Petopia: Dragonhawks, Dire Ravens & Skill Warnings

I’ve added the new dragonhawks from the Isle of Quel’Danas to Petopia. None of them can be tamed, but at least they are pretty to look at! I also went ahead and added the Dire Raven, with a note that it will apparently be tameable in 2.4.2. The Dire Raven hadn’t even appeared on Petopia before because without being able to tame it, we didn’t know which family it might be part of.

You might notice that I am also slowly replacing the old dark-backgrounded pictures of pets with new, slightly larger pictures that match the new background. I’m not completely convinced about the new size and format for the pictures, but since I needed new pictures for the dragonhawks and Dire Raven, I had to start somewhere.

Finally, I’ve also added color coding for those pets who have skills that are too high for the level of the pet. (I’ll have a full post up on these guys soon — probably tomorrow — but today is the last day of the Central Florida Fair and the husband is insistent that we don’t miss it.) The skills for these pets are displayed in red instead of black, and the individual pet page explains what’s going on. For example, take a gander at the Jaguero Stalker where it is listed with the other tigerskinblack cats and on its individual Jaguero Stalker page.

18 thoughts on “Petopia: Dragonhawks, Dire Ravens & Skill Warnings

  1. Krush

    Very nice Mania (again) [can never thank you enough !]

    Don’t think I ever noticed before some of the skills may have been higher than the pet or hunter could learn (and I had a Jaguero Stalker even ;) )

    One thing I am noticing though is red is being used a lot, for a lot of different things. The thing that really caught my eye (or the difference didn’t) is when its used on a page for both “caster” pets, and ‘untameable” pets. Its hard at a glance to notice which is which. Maybe change the “caster” note to yellow (a darker one) or orange ?

    Just a thought from one GUI designer to another… I’m still madly inlove with the best pet resource on the net :)

    Thank You.


  2. Seidouyumi

    I would love it if they would make those Dragonhawk skins tamable. Though, I’m getting rather attatched to Hinata.

  3. Wolfington

    The new poses for the background changes pets makes the pets over all much easier to see. This is very appearent in the Dargonhawks, the tarnished gold and gold ones?

    Keep it up!

  4. Mania Post author

    Trollin’: I decided not to use pngs for the pet pics because something like 12% of my users are still on IE6 — which doesn’t have built-in png support. There are ways around that, and in fact the header ghost saber graphic is a png, but to use that method for all the pet pics would be a bit of a resource hog.

    Krush: Yeah, I agree about the red. I’m playing around with some options on my local test site, but for now I wanted to get some sort of indicator up because I keep getting e-mail about these pets.

  5. Palladiamors

    Sei, wouldn’t Sasuke been a bit more fitting for a fire breathing pet?

    As always Mania, excellent job. Not that you’ve ever done anything less!

  6. Seidouyumi


    I thought about that. I’m actually amazed to see someone who gets the reference. LOL, unfortunately, I have a tendency to think of Dragonhawks as ‘she’, and, besides, Hinata’s close to being my favorite character in the series.

    The name also means Sunny Place, which seems fitting for a Dragonhawk.

    My Serpent’s name also comes from that series :D. I named her Anko.

    Mania- The changes are really nice so far. Thanks.

  7. Palladiamors

    Anko?! *LAUGHS* At least it wasn’t Orochi. I like Anko way better anyway. Hinata is up there for being adorable, personal favorite is Lee. *laughs* I think Hinata would make a great cat name. Maybe name a ravager Neiji…. *Chuckles*

  8. Seidouyumi

    LOL Palla-

    I’ve been enjoying Naruto for a while now, and wanted to name my Serpent after a good character :) And one who wasn’t obvious. Neiji is a good name for a Ravager, I have to agree.

    My Wind Serpent is named Temari, and my Scorpid is named Sasori, who is a bad guy in the series.

  9. Avaric

    Regarding the Phoenix-Hawk in Tempest Keep, I would like to note that I have done Beast Lore on them and they show up as tameable, but of course I can’t tame one because they’re two levels higher than I am. Same thing with the spore bats in SSC, they show up as tameable under Beast Lore as well. I only thought of this because I was looking over the changes you’ve done with the dragonhawk page. :)

  10. Palladiamors

    Can’t really think of a pet whose hyper enough to name Naruto, though, Sei. Maybe I should see if I can’t find a hyper active ADD pet, and then proceed to name them said reference…..

    2.4.2 will probably be out fairly fast. I am surprised it even made it to test realm, most of the smaller patches don’t. Its a distraction, of course, to keep peoples minds off of Wrath and the failure that is the tournament realms, but eh, its their game.

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  12. Ansawa

    Coupla things:

    If I may pimp myself a moment, I have a (woefully undersigned, hint hint!) petition going here to have the Sunblade Dragonhawks made tameable. I would do many, many things to get my hands on one and am apparently not the only hunter.

    And, the Phoenix-Hawks in Tempest Keep (not the hatchlings, but the hawks themselves–72 untameables) use the Eclipsion Dragonhawk (magenta and purple) skin, not the Bloodfalcon skin (white and red). I had enough of them randomly charging over to mana-burn me last Friday to get a very up close and personal look at the darn things. ;)

  13. RealUnimportant

    I guess pets retaining too-high skills is a holdover from when they made a few zones easier to aid levelling… Jagueros used to be lvl50, so would have been allowed Dash 3 (and were a prime source for it, too)

  14. Mania Post author

    Avaric: *nod* I list 71+ pets as untameable regardless of Beast Lore for now to avoid confusion, but as soon as we can get to 71+ I’ll fix ‘em up, no worries.

    Ansawa: Whoops! Thanks for the clarification — I’ll get that fixed.

  15. Okage

    I will defenitely be taming one of those Dire Ravens and naming it Edgar. It would be an upgrade to Oscar the Owl I got from Terrokar.

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