Patch 2.4: Pet Skill Inconsistencies

Xaldavan, a Blizzard posted on the European In-Game Customer Support Forum, posted yesterday about a change in the casting priority of hunter pet skills:

There is an issue where ‘damage dealing’ pet abilities have inconsistent casting priority over Growl, and we will have it resolved in a future content update to avoid any future confusion or problems. I am sorry for the inconvenience caused by this.

I scanned the US forums but don’t see anything similar posted there. Still, this means that someone somewhere knows what’s up and is working on a fix!

My thanks to Bratty for bringing this to my attention.

39 thoughts on “Patch 2.4: Pet Skill Inconsistencies

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  2. Shrubbery

    I don’t believe this is inconsistent with what Hortus recently posted about the Charge nerf. The Euro CM is basically saying that any inconsistencies that exist now are bugs, and since he assures us of a definite but unspecified fix, we are to assume that any inconsistencies that exist later are intended functions.

    He is basically telling hunters to stop worrying about pet mechanics, because Blizz is going to normalize (nerf) everything and the only say we will be allowed in the process will be in the suggestions forum. Anything posted there will, of course, be completely ignored.

  3. Palladiamors

    Eh, I kinda have to agree with Shurbbery here. The last ‘fix’ killed my cat Kiera’s aggro, and for the first time ever I have to hold back when using her. I just want Blizzard to get their act’s together where hunter’s and more precisely their pet’s are concerned.

  4. Seidouyumi

    Shrubbery and Palla-

    I would agree with you if I felt that there wasn’t something else weird going on that isn’t a nerf. The whole Boar with Growl thing is actually that Growl is casting when it shouldn’t, and because Growl is casting almost randomly now, that would explain why Boars are suddenly having trouble holding aggro. Charge basically causes a one second UCD which Growl’s been ignoring.

    We’ve been having problems with aggro generation from pets on both Warlocks and Hunters. What is happening is almost random as well. Aggro breaks on some mobs, but not others. Some ignore the pet all together and attack the Hunter. I’ve also noticed it seems to be certain levels of hunter and not others.

    Something funky is going on that is definately not a nerf of any kind. This reeks of instability in the code.

  5. Palladiamors

    Sei, it’s not that I think this is a nerf. It’s that I think it’ll end up BEING a nerf by the time they fix it. That’s just the pattern. Something breaks or goes wrong, and instead of unraveling it, finding what’s broken, and fixing it, they take a massive short cut and end up axing things. That’s not just hunters, either, though I think they are willing to give up quality way to easily where hunters are concerned. The biggest example of that is still pet normalization. They saw a problem, and instead of going through and rewriting each pet, giving them new abilities, unique stats, and make each family viable in their own way, they said “Here’s what we’re gonna do. Every pet is now going to have the same base stats, with three stats being effected in a fairly minor manner, and we’re not going to address any of the real issues we were supposed to.” They tried to make every pet family viable, true, but they did it in a very bad way. Anyone who knows me here knows I preach about how the difference isn’t that great, but it IS there, and the difference in the top ranked pets and the bottom ranked ones is fairly large. Just because a pet is viable, doesn’t mean it’s incredibally effective. Just that it can in fact, do the job.

  6. sandralover

    Well it has me wondering about the growl a little but the weird thing is ?

    As yet i have no real problem with it , Let me explain , I got bored with my white lion so decided to tame Humar and now at only 59 with me at 70 and at maximum distance killing level 63-66 mobs can almost always or at least about 70% of the time can keep mobs off me , yes i have to wait until aggro builds and yes if i crit a few times i am doing the melee hunters dance but mostly Humar keeps them off me , now i have tried using auto on its own and the standard auto/steady and using steady seems better as it gives less time for the mob to get annoyed with me , i do not hit lightly either as i hit for between 430 and 1100 on auto shot by damage shown on screen , so as he gets to my level i hope it does not get worse as it seems fine for the level distance at the moment ..

