PTR 2.4.0: Hunter’s Helper 2.4 Beta

I only run a handful of add-ons in WoW, and fully four of those were written by Gazmik Fizzwidget. So when he told me that he’s working on a new version of Hunter’s Helper for patch 2.4, I was really excited to try it out. And when he told me he could use some help beta testing it, I immediately volunteered my readers. *grin*

You can find all the details on the beta at WoWInterface — but I can tell you right now that the new features are really cool.

  • A new UI, in which you can browse or search HH’s extensive database of pets and their abilities.
  • The new UI also functions as an improved replacement for the Beast Training window.
  • An optional minimap button that notifies you when you’re in an area that has beasts you can tame to learn new abilities.
  • Configuration via the new Interface Options UI in WoW Patch 2.4.

And although this beta is intended for Patch 2.4, you can test out everything except the new Options UI on the live servers right now.

So if you’re in the mood to beta test, check it out!

7 thoughts on “PTR 2.4.0: Hunter’s Helper 2.4 Beta

  1. Wolfington

    OOoo cool. That one that notifies you about pets with new abilities in the area sounds really cool! (My Araga needs Dash 2 and Bite 7 at the moment.)
    Also the first one, pet extensive search thingy? Sounds usefull. I am one of those hunters that pops onto Petopia every level to see what new pets I can get!

  2. shibumi

    oh yes, this is very nice – a quick pop into 2.3 and checked out the new UI – very very handy (and trusted since it’s based on petopia :)). this is sweet. Now, after some chores, I’ll get into PTR and see how it works there.

    I like HH a lot, it’s very handy to me to not have to run beast lore when I can just mouse over the critters. in fact, I’ve found critters (without having to tab out to petopia) that I didn’t know had skills I was looking for. very handy indeed – and now a shiny new version! joy joy!.

    Thanks Mania and Gazmik very fine tools. I haven’t tried any of the others, though you say you have been running 4 of them Mania? what are the other three?


  3. Kurdor

    Has he updated the edible food list? I’m tired of trying to feed my alt’s cat Darkshore Grouper with a keypress and it saying my bags have no food in them. =[

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