PTR 2.4.2: Incoming

Dire Raven

I had a very unexpected e-mail just a few minutes ago: Patch 2.4.2 is apparently coming to a public test realm (PTR) near us — soon!

Although the PTR forum is still dead to the world and the Public Test Realms themselves are not accessible, you can right this instant this download the 2.4.2 client and even copy an existing character to the PTR. (And yes, character copies have been reset since the 2.4 PTR.) Even better, Blizzard has posted 2.4.2 Test Realm Patch Notes, which include some interesting items for hunters.

The hunter tidbits follow:


  • Dire Ravens in Blade’s Edge Mountains now tameable.
  • Tamed Drywallow Snappers now will know Bite 5 (instead of Claw 5.)


  • Bow of Searing Arrows and Red Whelp Gloves will no longer break crowd control effects.

Bug Fixes

  • The Vengeful Gladiator’s Rifle will now play the proper sound when used.
  • The Cursed Vision of Sargeras now gives the buff, “Sense Demons” which can be canceled normally. Additionally hunters and druids are able to track two things at once while using the item.
  • It is no longer possible for pets to get stuck in place after exiting the Spectral Realm in the Kalecgos encounter.
  • The hunter pet ability Growl will no longer scale with pet Attack Power.

So in summary, this is the patch that nerfs our boars but they gave us Dire Ravens (and fixed Drywallow Snappers) to compensate. I don’t think that’s quite a fair trade … but I am pleased to see them fixing very long-term bugs with hunter pets (like the Drywallow Snapper thing) — perhaps it indicates more attention to pets in the near future.

In addition, there are some other changes hidden in these notes that I am very interested to see, even if they aren’t hunter-specific. For instance:

  • Items that enchant other items no longer have tradeskill requirements (Mithril Spurs, Shield Spikes, Weapon Chains, etc.).
  • Most Main-Hand weapons are now One-Hand weapons.
  • Mailboxes can now be tracked on the minimap.

The Main-Hand/One-Hand weapon thing is a little more sweeping that I would have expected in a minor patch …

Anyway, my sincere thanks to Suzi, who (like me) is apparently still up and active at 5:30 am Eastern — and who (unlike me) is paying attention and let me know about the new notes.

[edit] I realized after I posted this that the Dire Ravens as they exist on the live realms right now have a unique skin. (That’s a pic of them above). I can’t wait to see if they retain that skin on the PTR. In fact, who knows — they may even be a new family! It is also possible that the base threat levels for Growl will be adjusted on the PTR, so I’m going to wait and see how things look before I get bitter and jaded. *grin* [/edit]

48 thoughts on “PTR 2.4.2: Incoming

  1. Suzi

    No problem, Mania – lucky we were both awake at the same time! Although credit to you for noticing the item related notes. :)

    I hadn’t realised exactly what the raven looked like so I’m quite excited that, if they don’t alter it, we’ll be getting a pet skin we could never have before. Seeing as this is a small patch this makes me hopeful that other non-tameable pet skins will get this treatment in the future!

    Also I’m excited about the non-hunter specific change that you brought up of mailboxes showing on the minimap. I always wondered why I could track wanted signs but couldn’t track where to pick up my mail. ;)

  2. Sidrael

    Hey I am Downloading patch right now we shall see what the new bird brings. I have Always wanted the raven since first seeing a drood in flight form. I will update on some of the changes as i am going to try and look up a lot of the items that are changing to 1h. and see how this may impact overall.

  3. Arides

    To coin a phrase, zomg. Yes, I know it’s minor, but I’ve been dying to have a tamable bird model that’s not an owl or vulture. GIVE IT TO ME I WANT IT NOW.

  4. Jay

    “The hunter pet ability Growl will no longer scale with pet Attack Power.”

    Did you all miss this ?!

    They just screwed us over… again!

  5. Aelistrae

    “The hunter pet ability Growl will no longer scale with pet Attack Power.”

    It’s understandable they removed this because it’s the source of some unintended behaviour in combination with charge. That said, it doesn’t say they won’t add something else, like a higher base threat on growl, or maybe they make it scale with the hunter’s Attack Power. (I think that’s wishful thinking though.)

    Whatever is in the notes sofar, we should bear in mind these are changes they want us to TEST. Nothing final yet.

  6. Tiiaa

    Overall this is not exactly a growl, but rather a Boar nerf. All other pets are gonna stay with their already crappy aggro holding capability, especially if you start getting some serious gear improvements. I had read that dev comment on how his pet kept aggro when he was running around at level 70 with his hunter and was autoshooting and using arcane shot on cd and his pet had no difficulties keeping aggro – which was hillarious for me, because trying to farm primals oder do some dailies for me in T6+ Equipment ends up pulling aggro most of the times with the second autoshot – which is ratehr a liability than fun.

