Pets with Too High Skills

I mentioned in my Petopia update this weekend that I’ve added warning color to pets that are too low-level for the skills they know. But what is that all about?

When you tame a pet, it may already know certain pet skills. But each pet skill also has a required level — and in some cases the required level is actually higher than the level of the pet that knows the skill.

For example, the Jaguero Stalker knows Prowl (Rank 3) when it is tamed. Prowl (Rank 3) requires pet level 50. But the Jaguero Stalker is only level 41!

This leaves these pets in a bad situation, knowing a skill they aren’t supposed to know yet. The game quickly fixes the situation by taking away that skill the next time the pet is dismissed, zones, or logs out.

So you’ll want to avoid these pets, right? Well, maybe yes and maybe no. See, it is perfectly possible for you to learn the too-high skills from the pet so long as you do it before you dismiss the pet, zone, or logout. However, you yourself only get to keep the skill if you are high enough level for the skill. Otherwise you too will lose it.

So let’s look at that Jaguero Stalker again. If you are level 41, you can tame the Stalker and even learn Prowl (Rank 3). But as soon as you zone or logout, both you and the Stalker will lose Prowl (Rank 3). That’s pretty useless.

But if you are level 50 and you tame a Jaguero Stalker, then you can learn Prowl (Rank 3) and keep it. The Stalker will still lose the skill when you zone or logout, but you get to keep it on your hunter because you are high enough level. If you keep the Stalker and level him up, you can even teach him the skill again — when he reaches level 50.

This is sometimes very useful. The next pet that knows Prowl (Rank 3) is a level 59 Frostsaber Stalker in Winterspring. But by using the level 41 Jaguero Stalker this way, you can learn Prowl 3 at level 50 instead of waiting for level 59. Just don’t try to learn Prowl 3 before level 50 because it won’t work!

Below is a table of all the pets I know of who exhibit this problem. I’ve compiled this from the Petopia database through the magic of PHP, so it should have all the current pets with too-high skills. But if you know of another one, please let me know!

Pet Level Skill Skill Level
Kraul Bat 26 Dive 1 30
Greater Kraul Bat 26 Dive 1 30
Blind Hunter 27 Dive 1 30
Jaguero Stalker 41 Cower 5 45
Jaguero Stalker 41 Prowl 3 50
Barbed Crustacean 23 Claw 4 24
Ripscale 37 Bite 6 40
Drywallow Daggermaw 39-40 Bite 6 40
Deadly Cleft Scorpid 37-38 Scorpid Poison 3 40
Ghamoo-ra 23 Bite 4 24
Aku’mai Snapjaw 23 Bite 4 24
Spawn of Hakkar 49 Dive 3 50

Incidentally, note that the level 40 Drywallow Daggermaw is perfectly fine — it’s only the level 39 Daggermaw that has trouble with Bite 6.

Blizzard had introduced some pets with this problem in the Burning Crusade, but they slowly and laboriously cleaned them all up (by reducing the level of skill that they knew). And then they went and reduced the level of a whole bunch of creatures in Patch 2.3 but neglected to reduced their skills, and so re-introduced the whole problem all over again … But we can reasonably expect that these creatures will have their skills reduced at some point in the future.

9 thoughts on “Pets with Too High Skills

  1. jrb

    again and again you continue to prove just how awesome you are. Thanks, and as always keep up the excellent work you do day in and day out.

  2. Kestrel

    What jrb said. You have a remarkable knack for synthesizing a whole bunch of “we should really know this” information into a “here’s some info, and here’s why you need to know it” form that is useful, makes sense, and keeps me coming back here!

  3. Vronsky

    One would think a software developer for a major game corporation would have a database and some code similar to your php magic at their disposal.

  4. Etona

    ./agree with jrb

    Bottom line: Yer amazing! Thanks for such concise information. I NEVER would’ve though to check for something like this, much less do the research to find pets that fit this criteria.
    Thanks again! I’ll be informing my hunter buddies of this.

  5. Bunkey The Monkey

    I recently encountered the jaguaro/prowl issue and now I know why, thank you! I should have figured it out, but it never occured to me lol.

    This site is the most helpful, least likely to ‘get a flamed response’ site for hunters, by far. Thank you for all that you do!

  6. Mania Post author

    Thanks, guys. I’m glad you find it useful. :>

    Vronsky: They probably do. But they have a lot more fields to look at than I do. :> Plus, your low-level bug-fixers probably just get one bug at a time on one pet at a time, so they fix what’s in front of them and leave it at that. *shrug* They don’t get paid enough to think.

    Speaking of which, I posted this list in the Bug Report Forum also. Some of them can be useful for advanced hunters, but they confuse the bejewels out of newer hunters.

  7. Seidouyumi


    I can testify to that. A long time ago, I tamed a pet, got the talent, dismissed the pet, went to teach it to my old pet, and after logging out, lost it on both of them.

    I can see how it would be useful for higher level hunters though.

  8. Dvalin

    Great work on listing the problematic pets Mania, yet again you show why petopia is one of the best hunter sites on the net. I think alot of these problems have been caused by the rescaling of dungeons and zones when blizz reworked the leveling. If I remember correctly Jaguero stalkers used to be level 50 but since STV got a huge overhaul (changing it from a 30 – 50 zone to a 30 – 40). Looks like blizz did the makeover without considering such factors.

  9. Lovemypet

    Dvalin wrote: “petopia is one of the best hunter sites on the net”. One of the best? If there’s another that’s even half as good I’d like to know where it is.

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