PTR 2.4.2: The Growl Saga Continues

Hortus has posted several interesting replies on the WoW Public Test Realm forum today about Growl threat in Patch 2.4.2. Before we look at those responses, though, let’s sum up what’s been said so far.

First, the 2.4.2 Test Realm Patch Notes were posted, and included the note that “The pet ability Growl will no longer scale with pet Attack Power.”

Reading this, worried hunters asked for clarification on the PTR forums. Netharea responded several times:

  • “It [i.e. Growl] will scale with the hunter’s AP now.” (source)
  • “Growl was scaling incorrectly before so it’s been changed to scale with the hunter’s AP starting at around 1200 AP. Other pet abilities such as bite, claw, etc will still scale with pet AP.” (source)
  • “Please keep in mind this isn’t changing the normal amount of threat that pets produce.” (source)

After that, I and several other hunters tested the scaling on Growl from the hunter’s RAP on the PTR. I personally found no evidence that Growl scaled with the hunter RAP up to a RAP of 1853 (although at least one other hunter had conflicting results). At any rate, I posted my results on the PTR forum as a potential bug.

Hortus replied twice to this thread today.

First reply:

There was not a change to the way Growl scales with hunter AP, the bug fix eliminated growl scaling with the pet’s attack power.

Growl has always scaled with hunter attack power in exactly the same way as it does in 2.4.2, there were no changes. I have verified multiple times that growl threat does scale with hunter AP AND that it is doing so in the same way in 2.4.1 and 2.4.2.

I’m sorry if you were given the impression that this was a new feature.

Second reply:

This is the last post I will be making about pet threat, no matter what I say I’m accused of lying or being wrong. Right now as of 2.4.2 growl is creating the intended amount of threat and is scaling with hunter attack power at an intended rate. If you do not agree with this then please post your opinions in the appropriate forums (suggestions or class forums).

As this is not considered a bug no amount of posting here or in the bug report forums will get it changed.

Hortus also posted one more clarifying statement in another thread:

The only change to pet threat in 2.4.2 is that growl no longer gets bonus threat from buffs to your pets AP (such as charge or blessing of might).

So what are we to make of this?

First, it’s clear that the threat generated by Growl will not be scaling with pet AP in Patch 2.4.2. *grin* Seriously, though, this change will likely be noticed by: hunters who use boars, Marksmanship hunters who buff with Trueshot Aura, and group/raid hunters who are in the habit of getting their pet buffed with Blessing of Might and so forth.

Secondly, my data indicates that Growl is not scaling with hunter AP, but Hortus indicates that it is — which probably means that there is something wrong with the way I collected my data. My favorite theory right now is that Growl doesn’t begin scaling at 1200 RAP as Nethaera mentioned, but instead starts scaling at much higher levels of hunter RAP that my pitiful little character can’t get to. If we had pre-mades on this PTR I could test that, but we don’t. (Assuming that the scaling floor varies by level, I might be able to test this on a lower level character. I’ll try that next.)

In any case, it look like we’re going to have to rewrite the models of Growl threat with this patch.

[edit] I had a thought: We know that Growl (Rank 8) starts scaling on a level 70 pet when the pet’s AP reaches 734. Assume that the formulas are still the same but eliminate the AP strictly from the pet — now how much RAP does the hunter need to reach the same point? Turns out its 1955 RAP. I might be able to reach that on the PTR. At any rate, I am off to try!

[much later edit] The method I was using to test above turned out to be faulty. Myself and the other hunters who are putting in a lot of testing time on this matter (like Nimizar, Ashraf, and Znodis) worked out better methods and discovered that, with the exception of boars and Charge, Growl continues to work on the PTR in the exact same way it works on the live realms. As of build 8278, there has been no change in Growl scaling.

56 thoughts on “PTR 2.4.2: The Growl Saga Continues

  1. Seidouyumi

    I’ve been doing some observing while playing and noticed something that I need confirmation on. My critical strike damage is doing more than it should be.

    An autoshot critical strike damage is coming out ten to twelve points higher in damage than the maximum base hit of 40 damage times two.

    Arcane shot is critting for around five points more than double its base damage level (I’m not even sure if this acts as a spell and should be doing 150% damage not 200%).

    Aimed Shot is doing twice it’s damage per crit, plus around ten additional points above and beyond this. (Again, I’m not sure if this counts as a spell, though I doubt it).

    I’ve had Aimed and Arcane crit back to back and pull the mob off my pet. I’m starting to wonder if some of our base damage has been altered.

  2. Seidouyumi

    I hate doing a hat trick here. However, I’ve been working it out. I’m doing crits that are, sometimes, in excess of three times what they should be. I’ve done as much as 130 crit damage on a single hit. Different Crits are producing a lot of damage.

    I know we’ve all talked about how we do two or three crits and pull aggro right now, and that didn’t happen as much before. I think this may be why. I’ve also been monitoring my outright damage and it seems higher than it should be.

  3. Theza

    Well, I guess it can’t get any worse than farming as a T5/T6 survival-hunter. I’ve banned growl from my petbar like 2 month ago since most of the mobs are dead before they reach me anyways.
    Its like it’s been before petscaling and I feel like its getting worse with every piece of equippment i get :(

  4. Seidouyumi

    I think we’ve forgotten that there really are two components to the equation- Hunter and Pet. I’m starting to think the issue may be Hunter side not Pet side.

    I noticed that my ranged speed is no longer adjusting for my bow. It reads a flat 2.00 no matter what my bow’s speed is. This affects my damage output. I have also noticed that I am doing more damage than my bow should be doing, and my crits are hitting two to three times harder than regular damage. A physical crit is suppose to be flat out twice the damage than the normal. I’ve had three times the normal damage happen. I wonder if we’re doing more damage than we were and this is eating through aggro faster than it should.

  5. Nimizar

    Hunter’s haven’t received any damage buffs recently Sei, and our actual damage output varies hugely depending on the armour of the mob we’re shooting at. With Mortal Shots and a Relentless Earthstorm diamond, we can also get to crits doing 233% of normal damage. It is quite easy for a crit at the high end of a weapon’s damage range to be more than 3 times a non-crit at the low end of the its damage range.

    As far as threat goes, I haven’t seen any hard evidence for anything other than a problem with Growl being starved of focus and hence going off a lot less frequently than once every 5 seconds.

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