    But why exactly Blizzard calls this a bug fix after it has been in place for 2 years eludes me somewhat.

  7. Seidouyumi

    I suspect that they aren’t telling us a few things about Hunters and Hunter pets in this patch. Probability is that they’re going to boost the base threat on Growl. I recomend testing it. If it is so, thank them. If not, politely ask that they do so.

    I’m finding a lot of undocumented changes to the game lately.

  8. Arides

    Didn’t miss the Growl nerf but knew they were going to do it, so no point kicking. Yet. If it makes ALL pets unusable at 70, then it’s screaming time. You’d think it would just be easier to nerf Boar Charge so it doesn’t give the AP bonus, but strange are the ways of devs.

  9. Arides

    And posted too soon — I suspect Seidoyumi is right and Growl will be rescaled (it’d have to be, really). Waiting to see what happens. but i’m still looking forward to my raven

  10. Seidouyumi

    Arides & Everyone-

    I kind of went ‘a duh’ there. I’m not awake just yet. Growl doesn’t really scale with pet attack power anyway. However, I think I know how they can fix this, and might. Growl qualifies as a spell, and, as such, gets a bonus from the Hunter’s ranged attack power. That little Spell Bonus that is pretty useless and ignored for the most part does effect Growl, Poison Spit, Fire Breath, Lightning Breath, and Scorpid Poison. I think it also effects Thunder Stomp, but I haven’t tested that out yet.

    Varsar reported that Marksman hunters are reporting having trouble grabbing aggro off their pets. I can testify to this too now. On my BE Hunter I’m having trouble pulling aggro off her Serpent Anko unless Aimed Shot crits and I’m still in the Rapid Kills buff. Marks Hunters have some of the highest attack power in the game. Just at level 25, Anko’s Spell Bonus is +22.

    I wonder if this was another change that they made in the last patch and never announced.

  11. Varsar

    Seidouyumi said “I’m finding a lot of undocumented changes to the game lately.”

    I know I am a bit bitter about this one, but that is just Blizzards way, they figure we don’t need to know what is going on in game. Plus it opens the ability for them to call it a bug down the road. They figure fixing a “bug” is less likely to upset people (right or wrong it is how it appears they think)

    I love the idea of getting a new pet skin but you I’d rather see them work on the pets we can already get.

    Or stable slots. Or some kind of solution to that. So many hunters I know have 3 pets and come WoTK that is going to be a problem.

    I’d test out Spell bonus to Thunder stomp for you Seidouyumi, but my account is currently canceled because I won’t have time to play for a while so I didn’t want to pay for it. Still keeping on eye on things when I can.

    And Seidouyumi as far as I know Hunter AP was always effected Spell bonus or at least since just BC as I started just before BC but didn’t get really game smart till after BC.

  12. Amber

    I’ve gotten into the “undocumented” changes argument before, so I’ll just add that there’s apparently an undocumented buff to Viper Aspect, according to MMO-Champion: It’s been increased to also add 35% of your level in addition to the standard Intellect boost.

  13. Ryno

    More stables slots would be nice. But they’ll probably wait until the release of WotLK for something like that, since it’d be easier to put that in with all the other changes in the expansion.

  14. Seidouyumi


    I certainly understand what you’re saying about the undocumented changes, but some of them can’t be considered bugs. They did announce that they redid the human facial models in preperation for the upgrades for Wrath, BUT something else odd that they did was a total redo of the human female voices (I don’t have any male characters). They’ve also changed Sylvanas’ voice as well.

    I also understand about canceling the account due to time constraints. I’ve canceled three times in the last year because I just didn’t have the time.

    To everyone-

    According to Blizz, there are a couple of reasons why they don’t want to do more stable slots. One is a code problem. Apparently the program that regulates this cannot handle additional slots. Another issue is that they would rather not have people hording pets, and had intended that Hunters have no more than two pets.

    That said, they are looking into various solutions to this issue. One possibility is rewriting the program section regarding stable slots to eliminate anyone else having them (and freeing up slots for Hunters), and another is to change how pet skills are gathered. So, they do appear to be looking into this right now. It may not happen until the big 3.0 patch though.