    I have always been able to break the mobs away from my pets ever since i was able to get a pet , and thats on about 15 different hunters i have tried out over the years that are from level 25 to 70 at the moment , My main problem is i get up close and i will at times shoot far to many high damage shots at close range , So i guess i am used to breaking my pets taunts , Now i only do it for a little extra amusement , Same as almost always having my pets on aggressive , i wish i could properly tell if my pets are affected by the problems but at the moment it is hard to tell , But i am drinking a lot so thats well different to before…

  7. Seidouyumi


    Taking pet normalization from the other side of things, what it did was tighten up the code significantly. Pet normalization got rid of not only the differences in damage and attack speed between pet families, but got rid of the differences between individuals in that family. While it was, to some extent, an attempt to make all pet families viable, what it also did was free up space both on our ends and on their ends in terms of codes. This made it easier for the game to operate and also made it easier to add other materials in without significantly over bloating the game itself.

    There is more to it than that, though. What the Pet Normalization did was make fairer to the rest of the community. A lot of people had trouble getting together a raid in order to just get a bat from ZG. Hunters would camp out under that one tree just to get Humar. Yes, it isn’t fair to those with the time to do that, but it made it fairer to the rest of us who either don’t like to camp like that or can’t form a raid group.

    And this isn’t a case of something that they can just short cut because there’s a major problem here that isn’t just Hunter based.

    It may be that I try to be optimistic and see the best in people, but I don’t think that they’ve just short cut every single problem out there.

  8. Seidouyumi

    To Sandralover-

    That’s actually pretty normal. There is a space around the mob that, if you get too close, you can pull aggro off a mob if you hit hard enough. There are some major issues that have shown up though concerning mobs totally bypassing pets and attacking the Hunter instead. It almost seems like the mob sees the pet as a fellow mob.

  9. Palladiamors

    Eh, we’re not going to agree on this, Sei. What you offered were at best flimsy excuses. Tightening the code so the game runs better? Right, the addition of Outlands doesn’t bloat the code at all. Basically what your saying is that it’s okay to have complicated code and behaviors for, say, warlock’s minions, but that its to much for hunters. I am well aware that there are a lot more possiblities for hunter’s pets then warlocks minions, but on the all only a small margin of pets stood out. For Humar, and the ZG bat, your talking pursuit speed, and that was scrapped before pet normalization. Pet normalization didn’t come until a bit later, and simple put all pet’s stats at the same line with percentage differences, and all pets attack speed set to 2.00. That was, I think, the bridging patch before TBC. Pretty sure it had to be, since thats the patch that introduced the hunter talent for attack speed increase.

    Sei, I like and respect you, but I have watched over the years as pet after pet had their unique traits taken away. The normalization was one huge slap in the face for everyone, though. This bug is minor, and will probably be fixed, I agree with your optimism on that one. But their is no excuse for Blizzards shoddy handling of our class time after time. I recently read an interesting blue post in response to warlock complaint’s about their minions that stated they were actually working to fix the problems, but that it wouldn’t be until Wrath was released. So I am hopeful, but until they have proven to me that they actually give half a flip about our class, I will probably remain negative about their handling.

  10. Seidouyumi

    Palla- I like and respect you too. To be honest, a lot about that code stuff was mostly grade A cow pies. It did have that effect (remember, this was long before TBC), but it wasn’t why they did it. There are three reasons people have told me I should get into politics. The first is that I’m very knowledgable. The second is that I tend to have a lot of empathy. The third is that I can spin a yarn and have it sound halfway believable.

    What I do remember before pet ‘normalization’ was that a lot of Hunters faced grief for not having a specific pet. A guildie I had in my VERY first Guild on Alleria server informed me that I really had to have Dishu. Dishu was the absolutely best pet in the game for my level.

    I HATED Dishu. I hated Dishu from the way he looked to the way he died every few fights. I was told my boar wasn’t good enough (this was before Gore), or that my wolf just wouldn’t cut it. I had to have something that hit hard and fast. After taming Death Flayer and an Ornery Plainstrider, I deleted the character. I didn’t try a Hunter again until Seidouyumi the Orc. By then, things had smoothed out and I liked it again.

