scare Beast to be OP vs. feral druids simply because it is essentially a weapon directed at Feral Druids. Yes, Shaman in GW form can be affected but if you are in GW form when fighting, you need to step away from your Shaman and roll another class. LOL

    No matter what people think, when compared to other DPS classes, Feral Druids are weak. We can’t do as much damage as a rogue. The only real CC ability we have is Cyclone (which has deminishing effects) and requires that we pop out of animal form in order to cast (same with Entangling Roots.)

    Now, if this was meant to combat Resto Druids in Arena, which I even agree are OP, its not fair to change an ability that effects Feral Druids far more than it effects Resto Druids.

    Now, as to why it being an Instant Cast is too much? Well, we Feral Druids just got a spell interrupt ability (via our Vengeful Gladiator Gloves), and to have something that directly targets our class build be instant would rob us of the chance to interrupt it. ;-)

  16. marzix

    people talk about it affecting only feral druids… i think the best and most opportunistic time to use this is when that resto druid is almost dead and shifts into cat form to run away.

    i dont need a stinking instant fear to kill a, LOL, feral druid.

  17. Never

    can any other class insta fear a druid? if so, why take it away from hunters as being over powered since it already exists for other classes.

  18. Furious of Dark Iron

    So let me get this straight….warlocks can instantly fear ANY class with deathcoil and howl of terror(with the talent), priests can instantly fear ANY class with psychic scream, warriors can instantly fear ANY class with intimidating shout, yet these whiny druids complain that we would be overpowered by making our fear instant cast?! GIVE ME A F%@KIN BREAK! Oh, and F*$K YOU BLIZZARD for screwing hunters yet again. Telling us scare beast would be instant and then changing it last second is like getting head and the girl stops before you blow your load! I feel cheated(again.)

  19. Kai

    I agree with Furious of Dark Iron, How many times has my feral druid go running off screaming cause of fear, psychic scream, howl of terror etc… Even I agree it should have been made insta cast. Who here with any kind of spell interrupt have the ability TO interrupt those skills? Why can’t hunters have something that they can use against us feral druids? It makes it more challenging to us!

    It gets boring just prowlprowl PWN prowlprowl PWN.

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