  15. Ralowae

    We’ve been asking for more stable slots for years. Don’t hold your breath. But if they do work on pets or stable slots, WotLK will be where we’ll see it.
    I just hope Growl gets a built in buff with the loss of AP scaling. If they do it that way, everyone wins, despite boars loosing the charge -> growl instant huge threat. Remember when they removed all +healing bonuses from mend pet and made it a HoT we ended up getting a better skill in the long run. I’m witholding any predictions of doom till we get a chance to test it.
    And if by some chance Growl gets worse, we will all organize and protest loud, clear, and unrelentingly. We’re a very popular class, I think blizz knows better than to completely shaft us.

  16. Seidouyumi


    The last time someone made a HUGE protest over a change in the game a couple hundred accounts got banned. If we do have to hit them over this, we do it politely and without a huge disruption.

    But, I agree that we shouldn’t cry foul until it happens. This change, though, might have more of an effect than they’re telling us. It seems that other spells might also be getting an unintended boost from pet attack power. Like, why is my Dragonhawk’s Fire Breath doing 30 damage instead of 27 (21 + 6 spell bonus)? Something’s been adding three to four points of damage each cast.

    Probably the best way to handle it would be to adjust how much of that spell bonus goes into Growl. Right now, Fire Breath gets the full bonus, Poison Spit about half the bonus, and Lightning Breath about a quarter of the bonus. If Growl works like Poison Spit or Lightning Breath, then just ramping it up to use the full bonus would probably make it much more powerful.

    We have to test it first though.

  17. Vilaeryn

    I have a level 70 Tauren hunter that has a ravager and a warp stalker. Both of these pets, while I am solo, will not hold aggro after 3 or so shots. The shots don’t even have to be special abilities (arcane, aimed, etc.) or crits. I have been doing more melee now at 70 then I have ever done in my Tauren’s whole life. I even tried turning off gore/claw and using just bite and that didn’t work well either.

    I recently have gone back to level my long neglected, old Night Elf hunter. She is level 43 now. The growl issue is bad at the lower levels as well. (not to mention the mana issue but that’s another story) Her main pet was a ghost saber, but the growl issue was very apparent. Getting frustrated, I stabled her and considered taming something else. Looking through the pet family list, my fiancé mentions, “I wonder if using a pet with screech would help.” Not being a fan of flying pets, it had been some time since I had used one and I was unsure if screech still worked like it used to. I tamed an Uldaman bat and tried it out. It works very well when using screech in conjunction with growl. I understand in the past, using screech with growl was considered a no no and taboo, but in light of our present situation, hell I am willing to give anything a try. For now it works great and I can bow down a mob without pulling aggro off most of the time. The times I do pull aggro, the mob is a couple melee hits from death. Not bad at all. Not sure if it’s just me and my playstyle that is making it work, but maybe someone else can try it out, or if someone has a flying pet already can let me know if this combo works at a higher level (levels 60-70). I would appreciate it.

    Hmm maybe that’s why Blizzard gave us the new raven pets…. =P

    Not giving up!

  18. Seidouyumi


    My Hunters aren’t high enough in level yet, but I have had almost no aggro issues beyond the ones I’ve expected.

    I do have one question, though. Does your Ravager or Warp Stalker have Bite on it? I wonder if that would make a difference since I make sure to train all my pets in that, well, the ones that can learn it at least.

  19. Schadenfreude

    I’m pretty excited about this patch, although the pet aggro issue is pretty annoying. >.< If ravens are tameable now, I wonder if the eagles in ZA will be too?

  20. Muirad

    I can’t wait to get me a raven. I even tried to tame the ravens following around the Arrakoa in Veil Grishna since Beast Lore said they were tameable, but there was some sort of collision with them already being the arrakoa’s pet. Anyway, I can get a matched pair and name them Huginn and Muninn.

  21. Syrelil-Sentinels

    BLIZZARD GAVE US A NEW PET! It’s ene END of the world! /Drama.
    Always wanted a bird like that for a pet myself, was lookin fer a pet to fill my last stable slot.
    One question remains!
    Carriorn Bird or Owl?
    Err.. I beast lored one once I think. Had a diet, just a “Cannot be Tamed” flag. :p Diet: Meat. My guess, owl.
    Memory is a bit fuzzy on that. I’ll check it out again later.

  22. Ceron

    According to a post on the Test Realm forum, Growl scales with the hunter’s Ranged Attack Power.

    Q u o t e:
    The change in the patch notes states:

    What does this mean exactly? What was the bug? Will growl scale with the Hunters own AP now, or will it not scale at all?

    Nethaera: It will scale with the hunter’s AP now.


  23. Mania Post author

    How are you getting to the Test Realm Forum? Following your link or trying to get there directly always gives me a “Forum is not ready” error.

