Kaet: Kill Command

As the title implies, my little dwarf hunter Kaet has just hit level 66. I’ve been playing her lackadaisically — an hour here, two hours there — but rested XP plus the tight quest design in Outland has really made the levels fly. I’m out of rested XP now, though, so I figure it’s time for a report and then a short vacation.

I have just begun adventuring in Nagrand. I’ve finished Hellfire Penninsula, Zangarmarsh, and Terokkar Forest — or at least as much of those zone as I plan on doing at this point. I have to say that I am really looking forward to Nagrand. It’s my favorite Outland zone — so sunny and cheerful! — and I find the Nessingwary quests in particular oddly relaxing.

The crabs are doing well — the current weirdness with aggro has barely affected them — although they are still having trouble keeping up with me in level. Frore (the blue crab) just turned 63 and Tibri (the red crab) is just a hair under 65. (I forgot to switch off when Tibri hit 64 or they’d be more equal.)

I am also quite enjoying my butter yellow mechanostrider. It is a little noisy, but the exhaust doesn’t bother me. And the gait … well, it’s not at all what I expected, but it feels oddly like riding a big hog. And Kaet, for all that she is a fairly demure young dwarven lass, rather likes owning the road.

In other news, my mining and skinning skills are both capped out at 375, as is first aid. Cooking is just below that at 373, but my fishing is a measly 302. I was surprised at how easily mining and skinning hit the cap, but fishing and cooking I have to actually work at.

And finally, I have 1300 gold already saved for a flying mount. That means that I should be able to buy a slow gryphon immediately when I hit 70, and then I can flap slowly around doing quests and mining until I can afford a fast gryphon.

Of course, with Kaet getting close to 70, it’s time to start thinking seriously about my character strategy after she’s done. I could choose another character with one or two associated pet families (like Maja with her tallstrider and hyena) to level all the way to 70. Or I could play around with, say, two to four characters — leveling them in rotation in 5-10 block increments. Whichever I choose, there’s a good chance that Wrath of the Lich King will interrupt me while I get Mania and Kaet to 80, but that’s okay — I don’t mind.

7 thoughts on “Kaet: Kill Command

  1. Mania

    True — as soon as WotLK is out. Mania comes first, though, always. *grin*

    But does no one have suggestions on what to do after Kaet hits 70? I find myself dwelling in an unhealthy fashion on which alt to play next …

  2. Seidouyumi


    Mania- right now, I’m working on Sakebi ‘Dawnmoon’ and Sakebi ‘Bluebow’. The first is my Blood Elf and the second is my Draenei. It’s almost a race to the finish for them. Though, I have to admit that there are alterior reasons for leveling those two up. Sakebi Dawnmoon’s pet is Anko the Serpent, and Sakebi Bluebow’s pet is Hinata the Dragonhawk. On both I’m keeping a close eye on the various data that they have. Sakebi Dawnmoon is now level 29 and Sakebi Bluebow is 21.

    I’m also working on my Warlock Shijoshin who is lvl 54. I’m having problems with my lvl 70 Paladin Joushigun. When I play her, she keeps freezing up.

    Take care.

  3. Aidem

    Mania – I have a red crab, Stra, that’s level 69. What am I going to do when she hits 70? I’m going into the Arena! I’ve spec’d her out and everything and hopefully will be a little tough crab gladiator.

    She has done well in the Battlegrounds and (even amazingly) in World PVP. When it comes to Arena though, it will be a tough but fun trip :)

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