Your Pet is Huge!

Glitched hunter pet seen in Shattrath bank.

Recently I’ve been getting a lot of reports about really big hunter pets — pets that are much larger than a tamed pet of their level should be. A lot of people have written in to ask me how they can get a such huge, huge pet.

The short answer is: You can’t.

The long answer is: Sometimes other people will see your pet as huge, but unfortunately it’s not real and it’s not permanent.

So far as I can tell, this is an extension of the glitch that sometimes let’s us see a tamed pet with it’s elite tag (and gold dragon) or rare tag (and silver dragon) still in place. My theory is that the client and server are temporarily out of sync, possibly due to internet lag or slow server performance. The client has received info about the base properties of the pet, which probably includes its model, wild name and the fact that it is elite. But for whatever reason the client didn’t receive the tamed info — like the pet’s new name, or the fact that as a pet it is no longer elite.

Like the new extra-big pets, a pet with a rare or elite tag isn’t really rare or elite: logging out and back in will generally fix the problem and cause the pet to display normally. And this glitch doesn’t ever seem to happen to a hunter regarding his or her own pet, only other people’s pets — probably because the synchronization is much tighter with our own pets.

Of course, this thing with huge pets just started in Patch 2.4. But we know that Blizzard had to do some scaling work in 2.4 for Papa Hummel’s Old-Fashioned Pet Biscuit — a weird little item that causes non-combat pets to grow bigger. We saw the scaling problems that this introduced on the Public Test Realm when many creatures of many different types were suddenly larger or smaller than expected.

It’s likely that Blizzard moved the code that applies size scaling to happen much later in the object-loading process, probably so that it could be more easily exposed to the system that applies the effect from Papa Hummel’s Old-Fashioned Pet Biscuit. In doing so, they opened a window where a pet’s size, like its name and rare/elite status, now has an opportunity to get fouled up on its way to the client.

It also seems likely to me that we’re seeing a lot of this right now because performance is somewhat stressed after Patch 2.4.

Unfortunately, that means that there’s no super-secret way to get a really cool huge pet.

32 thoughts on “Your Pet is Huge!

  1. Seidouyumi

    LOL, this was reported on the Bug forum a while ago. I think it’s rather funny. I do wonder if 2.4 included a lot of Wrath data that didn’t quite take properly.

  2. Quasi

    I’m a big, big pet and I’m real. I’d like to tell you that I’ve written a scathingly funny book, The World Is Your Litter Box, which will be out May 6th. The book is cleverly disguised as a cute cat book so humans will buy it, but is, in fact, a how-to manual FOR cats. Check it out on my website,

  3. Bobo & SgtPork

    This raises a question I had, since I’m newly into Outland. If you tame one of the baby ravagers, does it stay smaller as a pet? *goes off to see if Petopia has the answer*

  4. Améwen

    I have noticed this issue before patch 2.4, it seems to happen in Westfall at Setinal hill quite often, and even in the outlands where, while questing all of a sudden, my hubbys cat would be HUGE with the wild name, attached to it, it was hard to shoot around it, but we managed just fine.

    I have a Red lvl 67 raptor from outlands, and one day the horde were attacking setinal Hill in Westfall, and everyone kept commenting on my HUGE Dinosour, lol, and they would pst to find out where to get one, I told them that it was a glitch in the system, and that Tax really wasn’t that huge. My hubby has a red wind serpent from there also, and was also chuckling at the comments on the huge flying snake.

  5. batgrl

    I’m ridiculously relieved – because I was really starting to wonder if I needed to get my computer, or my eyesight, or maybe my sanity checked because not everyone was seeing the pet sizes I was seeing. Whew!

  6. Palladiamors

    Bobo, your pet has certain size’s they adhere to, based on their level, I believe. Tamed a tiny little nether ray in Slave Pens, and it got real big, real quick.

    Not to long ago, on the Isle of Quel Danas, I saw a tallstrider as big as a house. That was…. pretty amusing in and of itself. Any one know if the small large glitch is still going off? *Chuckles* If any of you ever witnessed it on the test realms, it made tauren and other large character sprites very, very small. I had myself a pet tauren there for a while! Named him Mini-Moos.

  7. Ryno

    I was just casually strolling about Darkshire… not my fault I was flagged… and when I rez’d after deflagging, I saw the Nelf hunter there had a ravager, but it was with it’s original name, and taller than the small house next to him. Like any self-respecting orc, I ran away making noises akin to a gerbil being caught in blender.

  8. Seidouyumi

    Yes, Greebo is getting HUGE. He’s got to be at least twenty pounds right now, and he isn’t fully grown yet.

    As for Hunter pets, I’ve seen a few around Xroads that were about the size of a Tauren. It’s a bit disconcerting. Though, I have to admit that I did see one pet that worked very well in terms of size next to a Tauren. He had the pink tallstrider and it didn’t look tiny next to him.

