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Petopia now has a short WotLK page that summarizes what we know about hunter pets in the Wrath of the Lich King expansion — which isn’t much. The most useful bits are the links to TKA Something’s BlizzCon coverage and the video & screenshots of the potential new worg-or-wolf model.

As always, please let me know if I’ve made any mistakes!

27 thoughts on “Petopia: WotLK Pets

  1. Seidouyumi

    I recognize that particular wolf model. Now, if only my brain could remember where I’ve seen it. I know that it looks like a depiction of Fenrir that I’ve seen several times.

  2. Améwen

    I think it would be great to have higher level Boars again :) I should have kept mine at lvl 50, but needed the stable slot, and now at lvl 67 I have a cat and an OL raptor. The wolves are wicked looking, not sure if I like them or not, those heads are just not quite right, lol.

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  4. Seidouyumi

    Spythas- it would be nice especially for another rank or two of Thunderstomp. Pretty soon that’s going to be useless. HOWEVER, there are rumors surrounding an expansion of an old Alpha area that involved two islands off the coast of STV. They’re showing up on some of the maps for WotLK, but the problem is that they look like they’re just altered maps from the Alpha.

  5. Seidouyumi

    On the subject of the Eagle. I know that a lot of us have suggested eagles and corvids (ravens and crows) be added to the game. More like this Soaring Eagle would be nice in the expansion.

  6. Palladiamors

    I know I’ve seen that look of wolf before, and it wasn’t in WoW. Maybe it wasn’t a wolf at all…… anyway, yes, I noticed that when I was looking at some videos for Wrath. It looks more like a warg, but fights more like a wolf. Where as wargs stand still and using biting and riping attacks, wolves move, prefering lunge attacks. *Laughs* Yes, yes, I am a wolf nerd.

    Hm, it’d be nice to have eagles, and classify them as something other then owl or carrion. Don’t get me wrong, I love both of those two, but it’d just be nice to have a new pet family. Or two. Or four.

  7. Wolfington

    I am constently in the look out for the wolf model pics — thanks! These wolves look like… very nastly little critters. I would NOT like to be attacked by those monsters!

    Does anyone know if Blizz is going to fix Hyenas? I love them to death, but holding me back from having hundreds of them is the fact that they have bad rumps, that is their whole lower back and tail sqwuish into the body, when attacking. *cry*

    Thanks for keeping people like me who are to lazy to look it up updated on this, Mania!

  8. Wolfington

    Sorry for two posts, but I am wondering if anyone else is having trouble loading the wolf Youtube and pics, or is it just me?

    Thank ^.~

  9. Mania Post author

    Thanks for the link, Bradagore! I remember seeing that before but I’d utterly forgotten. :> I’ve added the spider and the link to the WotLK page.

  10. Kurdor

    Those wolves are amazing, I’d get one if I wasn’t so attached to my ghostywolf.

    The cats are nothing special, but they aren’t one of the cat skins currently in the game. They’re a currently-existing but still unused cat skin that you can view with WoWmodelviewer.

    I’m really hoping those wolves have a new rank of furious howl though. And there’s that Un’Goro like place, so there’s a good chance they’ll have gorillas with a new level of thunderstomp.

  11. Earthstomper

    Actually Kurdor that skin is used in game, just not in any areas Horde characters go to. They’re seen in Darkshore along with the blue-black and white striped cats, which my hunter currently has. Since Darkshore is such a nuisance for low-level Horde to get to that skin is not seen as frequently Hordeside.

    Then again I’m also making the brash assumption you’re Horde. *cough* >_>

    It would be nice to see that skin more readily available to Hordies though.

  12. Ryno

    More available? Nah… that ruins it, imo. Pets need to be contained to certain areas, to be a challenge to tame. I live (well, play. Hehe.) for that, as a hunter. The hunt for a rare pet… hours scrouring around, travelling, then finding it, and taming… fun times. Too bad there’re not many moments like that any more. I loved the ghost wolf taming challenge, managed to do it with a few kind random strangers. Blizzard needs to make more rare skinned pets that are hard to tame, hehe. But that’s just me.