    I had guildies who had been kicked out of raiding guilds because they refused to take a specific pet. They wouldn’t even accept a specific type of pet. If this person didn’t have Humar they were out. Humar was the best pet out there! Anyone who didn’t have Humar was not a Hunter worth having. At least I think it was Humar. It was some rare Cat with an insanely low attack speed. Never mind that it meant painfully leveling up this one pet from lvl 23 to lvl 60.

    Yes, I would love to have more individuality in pets and pet families. Unfortunately, a lot of people got hurt because of it. I do wish that they would finish out the hunter pet families though. I think that you and I can at least agree on that part :D

    The aggro bug is not the only problem. I’m having a lot of spells get resisted. This can be a major problem when you’re a Warlock. It seems like something has gone screwy in the game. I do wish they would be more forth coming about it as well.

  11. Nimizar

    I did a bunch of testing post-2.4 that agrees with what the EU CM posted about Growl having prioritisation problems. I posted the results on the US Bug Report forums:

    In relation to the pet normalisation discussion: I’m personally a big fan of normalisation, so that hunters can be free to choose pets based on looks without having to worry too much about whether or not they’re gimping their performance by doing so. If a new 70 hunter realises they need a high DPS pet for raiding, then they can now choose from a couple of different level 70 ravagers, a 69 or 70 cat, a 69 raptor, or a 69 wind serpent. There’s a 70 owl available as well, and taking instances into account as well would add a few more options. Normalisation *creates* options in pet selection, it doesn’t remove them.

    I personally far prefer to see Blizzard being able to focus on providing a dozen or so viable pet families with a huge variety of skins across a wide range of levels, rather than see them busy worrying about the attack speeds and running speeds of each individual tameable beast in the game. But then, I’ve never particularly understood why people get so hung up on pets having special family skills either: my ravager doesn’t have any unique skills (just the basic Growl, Bite, Gore, Dash setup), but he’s still a great pet. Any pet family that meets the basic criteria of having a movement speed increasing skill (i.e. Dash/Dive/Charge) and a focus dump (i.e. Claw/Gore/Lightning Breath) is fine by me.

  12. Seidouyumi


    Part of what we’re a bit bent out of shape over is that the rest of the pet families out there haven’t been attended to in terms of getting a speed increase or a focus dump, or even both. Sporebats get Growl and that is is. I don’t think they even get Dive.

    I sometimes think that Blizzard is reluctant to make the next logical step when it comes to pets. Warlock pets fit nicely into individual categories. Imps are Casters, Voidwalkers/Felguards are tanks, Succubi are DPS’ers and CC, and Felhounds are Mage Killers.

    Thing is, Pet families sort of fell into those anyway, but they should be fully pushed into those categories, or at least three of them. Some pet families have almost no normal stat pets, namely Dragonhawks, Nether Rays, and Wind Serpents. Dragonhawks and Wind Serpents have the most caster like abilities too. If some of the rumors are true and Caster stats actually benifit these pets, then having them be fully Casters would be a huge benifit to the Hunter.

    Boars and Bears both make solid tanks, but so do Wolves. Setting them up to BE tanks would be nice. And this would not just be for one mob, but multiple mobs. Both Voidwalkers and Felguards have abilities which aggro more than one mob. Tank pets would benifit from having such skills.

    I was going to add something about the best solution to the problems of two classes having pets would be to allow other classes to hire retainers to fight along side them, but that’s something for another time and a complete rewrite of the game.

  13. sandralover

    I think the main thing we get annoyed about is getting to know a play style and then they change it on us . in relation to other classes if played well we are not that badly off , The real problem is that they do keep changing things that we like , As you guys say we do need the pets to have better abilities but i would think that will again cause some weird problems , it is enough that bugged mobs that i cannot attack in outland kill me even though i ran away as far as possible i mean ? how the hell can i run from the skettis camp to almost the entrance to shatt and still be getting attacked , or i kill mobs and cannot loot without having to relog , now that puts me off more than any weird pet behaviour ..

