Patch 2.4.2 Is Live!

It has to happen eventually: Patch 2.4.2 had made it off of the Public Test Realms and into our hearts! Or at least onto the live realms … As I type this, not all the live realms are back up yet, but I’m sure they will be soon.

As always, you can find complete patch notes on the WoW website. But here’s a quick round-up for hunters:


  • Aspect of the Viper: This ability now grants an additional amount of mana each 5 seconds equal to 35% of the hunter’s level.
  • Boar Charge: This ability will no longer make Growl cast immediately after it generates excessive threat.
  • The pet ability Growl will no longer scale with pet Attack Power and now scales with the hunter’s Attack Power. [See important note below! - ed]
  • Dire Ravens in Blade’s Edge Mountains are now tameable.
  • Scare Beast: The range on this spell has been increased to 30 yards. [See important note below! - ed]
  • Tamed Drywallow Snappers now will know Bite 5 (instead of Claw 5).


  • Bow of Searing Arrows and Red Whelp Gloves will no longer break crowd control effects.

Bug Fixes

  • The Vengeful Gladiator’s Rifle will now play the proper sound when used.
  • The Cursed Vision of Sargeras now gives the buff, “Sense Demons” which can be canceled normally. Additionally hunters and druids are able to track two things at once while using the item.
  • It is no longer possible for pets to get stuck in place after exiting the Spectral Realm in the Kalecgos encounter.

Growl Note: On the PTR, the note about Growl now scaling with hunter’s RAP was incorrect — there had been no change to Growl scaling (although the specific note about how Growl and Charge interacts was indeed implemented). I am waiting for my realm to come back up so I can do a quick but definitive test about the situation, and I’ll post again as soon as I know more.

Scare Beast Note: The patch notes that downloaded with the patch said that “Scare Beast: The range on this spell has been increased to 30 yards and it is now instant cast.” However, the notes posted to the website say only that “Scare Beast: The range on this spell has been increased to 30 yards.” In-game, the tooltip for Scare Beast says that it is “Instant cast”, but actually casting the spell results in a 1.5 second casting bar.

22 thoughts on “Patch 2.4.2 Is Live!

  1. Kadorka

    Woot! first post! I’m kind of excited for these changes, I appreciate the Viper buff, and I practice the send-pause-pause-pause-obliterate style of soloing, so I don’t have aggro issues AND I’m going to get a Raven as soon as I log tonight!! I think I will name her Jukie.

  2. Greyhoof

    Just got my Dire Raven about an hour ago (Gorran Haomarush). Diet fish and meat. Initial skills Dive rank 3 and Screech rank 5. This was on a lvl 68, but I am guessing the 67s have the same.

  3. Amewen

    I can’t wait to get a dire raven tonight, I needed to learn screech 5 :o). I also didn’t see anything about the riding crop being a perm enchantment? that is a good thing, they are expensive on my server, and I couldn’t imagine having to buy one for each mount.(let me know if I missed it) I am anxiously waiting to go home now.

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  5. Elaith

    I just tried it a bit this morning, was back up in time for breakfast, Australian east cost time.
    And yes the mana regen of AoTV is vastly improved on what it was post 2.4.
    Pretty much back to when we started pre 2.4 :)
    Growl/charge/AP i havnt had time to test.

  6. Aleu

    That Dire Raven will take that last Stable Slot along side my Humar (Shadowflame) and my Ironjaw (Runefang) on my Belf hunter. 8D It’s like your own personal pet birdy druid.

  7. Stephf

    Grabbed my Dire Raven as soon as I woke up. It was worth shoving my brother off my computer and taming it while getting bashed hehe

  8. Amewen

    I picked one up last night, named him Edgar :o). how do you suppose the Ravens will do in BG? Someone actually pst to me that they Loved his name, it made them lol. I liked Edgar better then Poe which was my other choice lol. I have just started BG and so far my cat has done fine, and I haven’t been brave enough to try the Dragonhawk yet, but she is a lvl 70 non caster, so I might just for grins.

  9. Aleu

    It may be likely Blizzard would change their mind about these cute birds. There will be some people who will complain about it looking too much like a Night Elf druid flight form, even though they’re completely different. =P In the case of the Ghost Wolf, Blizzard didn’t think anyone would get around the fact the wolves were only summoned for 5 seconds, but people did and Blizz broke their promise about keeping them tameable. =P

    I’m still getting my birdy as soon as my hunter hits 67 (She’s 65 now) and I’m keeping it stabled till 70 when I can grind. it.

  10. Perry

    ALso another question is this:

    I have king bangladesh and ive had him since level 43 or wutever it is (I am a 59 huntr) and I made him relearn his moves to the point where i cant make him unlearn them anymore. I made the mistake of teaching him stealth which rlly sucks i gotta say and im thinking of getting a new pet. I am gunna stay on level 59 for a longg time and i wus wondering if i tamed a different cat on level 59 would it be the same as my bangladesh?

  11. Carawn

    Perry, Stealth combined with Dash is actually excellent for an opening attack.

    I must admit I had no idea there was a limit to how many times you could retrain a pet. I had always assumed it to be dependent on how much you were prepared to spend. Some hunters I know redo specs and talents for different raids, on a very regular basis and I’ve never heard them mention this before, although they do tend to do talents a lot more than skills. Is the limitation in skill retraining only?

    I was thinking of naming my Dire Raven “Richard” in honour of Richard, Chief Warlock of the Brothers of Darkness, Lord of the Thirteen Hells, Master of the Bones, Emperor of the Black, Lord of the Undead… and the mayor of a little village up the coast.

    My owl is called “WootTehHoot”, so I thought the Dire Raven could have a name that was a little more sophisticated, and terrifying :)

  12. Sigrdrífa

    Comments anyone?

    I have the black owl from Naragnd, forgot his original name – oh yeah – Gutripper. But being he limited to meat for feeding. That Dire Raven, they look ugly and mean. But if they a re more varied diet of fish and meat then maybe I should get one of them instead. What does anyone else think?

  13. Gwelynora

    I picked up my dire raven over lunch today. I really like it. It’s a carrion bird, which is why it can eat fish. It doesn’t love me enough to learn claw, but screech has no cooldown. It holds agro at level 68 as well as my level 70 lightning snake and ravager :)

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