  13. Seidouyumi


    That skin is in the game. It’s mostly found in Azuremyst, Darkshore, and Teldarsill, and used on a handful of different mobs.


    It’s just possible that Kurdor’s never done Night Elf or Draenei, and since this skin is in those start zones, he may have missed it.


    Unforunately, Blizzard decided to make things a bit more fair for everyone. However, there may be some new rare skins out there. Not to mention the fact that, soon, some odd skins that can’t be tamed now will be available.

  14. Rikaku

    These worgs look awesome!!! I’m assuming they’re worgs since their main body and attack motions are the same as worgs. Can’t wait to get one, if I can. Too bad those cats look the same, but here’s to hoping they use that “ice cat” model seen in the modelviewer finally.

  15. Ryno

    Seidouyumi – “…some odd skins that can’t be tamed now will be available.”

    What is meant by that? Is there news I haven’t heard? Hehe… man, I’d like to have a Pterodax…

  16. Seidouyumi


    Sorry if that sounded a bit, well, tortured. There are some skins on lvl 71-72 mobs that are almost or are unique in apperance. There’s two Warp Stalkers, for instance, which have totally unique looks, but cannot be tamed because they are lvl 71 or 72. It isn’t that they cannot be tamed as a matter of course, but they aren’t tamable due to level restrictions.


    They aren’t worgs. They have a smaller mane and thinner hind quarters than a regular worg. However, you are correct that their motion and attacks are just like a worg.

  17. Seidouyumi


    I forgot to mention this. I’d love to add Pterodax to the list of pets that we hunters can tame. Wasps are another one that I’ve seen mentioned.

    One oddball thing I would love to see is an ‘ark’. I hate planning ahead for a pet that I can’t get for thirty or sixty levels. I don’t mean the skin, just the family. I’d love to have a place in game where I could tame a Gorilla or a Warp Stalker early on in the game instead of having to wait for ages. The lvl 10 pets wouldn’t come with any skills, except for, maybe, Fire Breath for the Dragonhawks and Warp for the Warp Stalkers. All other skills would have to be gathered from the wild. They would also only be of the common skins, not the rare or spawned ones.

  18. Ryno

    Yeah, Silithids for pets would make me a happy hunter. And yes, I want that Huntress warp stalker when it’s available… I know of some pets that’re 70+ to be tamed, hehe. Also, I’m pretty sure the warp stalker boss in the Arc can’t be tamed, as he’s a boss, even if you were 71.

  19. Seidouyumi

    Well, I wasn’t sure if that one Warp Stalker was a boss or not. I think I’ve done Arc a whole wopping one time.

    We died. A lot.

  20. Suzi

    I know this post is a few weeks old now, but I couldn’t find anything else that suited it better. Strangely it was after reading The Middle Way (Part I) that it got my mind churning about pets and what Wrath may bring to the table.

    Before Burning Crusade the following things didn’t exist:
    Pet families – Nether Rays, Sporebats, Warp Stalkers, Ravagers, Dragonhawks, Serpents (the latter were in the game but unable to be tamed)
    Passive abilities – Avoidance, Cobra Reflexes
    Active abilities – Fire Breath, Warp, Gore

    If that is any indication then we could expect to see some very interesting changes when Wrath is released. Like Serpents becoming tamable, I wonder if Wrath will bring its own pet family. My money would be on Moths, but I wouldn’t count out Basilisks either. I also expect we’ll end up seeing more abilities and of course… more reskins of creatures we know and love as well as completely new families native to Northrend.

  21. Tinski

    Hi, i read/hear this this thing at wow-forums at Dragon turtle topic:

    “So okay the turtle is out but I found this:

    Now these are rare. It’s a ghost wolf and it states that that they can be taimed by a hunter, but the kicker is that they are level 71.”

    im not sure how it looks at in-game.

    so.. is this wolf like Grimtotem Spirit Guide? Can we finaly get ghost wolf when we get WOTLK?

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