  14. Eyu

    There are pet abilities that agro several mobs. Sure the “tanking” pet dont have them, especially after charge+growl seems to be a permanent bye bye, but if you really wanted a high armor/health pet with a multimob threat generation pick a carrion bird. I dont know how well the funny monkeys work but they have that AoE stunning thing.
    Does it suck that pets with the best stat combo lack the ability to generate large amounts of threat quickly? Why yes, yes it does. That is the only reason why I never tamed a wolf or bear or turtle or any of the other pets with high armor/health but low dmg. A large number of pets I would want to tame I wont because they would essentially gimp my hunter in one or the other.
    I for one would LOVE to have a spider, but no dash and only bite as an attack just turns me off.

  15. sandralover

    Well i also would love a spider but without any speed of attack ability the spiders are not equal to other pets that have dash or dive or charge are they ?..

    This is why i would love to see all pet families be equal , which is not what we have now , i do not want one ability and one family better than another far from it , But using a spider as an example do they make good pets high end , Well how many have you seen , My guess is i have seen two at level 70 being used , Same for the Sporebats i love their looks and want to be able to use one but with just growl and yes i did try one and loved it but it just cannot do any real damage at all , now that sure as hell is not an equal pet family , the gods said each family would get special abilities yet we are still waiting on that dream , There should be a little work done on pet families so that we do have a real choice to make , Tanking families like crabs need an extra skill to make them equal to boars same for bears , Spiders are supposed to be high damage pets , but would you use one over any flying pet or cats and ravagers so we have two basic pet type families , We all use cats raptors or ravagers with dps and boars for tanking roles , I know others are used but i hardly see them about , Except for the bird/bats we all know what pets we always see being used on hunters the most , and that does need a little work on the underused families …

  16. Seidouyumi


    I agree whole heartedly on this point. I’ve also been crunching the numbers a bit on some of my more unorthidox pets and discovering that there are things that the Hunter community have missed about certain other pets.

    Wind Serpents, Dragonhawks, Scorpids, Serpents and Gorillas all benifit from the Spell bonus listed on their sheets. They each have an ability which acts as a non-physical attack. This can push up the DPS of one of these pets quite a lot. If Spiders were to have a poison ability, they would join in this group. Nether Rays and Sporebats could be added to this grouping of non-physical damage pets as well.

    This is a list of some ideas I’ve had for Hunter Pets which need some loving.

    Crabs- Thorns, a Passive damage spell that consumes one charge each hit.
    Crocolisks- Rend, a Damage over Time ability similar to the Warrior skill.
    Hyena- same as Crocolisk, both animals tend to do similar behaviors in the wild.
    Nether Rays- Lightning Breath
    Spiders- Poison Bite, a DoT with a single application.
    Sporebats- Poison Bite, a DoT, Lightning Breath
    Tallstrider- Screech, giving them the only land based application to that.
    Turtles- I’m uncertain, to be honest.

    Gorillas- Dash. Retool of Thunderstomp- TS, Instant, CD 5 seconds, does X to Y damage to all mobs in melee range.
    Wolf- Furious Howl’s CD reduced to five seconds or its focus cost reduced.

    The rest of the pets either have a DoT or a Focus Dump ability. Retooling TS and FH this way would make them more powerful and useful.

  17. Varsar


    On what has to be my current favorite pet for leveling, Gorillas, It doesn’t make sense they don’t get dash.. ever seen a charging gorilla (on T.V. counts) They move fast I wouldn’t try to outrun one. If they moved thunderstomp to a 5 sec CD they would have to reduce it’s already to low damage. Prior to 2.4 it was a very powerful tool that was all too often overlooked. Now 1 min is far too long, I’d be happy with even a 30 sec CD so I could use it once EVERY fight (at least).

