9 thoughts on “Happy Noblegarden!

  1. Kiba

    Rather than equipping your purple weapons, it’s much more fun being Unarmed. That way you’d be punching the bunnies instead, and IMO, that’s more LOLworthy… XD

    Don’t crit the critters!

  2. Wolfington

    I went egg-hunting yesterday, and I tell you… All I got was a few crumby chocolate bars and some copper!
    It was fun, all the while ^^ I got to find many rare spawns in Mulgore. All of them, I think O.o And I got to compare Araga to lions, they are VERY similar.

  3. shibumi

    hmmm, gave a quick glance around ogrimmer yesterday – didn’t see a thing, except a mazillion other folks. decided I’d be better off leveling my orc hunter to 58 so he could get to outlands (he did, after some round about activities).

    no pink dress for him though! and I’m not sad at all about it

  4. Faulk_Wulf

    I was a bit sad because I didn’t realize about this event until 11pm (CST) and so I didn’t have much time to hunt up eggs. I wish they had barkers/revelers out and about so that I knew about it.

  5. Jarla

    I think it is really strange that Blizz doesn’t advertise this event us much as they do with all the others.
    I farmed the eggs yesterday and got my pink dress after 80+ eggs. Never ever again! It nearly drove me nuts. ;)

  6. Dustbunny

    I never saw an egg one in Drak’Thul.

    I played all day. Visited all the major Alliance cities (IF, SW and Darnassas).

    I don’t think I spoke to anyone on our server to have found an egg at all.

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