  24. Wolfington

    I have noticed my hunter CAN NOT get his pet to hold aggro for the life of him. Note — this is right after I got a new gun, Khorium Destroyer? Don’t laugh at me if you think it’s a tanking weapon, I can never get in any real playtime on that charecter anymore anyway.

    Big time looking forward to a new Raven pet, that is *exactely* the pet that my other hunter wants! Well, both my hunters.

    Terrible that Boars are getting nerfed, my poor boar Soul is not going to get quite the attention he used to get from those monsters.

    By the way, I just realized that both of my hunters are having Aggro problems – 63 and 70.

  25. Znodis

    Mania – try this one

    I’m screwed

    “Growl was scaling incorrectly before so it’s been changed to scale with the hunter’s AP starting at around 1200 AP. Other pet abilities such as bite, claw, etc will still scale with pet AP.”

    So at my 1610 AP with test gear, that 400 AP difference does anything other than grant 200 threat, I will have a huge headache. I think I already have one.

  26. Mania Post author

    I’m sorry, Znodis. I know how frustrating re-testing after a change like this is.

    And yes, that link works for me! Yay! But why? Did they move the Test Realm Forum and not tell anyone? (But Ceron’s link didn’t work for me … Oh, hell. Now it does. Of course it does. *sigh*)

  27. Ylva

    PTRs are up!

    Here’s my beast lore report on the ravens.

    Level 67 beast
    220-311 damage
    5892 armor
    6326 health
    Diet: meat, fish
    Tamed abilities: Dive (Rank 3), Screech (Rank 5)

    Level 68 beast
    230-326 damage
    6192 armor
    6542 health
    Same abilities

    And when tamed he comes out as a Carrion Bird. :)

  28. Carawn

    I have an Owl (Skettis Kaliri), which I got when my Ravager and Cats could no longer hold aggro. I have found that as long as I use Growl and Screech in combo, then my pet has a fighting chance of holding aggro. If I turn on Claw he can’t hold aggro for more than three shots, if I’m lucky. I’m Survival specced, so I tend to crit a lot, so Claw is a no-no at the moment.

    The problem with Screech of course is that it’s an AOE effect, so I often end up with more than one opponent, but if I turn it off he loses aggro almost instantly. I got revered with the Sunwell last night and the first thing I did was buy the big two-handed axe to help my melee. Looks to me like Growl just isn’t kicking off properly – Screech is going off like nobodies business, but even so, if I crit too early even that won’t turn the hate away and Disengage is not helping all that much – if at all.

    I read that Growl will scale with my AP, but a blue poster has said this in the thread:

    “Growl was scaling incorrectly before so it’s been changed to scale with the hunter’s AP starting at around 1200 AP. Other pet abilities such as bite, claw, etc will still scale with pet AP.

    *Please keep in mind this isn’t changing the normal amount of threat that pets produce.”

    I read that as saying that base threat is going to be as bad as it is right now, but if you have over 1200 AP it will get better? Or am I misreading the statement?

    Better start finding the best ways to get more AP I guess, because I only have 1274 at the moment, and that presumably paltry amount is still more than enough to make my pet lose aggro. I guess MM and Master Marksman will become more popular. Be interesting to see what happens on the test realm.

    I love the look of the Raven and will say goodbye to the Ravager at the appropriate time.

  29. Mordreade

    quote from Arides – “To coin a phrase, zomg. Yes, I know it’s minor, but I’ve been dying to have a tamable bird model that’s not an owl or vulture. GIVE IT TO ME I WANT IT NOW.”

    You need some new glasses, those are renamed Carrion/buzzards. I like the color palette on them. But it is HARDLY a new bird model. Blizzard REALLY needs to get some new artists. It is so sad.

  30. Mordreade

    Looking at the “Dire Raven” for a few minutes longer, it looks like they incorporated some Owl features, but not by much. Can’t believe what people will fall for anymore. A little different color, a new name, and BLAMMO! New pet!


  31. Seidouyumi

    To Mordreade-

    It isn’t that Blizzard needs new artists. The unfortunate reality of any video game is that space is limited. It’s why there’s so many skins get reused over and over again not only on mobs, but on items. It is also why the requirements for space on each expansion increases.

    I’ve talked it over with a few guildies I’ve had and we’re pretty sure that there’s at least seven different servers per realm. Expect that there will be another major server upgrade prior to Wrath.

  32. Mordreade

    Limited space?
    Could be a possibility. But then, wouldn’t re-working an old skin be just as space consuming? A totally new skin wouldn’t necessarily need new animation, thus cutting down quite a bit on “space”. As in this “Dire Raven” they re- worked it to almost look like a buzzard but with Owl like animations.