    Turtles… Not much that makes sense to add to them.. so for PvE at least a thing you could do is add a Damage reflection rate to Shell shield.. I mean a weapon could glace of the shell and hit someone (stretching it I know)Reduce shell shield’s CD, 3 minutes is too long. Now if they added some serious damage to turtles I could see the 3 min CD on a defensive ability.

    Sporebats- I’d rather see something more like Thunderstomp on them then Poison bite.
    Sporecloud, (instant, 30 sec CD, Deals X to Y damage and then Z damamge every 2 seconds over 10 seconds to all mobs in melee range, This ability causes a moderate amount of additional threat.) with fairly low damage but about even with thunderstomp over time and possibly produces slightly more threat.

    about all my idead atm… oh yeah I saw let bears KEEP Ice Claw.. wait no a pet with a snare.. no that wouldn’t happen lol

  18. Seidouyumi


    I have to agree with you about the Shell Shield ability. A reduced cool down and a damage reflection to it would help a lot in battles. Turtles tend to loose aggro a lot. I was thinking that this could be the one pet that you could add a snare too, say similar to hamstring, to replace Dash.

    For Sporebats, I wasn’t sure what to put, so I’ll agree with what you suggested. In fact, it’s a great suggestion since Sporebats do something similar ‘in the wild’ already.

    I was trying to think of a way to give Gorillas a focus dump, but you’re right. Either it will need a longer cool down than five seconds or it will have to have a lot less damage. I still like the idea of it being all mobs in melee range so that it can be used without drawing more mobs into the fight. So, yes, a 30 second CD would be great.

    Thanks :D

  19. Varsar


    You can’t give ANY pet a snare or else it will pet the only PvP pet you see, it really is a bad idea to give a pet a snare, we can drop 3 snares as is give hunters a 4th and they’d see the nerf bat so hard they’d have to delete the class.

  20. Seidouyumi


    Ok, it was a suggestion. I haven’t posted any of this to WoW’s forum. I just wish that there was something else we could give Turtles. Oh well, probably not.

  21. Bratty

    prior to my posts on wow-europe on this, I did rather extensive tests – as well as I could at my level. I basically tested a dragonhawk, and a cat with different skills, and just sent them off to chew on something that would last a long time – in this case, elite instance mobs. Then I examined the log closely, and counted the times between growls, studying the pet’s cast behaviour.

    In both cases, with only growl on auto-cast, the result is a consistent 5s delay between growls. The funny stuff happens when the pets go low on focus. The results are inconsistent, almost random at times. Starving the pet of focus will starve it of the ability to growl.

    The worst case I saw was with a cat, using growl, bite and claw – the focus dropped fast, and claw became the primary thing to be cast. The worst I saw was 32 seconds of only claw-casts – and then the mob died… It’s not always so clear though. Sometimes the pet would get into the claw-claw-claw behaviour, and then out of the blue cast a growl for no apparent reason.

    The same issues appear in other pets, like my dragonhawk, when it’s starved of focus – however, due to the fact that this pet’s skills use bigger chunks of focus, it always has time to get a growl off at SOME point – it just may be up to 10 seconds after the last growl, instead of 5.

    Of course, sending the pet against one mob, killing that, and then going right on to a second mob means your pet goes into the second fight focus-starved – and will lose aggro almost instantly when you open fire. Can this account for the “random behaviour”? Have you all examined your logs, seen what is cast? Have you checked to see if your pet goes into combat focus-starved?

    I’ve only been able to test things at a low level, as I no longer have a high level hunter, but from what I can see – pets have no aggro-issues, as long as they have enough focus to consistently cast growl.

    Bear in mind here that hunter and pet aggro are very closely matched. When we learn our pets, we know this. We know when to hold the arcane shot for a few seconds, because it “feels” like we are going to pull aggro. Usually, we feel right too. We develop a sense of these things. Now imagine the growls come 6 seconds apart, not 5, and boom – your pet just lost around 20% of it’s threat output. No wonder you can’t hold aggro.

    Interestingly enough, this is what broke the boars. Growl is no longer cast at the first opportunity, and that broke the charge-growl buffed funtionality. Weird how blizzard now declares the charge-growl a bug, after listening to hunter praise boars for the past 2 years… What, they didn’t know this before?

