PTR 2.4.2: Updated Patch Notes

The Test Realm Patch Notes for Patch 2.4.2 have been updated, although I have not seen an update to the PTR itself. The previous hunter items are still listed, and additions include:


  • Aspect of the Viper: This ability now grants an additional amount of mana each 5 seconds equal to 35% of the hunter’s level.
  • Boar Charge: This ability will no longer make Growl cast immediately after it generates excessive threat.
  • Scare Beast: The range on this spell has been increased to 30 yards and it is now instant cast.

In addition, this little note has been moved from Bug Fixes to Hunter, although — alas! — it has not been further clarified in the notes:

  • The pet ability Growl will no longer scale with pet Attack Power.

54 thoughts on “PTR 2.4.2: Updated Patch Notes

  1. Zalthor

    I still dont think its an OP change… I mean a cat form druid can sneak up and stun lock you. Bear form druids will get a charge in on you. So its not like they cant hit you or something. Its basically a move to get them out of your face and gain some breathing room. The fear time will be reduced for pvp as well as “diminishing effects” on the same target…Its stupid to assume they arent going to add that to the change. I see it as a way to get a few shots in before the druid comes back to slap you around in melee again.

  2. Messyah


    1.) 10 seconds in PvP is a lifetime.

    2.) As I said in my previous post, the fact that it only targets one particular is what I don’t like about it. If a Paladin’s “Turn Undead” suddenly worked on Undead players, there would be mobs with torches marching up the steps of Blizzard, Ent. If Druids or any other class for that matter were given a “Fear Hunter” ability, you would be in the mob with your torch.

    3.) There is no reason for it to be an Instant Cast. Imagine the booming outcry from everyone if they made a Druid’s Cyclone an instant cast. “ZOMG WTF OP” would be pasted on every WoW forum that ever existed. This is just Blizzard trying to get away with another OP abilty simply because it doesn’t affect the majority of the WoW community, including their beloved Warlocks.

    4.) The thing is, as it stands now, if you cast Scare Beast and you get me before I interrupt you, shame on me. But, if I do interrupt it, you can still cast it again and if you get me on a frost trap, that gives you the time you need to cast it. Again, there is no need for it to be an instant cast.


    1.) Traps are only visible by all if they see the trap get placed. The same goes for flare.

    2.) I have improved stealth in a talent and supposedly, Shadowmeld is supposed to improve my stealth even further and I am always seen in a flare.

    3.) Not to sound like a d*ck, but if you get stun-locked to death by a Druid, you should stop PvPing. I have some of the best Feral gear in the game and I am almost all Vengeful/Vindicator when I PvP, with close to 400 resilience now and even with powershifting I have been kited to death by good hunters, and that is after I have snuck them with a stun opener.

    You can all hate me if you like, but I plan to make my displeasure completely known to all in the Official Forums, spamming if I have to in hopes that Blizzard would so much as pay attention to a Druid, whom they have been known for ignoring in the past. You know, like the attack range bug that they acknowledge still exists for druids, but “have no information” on the posibility of it being fixed.

    PS> I too have a hunter that I PvP with, and I still believe it would be OP.

  3. Varsar

    You know Messyah I’m tired of hearing the targets only Druids bit.. it doesn’t, enhance shamans are just as upset as Druids are.. because they won’t be able to GW form rush in on a hunter anymore.

    And guess what it targets hunters pets too.

    Yeah it effects druids the most.. but it isn’t a “fear druid only ability”

    Be upset, that’s fine, fight it, that’s fine. But be realistic about it it does not Target your class alone.

    I’m not a fan of the change myself but come on.

    As it is it is USELESS without being combined with frost trap, unless we are casting it when you are on someone else. If you are fighting a hunter and you let him get it off on you, not only is it shame on you.. it’s time for you to quit.

    The fact is it is simple to make sure you don’t get hit with Scare beast as is.. VERY simple and no one wants to be hit with fear.. Go spam the Priest forums too and demand Psychic Scream is changed so it isn’t insta cast either. Oh yeah and warrior forums for Intimidating Shout.

    And of course you are seen by flare.. flare doesn’t have a chance to reveal hidden opponents.. it DOES reveal them as long as they come in the AOE.

  4. Messyah


    I mentioned previously that Shaman and Hunter Pets would be affected as well, but truth be told, Shaman won’t fight in GW form, Ferals won’t fight OUT of animal form, and taking a Hunter’s pet out of the fight doesn’t take the hunter out of the fight, even if they are BM spec. That is why I equate it to being most detrimental to Druids.

    As far as it being useless, I have used it with success on my hunter in both BG and Arena. I even had a hunter freeze trap me, fear me, trap me, fear me, etc in Arena. Kept me out of the fight altogether until my healer was toast. So, calling it useless is very far-fetched. Though, I have no problem with giving it more range, which would balance out the current cast time.


    RE: (Priest fear)
    1.) The priest fear doesn’t last as long (8 sec vs. 15 (or 10 sec).)
    2.) It is considered shadow magic and can be resisted with shadow resist. (The Hunter spell is of no school of magic that I am aware of and therefore, cannot be defended against)
    3.) Priests wear cloth, hunters don’t.

    RE: Warrior’s Intimidating Shout:
    1.) Has a 3 minute cooldown. (A big difference from 30 seconds.)
    2.) Only has a 10-yard range.


    Give it a 10 yard range, 3 minute cooldown and I will be more than satisfied with it being an instant cast. Heck, make it affect more than one target with those limitations and it still won’t be OP.

    As far as Flare, did you simply read the last part of the thread and respond blindly? I was disputing Kalabus’ statement that flare hasn’t been working on Feral druids. (Scroll up.) I wasn’t suggesting that it shouldn’t work.

    Lastly, stealthing up on a hunter is an advantage but they have flares and traps to combat that. However, in a PvP setting, ferals are not always stealthed and THAT is when a hunter should use Scare Beast the most. If you get jumped, sure it will be difficult, but in an open battelground a distant feral can be your bitch!

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