  9. Messyah

    I saw the coolest glitch yesterday. A hunter was riding his ravager pet. I asked him how he did it and he had no idea, but he said he hadn’t dismounted for 3 days just so that he could show it off. LOL

  10. Zalthor

    They have those trading card game loot cards also that you can get. There is a type of biscuit you get with the code from a very common card found in the new packs. You feed your pet and he grows to about triple the size. a guy had his cat out with that buff on it and the cat was literally bigger than a NE cat mount. AND it gets bigger if you use Bestial Wrath. Each code gets you a stack of the biscuits and itll last till your pet disappears (via mounting up or flying or dying). You can also give them to your noncombat pets and they grow some. Giant Cockroaches FTW! lol.

  11. Mania Post author

    Zalthor: My understanding was that Papa Hummel’s Old-Fashioned Pet Biscuit will only work on non-combat pets, not hunter pets. Am I mistaken?

  12. Zalthor

    I thought that as well, but a hunter friend of mine said he was able to feed his pet the same biscuit. Some where in the information about the biscuits it says hunter pets can be effected as well. It was a joy hearing this seeings how I pvp with a big bird as it is =)

  13. Ferrice

    This is not a bug and the previous comments on the issue are true about the loot card that allows you to turn in the code and get some pet foods that will triple the size of your pet if you are lucky enough to get this card and these treats for your pet enjoy them and freak out your friends LoL.

  14. Jeoy

    I had someone comment on my raptor while in the AH. Apparently it was huge but I only saw a normal raptor, just slightly taller than my BE

  15. Leita

    I keep getting whispers about how big my raptor is. I just though it was because it seems big against a blood elf as opposed to a tauren, but one of my friends screencapped my extra large pet, with it’s orginal wild name, so I assumed as such it was a loading error.

  16. Kurasu

    I’ve had this happen with my raptor as well. A couple people have commented on it. And even before the 2.4 came out, my friend once mentioned my serpent was named ‘Deviant Moccasin’ again. I’ve noticed that the ‘huge pet’ effect seems to happen more often with Goreclaw, and never with the Sporebat (but that could be because said Sporebat doesn’t change much in size).

    When I asked a GM about it, they said ‘they weren’t aware of an issue like that’. I just sort of smiled, nodded, and went on.

    An interesting side effect of this: a ‘rare’ framed pet will trigger the AddOn called ‘SilverDragon’ if you happen to see someone with it. Mine now registers one of the locations of Olm The Wise as Shattrath due to this.

  17. JayCanuck

    I’d like to point out the Papa Hummel’s Old-Fashioned Pet Biscuit *does* work on hunter and warlock pets to make them bigger

  18. Crinis

    well REALLY REALLY LARGE pets we’re on the PTR, such as when you log in, and you set a (in my case) non-combative pet spider donw, and it was larger then a epic riding elekk (thanks to the draini that was riding by)

    on a second note, hunters pets on the live server, grow, thats because when the level up, they get a tiny tiny tiny bit larger, or you tame a large pet and it doesn’t shrink, only if your a high level,say 50-70 i don’t know if thats what some mean, or if they mean the page above,
    this is just my input, i am not sure if i am wroung or right, but from my experince, level 70 hunters with pets have largers pets then the level 15 hunters pet right next to it.

  19. Schadenfreude

    I’ve seen this happen a couple times, and I had someone ask me why my scorpid was so huge today at the bank. x) She looked normal to me.

  20. Mikeoneal

    I’ve seen some of this happen on Quel island. Ravager almost to big to reasonably walk through the doors to the buildings and a taurens albino crocolisk that was longer and wider then his kodo mount lol

  21. Intimidation

    The New Trading card deck has a loot card that is a pet snack which makes your pet huge and can give other effects….

  22. anna

    yes ive seen alot of thesee on the new isle a wind serpent that was bigger than my screen it was scary hehe but this one was just the wind serpent from bem :s

  23. Huntric

    Man I can’t wait to see how this works on a Devilsaur. Thanks for the confirmation about the pet biscuits. I am in deep persuit of the card. It lasts as long as you keep your pet out (though you can’t mount or fly anywhere).

  24. dave

    I saw a scorpid as big as a truck (scorchshell pincer from SMV) as a hunter pet. I talked to the hunter and he said he had found that he’d done the following
    got a druid to sleep the mob
    tamed it while asleep
    renamed it to it’s original name
    and that had made it keep it’s original size. I then went on my hunter and tried the same thing, but it didn’t work

  25. TheSmartGuy

    Pretty simple exploit, cast bestial wrath so your pet grows huge, abandon immediately and tame another and they will remain huge until you log out.

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