    Oh well. Turn off your auto-casts, hug your pets, and pray they bloody fix things.

  22. Seidouyumi

    Varsar- That would work beautifully.

    Bratty- What was going on with Growl is that it casts when it shouldn’t. I checked this out. If I turned off Growl and sent in Tonton on Charge, what I found was nothing else cast for a full second while Growl cast automatically. Charge is, I think, suppose to initiate a UCD.

    As for what you mentioned, that is actually a bug right there. Growl is suppose to have priority. Every time there is fifteen focus to be used, it is suppose to cast even before Claw or Bite. Growl’s all out of order in terms of priority. For a Cat or a Dragonhawk, this doesn’t matter as much as you might think. Both Cats and Dragonhawks have rather high natural threat. My Orc Onnarashii has a Dragonhawk and there are a lot of times where Onna cannot draw aggro from Orihime.

  23. sandralover

    That is interesting about the amount of focus affecting growl , does that mean i wonder that the hunters without the talents to increase focus regeneration will be the ones to suffer the most ? , as it is my cat is now 60 to my 70 and by using omen i wait till my pets aggro is over 1k which sometimes does take a bit longer than other times which i guess is growl not going off ? , and then start throwing everything at the mob , sometimes even though i overtake my pets threat it seems to hold aggro or at least until the mob is about finished and running towards me slowly , the extra level of growl at 60 seems to be doing its job for me at least , i guess i will find out as i get my pet to 70 over the weekend if i will get more problems..

    I am also at last starting to try different macro,s out , all i can say is dam i wish i had done it ages ago , now i need to set up a few more for different mobs , hehe it suits my play style to be mostly mashing one button instead of trying to spot the one i want to use next , main problem i had though was not being able to remember what talents (attacks) i had as i have far to many different characters and classes and even with just hunters at different levels it gets hard to remember who has what keys i can hit , By using kill command in the macro i did notice it helped hold threat for my cat , now i need to try the big red kitty macro as well and with my 70 pets try and add my trinkets

  24. Seidouyumi

    The weirdest thing happened with me. I downloaded the Spanish language pack. I learned Spanish ages ago and I figured that this would be a great way to practice the language. I had to redownload patches 2.3, 2.4, and 2.4.1. I have had no aggro issues since then. Heck, it’s built in that I’m going to take aggro from my Dragonhawk, and there are times I can’t do it even without Growl.

  25. Varsar


    You know it isn’t just that pets can’t hold aggro… Pet Threat is ALL messed up my level 63 hunter couldn’t pull aggro off a lvl 60 Warlock’s pet when i hit the mob it was at 90% and the Felguard was at 10% and the lock at 30% which is why I jumped in, but I couldn’t get aggro off the felguard even using Intimidate. Pet Threat is just plain messed up.

    I’ve had a MM speced hunter on my server tell me he can’t get aggro off hit pet no matter what he does and he’s loving every minute of it

  26. Seidouyumi


    I can believe it. I mean, I did those updates and the whole thing flipped. Onna is MM specced because the Dragonhawk is so fragile, and gets a better bonus later on for her fire breath. Now that they’re both lvl 20, pulling aggro is almost impossible. The fragility is also why Orihime doesn’t have Growl.

    This is just getting plain weird.

  27. Rudda

    Here is my 2 cents based on what I have observed. Maybe it will help someone else.
    My cat, Frosteria, lvl 70 has “Growl, Claw and Dash”
    My Gorilla, George, lvl 70 has “Growl, Bite and Thunderstomp”

    Frosteria’s standard attack is “dash” Growl, melee claw etc….
    However, when I am attacked and she responds. She opens with claw, melee growl.
    Kinda odd IMO. (these never vary out of dozens of mobs of various sorts.)

    George on the other hand normal opening is “Bite Melee then growl etc. ..
    It is the same for when I am attacked and he responds.