    Nah…. the space thing just doesn’t quite muster.

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  34. Seidouyumi


    Ok, a totally new pet with a totally new look needs a new skin, model, and animations.

    This pet’s skin is already in the program. The model is in the program. The animations are in the program. All it takes is editing the file which tells these three aspects to work together. Carrion Bird and Owl animations are idential anyway (and always have been). The only difference between this and an Owl or a normal Carrion Bird are the model and the skin.

    I’m giving you the explanation that I was read when someone complained about the reuse of the various armor models and skins through out much of the game.

    There are also stylistic choices which have been part of Blizzard’s set up since it started. It isn’t really that they need new artists since they do rotate a certain percentage of their staff out all the time. It is part of a signature look that you’ll see in Diablo and Diablo II as well as the other games.

    This is what I’ve read, and this is what I’m passing along.

  35. Mordreade

    Thanks Seidouyumi, You’ve MORE than proved my point. Blizzard is lazy. They re-work an existing pet/item and tell you it is new, and you all just shout “OOOOOOOO PERTY!!!! I WANT ONE!!”.

    A “signature look”? Someone needs to be shot for this one. I happen to expect more for the money I pay.

  36. Wolfington

    Kind of like the way they made Hyenas? They have the same basic emations as coyotes and other small wolves. (THey need to change it, too. TOtaly screws up the Hyenas tail.)

    It IS a pretty raven, at least a little different looking than the other birds, if not much.

  37. Seidouyumi


    Go play Vanguard. Or, actually, NOT play Vanguard. Vanguard pretty much died because of they lacked the ‘laziness’ you attribute to Blizzard. Vanguard is unplayable on many high end computers, let alone something the average person owns. It is slow, laggy, and the video tears. Vanguard tried to make everything unique and over did the graphics as well. It means that this high performance game crashed and burned pretty quickly. Heck, I still remember before they put that game out how everyone said it was going to kill WoW. Almost two years later, and who’s the one who got slaughtered?

    It’s part of why I don’t believe that Warhammer Online or Age of Conan are going to be mega hits. They’ve gone flashy and complicated. They’ve tried to make things very unique and put in high end graphics.

    It isn’t laziness. Blizzard chose to make this game accessable to the bulk of the computer owners in the world. This means that the game is going to be less flashy, not as graphicly strong as other games out there. It means that there are a lot of animations reused or retooled. It means that the game is smaller and workable on computers which are, even today, running Windows ’98. Some people who are playing this game are using computers which are, largely, a decade old. Blizzard made that choice. You can argue that it was the wrong choice to make, but it is not laziness.

    Yes, I would love it if there was a whole new pet family to drool over, but that in and of itself would be problematic in a simple download. If you look at the most recent Patch to the game, you’ll notice that there are very few new and innovative skins being used. Most of them are repeats. The reason for that is also because space. Had they gone with new skins, new designs and new animations for every single mob class in there, the download would have taken close to four hours even on a cable modem.

    There will be new pets and new pet skins in the expansion and there may even be entirely new pet families as well. However, Blizzard could either be like the guys behind Everquest and demand you fork out yet another thirty bucks just to fix the problems of the last expansion and add to the current game, or they can be nice, give us tiny expansions of the gaming environment while charging us no more than the monthly subscription. No matter how much you might hate it, though, patches cannot be too big with too much information or they won’t download in any reasonable time.

    To answer Wolfington’s point, yes, it would be nice if they would correct the graphics on the Hyena and finish that pet out. I’d love it if they finally finished out the various pets.

  38. Mordreade

    LMAO!! Seid, that was funny. I never said, and they do not have to, goto the extreme to make new pets. But at LEAST try to not make us believe that a frakin buzzard is a raven. Especially when the Druid flight form IS a raven. The skin is in game….. use it.
    As for the other games, They sucked from the word GO anyway. WoW knockoffs, much like the private servers are trying to be.
    Truly, you make my case every time you post, they won’t, because they just hack the old and call it new.
    Your also starting to sound like a Blizzard employee.

  39. Mania Post author

    Mordreade, I won’t ask you not to be negative about Blizzard, but I will ask you to be respectful of other commenters here. Thanks.

    Now given that you’ve both said what you needed to say, perhaps it’s time to let it go.

  40. Kristy

    That’s awesome that we’ll (hopefully!) get a new pet “class”! Woot! Like last year, with snakes being Tameable, before the “The Burning Crusade” came out. >:-D lol But, about your edit, what do ya mean?? Of course Ravens WILL be their very OWN “family” thing! They are not “vultures”.

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