RFC: Battleground Pets

RFC stands for Request For Comments, and that’s exactly what this post is. I want to get your comments on hunter pets for Battlegrounds.

Last time we did an RFC it was about Arena Pets — and largely what I learned is that there are an awful lot of different strategies! But the Arena is merely one type of PvP, and today I’d like to learn more about how pets can be used in Battlegrounds.

Just as we did with the other RFCs, let’s break this topic down with the following questions:

  • What is the role of a hunter pet in a Battleground?
  • Are there differences for pets between the different Battlegrounds? (Examples would be great!)
  • What pet stats (armor, health, DPS) are particularly important in a Battleground?
  • What pet skills are most useful — or least useful — in a Battleground?
  • Do you respec your pet for different Battlegrounds?
  • What other considerations go into choosing a Battleground pet?

Again, my main purpose here is to educate myself — and I’m really completely clueless about PvP in all its forms, so please keep that in mind and explain any special terminology or concepts to me as clearly as you can. And I’ll do my best to understand. *grin*

You are also free to e-mail me your comments if you’d rather not post them here.

As always, thanks for your help with this!

52 thoughts on “RFC: Battleground Pets

  1. Heitrusan

    I’d like to have my say in this. I’m a beast master spec so i dps with my pet right? Well, What I really hate is when warlocks and mages, and all those other classes aim for my pet instead of me. So I really think marksman comes in handy at times where you’re being ignored and your pet is being eaten inside out. >=O. My poor kitty is always being killed so i leave my spec 41/12/8 because i need that longer sHooting range on my bow xD. But i have to say is that in BG the pet that would dominate is either cat (Bttr if you were a NE hunter), a boar, and well, i guess a owl or carrion cause I know the pain of being hit by a bird and not being able to target the hunter… (but if u press tab its gg for the hunter xD) 2 bad people dont know that kinda..

  2. Fearmdemon

    okokok…..i understand where Cobra Reflexes comes in, but really when will AoE occur in a battleground? i mean sure, with my warlock i know that shadowfury is used almost too often, but thats about it. you dont see a warlock walking around hellfiring away or raining fire, it uses too much mana, and the warlock KNOWS that. other classes use minimal AoE, but there REALLY isnt enough of it to waste points on a skill like that. and on the same note with the attack speed, would you rather have more attacks with less damage, or less with more? it seems like a win-win situation, but you kinda DO want more attaks, for say if your pet has Seed of Corruption, and has 10 seconds to live, and you KNOW 5 of his attacks will be dodged, with the extra speed you get 15 100 dmg attacks, without you get 9 200 damage attacks. see where im going? and my PET suggestion is a serpent. with its long range AoE, when pesky rogues decide to get close on their mount then stealth, send ur serpent for his spit to AoE the lil pest while u take care of other matters, failproof

    and Yesnumbrtwo(hunter)

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