    For this reason, I think the attacks are based on the alphabetical listing in the pet tab of the spellbook.
    George: Bite comes before Growl so he always uses that order.
    (thunderstomp is used only when multiple mobs are on him. . . so it doesn’t factor in unless there are more than one mob. I have yet to test it in that situation. because normally it he would get bite off before the other mobs actually triggered the TS)
    Frosteria: uses dash on the way to the mob, since none of the other active skills can be used. So she begins the order at “D” for dash. Next comes Growl then back to “Claw” etc. . .
    But when I am attacked and she responds dash doesn’t get cast because she doesn’t have to run anywhere to attack so she just hits Claw because it is first.

    The research that needs done is to see if this alphabetical attack idea works when there are skills such as Prowl, Gore, Dive (instead of Dash) etc….

    Even if dash isn’t on Auto Growl is still first .. . I think because she knows to cast dash on the way even though she doesn’t because it isn’t on auto.
    Hope this helps . . . (I also retrained my pets just before doinging this testing to see if it mattered what order they were trained in. It didn’t change anything.)

  28. Rudda

    A boar begins it’s skills at Charge(on the way to the mob like a cat’s dash) which would be followed by Gore not Growl. Which is the way blizzard prob did intend for it to work. For those of you with a boar. (I don’t have one) try untraining it then only giving it Charge and Growl. this should/may allow growl to be affected by charge’s AP boost. I may go tame a lvl 60 UGLY boar and see if it makes a difference.

    Also about the “Spanish” language version above. . . I wonder which order the skills are in the “spellbook” since they may have spanish names instead of english alphabet names?

  29. Rudda

    Just an update on the alphabetic order proc for pet’s active skills. I’ve checked the theory against a few other low lvl pets. (ones that come with the skill combo’s already since I don’t feel like lvling them to get training pts.) It seems to be a working theory. For a boar, (with Growl and Charge only) was “Charge, Melee, Growl” it never varied. So the Melee got the bonus AP from the charge. The Boar with both Charge and Gore would cast charge gore, then growl. So Boars also follow the Alphabetic cast sequence also. I’ve not tried wolves, but I’m guessing if they have Furious howl, then it will cast enroute to the mob and Growl will be next, then back to Bite or Claw.

    To Summarize: It looks like most (I’ve not tried all families yet) pets with an active ability that is alphabetically before “Growl” and that casts before the pet gets within melee or Growl range of the mob. Will essencially cast Growl first. (since the Dive/dash/charge cast on the way.)

    Hope this is helpful…. and by all means please test it on the various other varieties that you’ve got. and let us know if it is consistant.


  30. sandralover

    I for one am glad we have the brains here talking sense not like on the other forums where it is all shouting and not much to be gained .

    Thanks guys and girls , I hope blizzard guys which i know do drop in here take some notice of what we talk about and pass our comments on , and thanks to Mania for keeping us in control and up to date..

    I am only slowly getting my cat to 70 he is now 62 and the comments about alphabetical order of casts seems to make sense , I shall try and check that out …

  31. Ghanur

    Skills (german language):
    Bei├čen (Bite), Klaue (Claw), Knurren (Growl)

    According to log: Growl is always casting after Bite and Claw.

    And one thing: Claw does not have a cooldown of its own, so it will eat throught focus at a very high speed, not leaving enough of it for a single Growl after some time.

  32. Rudda

    I’m assuming that if your pet can have Dash (in German) is “Schlag” which means it will cast enroute but the next skill in the rotation would still be “Bite” so it wouldn’t help you out much.

    I’ve done alot of testing on other pet types and this theory does seem to be consistant.

    Side note: With the increase for the hypothetical XP needed a player to get from 70 to 71, a pet now requires approx 63k xp between loyalty lvls plus the needed playing time between each.

  33. Ghanur


    Dash -> “Spurt”
    Dive -> “Sturzflug”

    my post was purely for information ;)

    The ‘alphabetical cast’ seems to be our problem. Before 2.4.0, Growl had priority. Everytime there was enough focus to cast, it was cast (first).

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